Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Condemn Israel... and the US too!

Update: Obama supports what Israel did. One of his officials said, "The situation is that they’re so isolated right now that it’s not only that we’re the only ones who will stick up for them. We’re the only ones who believe them – and what they’re saying is true.” (read here)

In my earlier posting (here), I did write about my fear and worries for the safety of the flotilla of nine aid ships to the Palestine, which include a group of Malaysian volunteers and journalists. As expected, they came under brutal Israeli attacks in the international water of the Mediterranean yesterday. Reports said about 20 people died and many injured. The fate of two Malaysians are still unknown.

I came close to the border of Israel in January 1983, a few months after Israel launched a massacre at Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in southern Lebanon on September 17, 1982. A Palestinian journalist Khaleed Amiri took me just about 50 meters from the barbed wires at the border, looking at a dozen Israeli soldiers pointing their guns at us, one of them shouting in Arabic 'Mamnook' (prohibited).

They trusted nobody, not even their friends the Americans. They only love the US for their continuous military and economic supports, which makes their relationship looks good. Anything beyond that is their askance towards other race and religion.

What former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said in Putrajaya yesterday about the Israeli atrocities in Palestine, is very true. Not only Malaysians should condemn them but the world must realise by now how Tel Aviv has gone too far behind the lines of humanity (here).

However, my personal opinion is that, there is no need for anybody to fight the Israelis. The force behind them is the US. Without any US aids, Israel will be doomed. It Barack Obama's failure in delivering his promise that gave more rooms for Tel Aviv to continuously oppressing the people of Palestine.

The Arabs, too, are to be blamed. After more than 50 years of letting the people of Palestine to suffer, they still want to go on with the Yankees. Their oil still goes to America. What happens to the Palestinians are none of their business. Dr Mahathir used to suggest that the Arabs stop supplying oil to the US and its Western allies. Without sufficient oil supply, the US economy will weaken and its support for Israel would be reduced.

However, it is sad to note that the Arabs are a coward lot. To them, the US is a god who deserves to be worshiped by the whole world. The OIC is a body that only know how to discuss the Palestinian issue without a proper or a concrete move to help put a stop to it. Many say, if the Arabs join hands, they can just wipe out Israel in one day!


AL-MUNAJAT said...




Anonymous said...

lets pray for our 2 journalists

anggerik said...

what else can the world do to contain the israelis from managing the world?

the US is always behind them, supporting their every move.

the UN too is under US control at all times. the most they can do is condemn. what's the significant of condemning them when they couldnt care less?

mentel said...

amerikalah yang patut disalahkan dalam hal ini. merekalah yang menggalakkan keganasan dan kekejaman israel ini. alangkah eloknya jika dunia memiliki seorang lagi hitler agar yahudi ni dapat dihapuskan terus dari muka bumi ni

binatang punya bangsa!

Anonymous said...


perkasa, pemuda and pkr will demonstrate in front of the us embassy this morning.

yes, thats the most we can do. even if the two journalists die, nothing more than we can do....

dot said...

saya setuju dengan pandangan sdr bahawa negara arab juga patut dipersalahkan kerana memelihara ibu segala kekejaman, iaitu amerika syarikat.

tanpa bekalan minyak kepada amerika, washington mungkin sukar memberi bantuan ketenteraan dan kewanan kepada israel apabila ekonominya sendiri lemah.

obama dah jadi penipu besar dan hanya berpura-pura ingin menyelesaikan masalah palestin

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Anonymous said...

sama2lah kita sebagai rakyat malaysia mendoakan keselamatan mereka

prebet adam said...

jai, kau dah rasa pengalaman di medan perang. ancaman terbunuh, cedera dan diculik adalah risiko yang perlu diharung jika kita menerima tugas ini.

sudah ramai wartawan terkorban dalam tugas....

kita cuma dapat mendoakan mereka

Anonymous said...

malaysia urges the united nation to react.

what can the un do?

nur islam said...

asyik2 kutuk israel, asyik2 kutuk amerika, asyik2 suruh pbb kecam israel.

nak buat apa benda2 tak berkesan ni?

negara islam patut bersatu, SERANG JE NEGARA YAHUDI KEPARAT NI!

tiong said...

they are detaining our people, bro. they should be released without any condition as we dont have diplomatic relations with israel

Anonymous said...

Malaysia does not need approval of US, UN or anybody to recognise GAZA as a FREE, INDEPENDENT state, and have diplomatic relations with them. If we cannot set up our embassy there, we should atleast allow Hamas to have an embassy here.

WHY are we not doing it? We only know how to critisise Israeil, the US, send boats and pray, but at end of day, we DO NOT want to RECOGNISE Gaza, even if it may NOT have a single effect on whats happening there.

Instead of going to the US embassy, we should be heading to our MPs offices, demanding they go to Parliment and insist on Diplomatic relations with the Palestians in charge of GAZA.

Hot Canns

Anonymous said...

well there is something small we can do, it may not amount to much but it has a small impact nontheless.

it could also have a snowball effect in the long run

Tun Dr M have asked the ordinary people to boycott israeli and usa products

it might dent their profits sooner or later

Anonymous said...

i have stopped patronising mcdonalds, kfc, starbucks, stopped drinking coca cola, stopped buying products from st michaels etc

that little i can do