Sunday, June 13, 2010

Anon bloggers are coward!

YES, they are coward, refusing to reveal their identity. They simply whack anybody they like - leaders and politicians. Worst is belittling the country, their own country.

I describe such bloggers as having no balls, no gut to face whatever consequences that may arise from their writings. They hide here and there, using several blog names and enjoy smearing people's name and credibility but they fail to change their style of writing. No matter how many blogs they manage, their style of writing and approach remain the same. Its easy to identify.

And so, they remain anonymous. Their IPs remain hidden but they forget something - IT can detect them. The result has seen some anon bloggers being sued by those being hit by them. Some blogs were forced to close too. Its getting easier these days. If they think they can hide forever, they are wrong.

However, some anon bloggers whom I know are the good ones. They are quite responsible, writing on fact and figures. They deliver their message clear enough to the extent that our leaders do read them. They are very constructive despite being a bit 'harsh' sometimes.

I am writing this because some anon bloggers dont write sense. They simply write on their own merit, smashing whoever they like without credible proof. I hope Malaysians can flag down their blogs as a reminder not to write nonsense.

Perhaps the government could regulate this - a socio-political blogger must reveal their true identity. He or she must be willing to face the consequences should their blogs become the subject of legal proceeding. What is there to hide? Come out in the open and be responsible for what you write.

Its nice to hide and throw stones at others but once nabbed, you got nowhere to run. If you think your blog can rise to the occasion, be proud of it. Otherwise, you better stop it before those people come after you.


nur malik said...

u r rite, bro. they cant hide forever. its easy to locate them

sitora said...

they are also the fucking bastard, bro.

not willing to reveal their identity reflects what kind of people they are.

they only know how to bash up others but cant take bashing!

Anonymous said...

flag them? ok... let us do it...

si pitak said...

jai, marah nampak!

aku tau la siapa yang kau maksudkan anon blogger ni.

takpa la, biar dia hentam kau dan kawan2 kau. lama2 sok dia kena jugak.

bukan susah nak jejak orang macam ni. biar kat mana pun dia tulis blog dia, kita boleh kesan. teknologi hari ni memang canggih

Anonymous said...



KANEBO said...

so, who are the good anon bloggers. i bet u know them... like a voice, parpukari, jebat, lempoyang, penarek beca etc. r u sure they are the good ones? to me, they are just idiots!

abey said...

yang bersifat lempar batu sembunyi tangan ni semuanya bloger melayu. dah memang tabiat diorang macam tu, apa boleh buat.

tau nak hentam orang je tapi tak suka orang lain hentam dia.

ni semuanya bloger tak gentleman, pengecut dan dayus!

Anonymous said...

bloger yang suka menyorok ni sebenarnya takda maruah. tau mengata orang lain je. orang lain semuanya salah, tak betul. padahal dia pun sama, hancus, hampeh

Anonymous said...

fo bujai!

nonano said...


sabbath said...

bro, i need to know who parpukari and jebat are.

will u help me?

half cup said...

let them la.

why u sibuk-sibuk?

sometimes it is good playing puzzle

Anonymous said...

thank you for reminding anon(s) that they can easily detected.
now anon(s)want to remind you that the fabric of freedom of speech is the basis of why anon is there in the first place.
argumentatively you are saying it's ok to blog about the universe but it's not ok for others to read and comment your blog.
then, why blog in the first place? to have yourself read it? tsk tsk tsk!

anonymous unite.

Ryzal72 said...

Relax laa Bro...ini tekanan yg hanya sikit. Tak payah melatah...keep silent elegance bro, macam Musa Hitam n Pak Lah hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

haha, padan mukam diorang yang berselindung di balik nama samaran ni.

Anonymous said...

I think the issue here is responsibility. Whether they are anons or otherwise, it is really inconsequential.

Some anons just want to contribute/share ideas and viewpoints for others to consider.

There are many reasons for anonimity whether justified or not, ranging from shyness to personal privacy.

Of course some HIDE behind the nics for a chance to condemn, criticise irresponsibly.

Worse - if they instigate and propagate a certain political agenda. In such cases, their identity should be traced and charged legally.

So take it easy on anons - some really do provide unique insights into issues - usually from the layman's point of view.

zeqzeq said...

yes yes...

Anonymous said...

diorang ni memang jenis celaka!

tau kutuk orang je tapi diri sendiri pun macam sial!

bloger macam parpukari tu memang dilaknat tuhan!

RUSH HOUR said...

bujai, jangan peduli diorang yang pengecut tu.

kau buat keje kau je, dah la

Anonymous said...

Kalau tak de Anon, banyak perkara yang tak baik dan busuk tak keluar. This is a democratic country we can say what we like as long as we don't fitnah orang and cause social disharmony and divisiveness.

Tengoklah communist countries where freedom of expression is/was repressed, you see social,moral and environmental degradations abound and going on for years!

Many Anon have to remain Anon otherwise they cannot go on sharing what they know/think.

It is up to the readers to accept/believe what the Anon says. Otherwise what is the use of your "aqal?"

Long live Anon!