Monday, May 24, 2010

RPK and Bala make us bloody fools!

Believe me, RPK and P Bala will soon sought political asylum in the United Kingdom. A friend at the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur said their aides did approach him a few months back about the procedures and other things.

Now, our government and its authorities are just being too soft, playing stupid or ignorance about the set of laws available to bring this two back. Why must the MACC opted going to London to record Bala's statement when he can be summoned home? There is no need to spend a lot of government's and taxpayers' money for such a purpose. Instead, the government should book him a cheap Air Asia ticket.

Why must the government bow to this two? I believe Malaysia and UK have extradition agreement. A court order and a diplomatic approach are what we need to ensure that they are in Kuala Lumpur. If they are not criminals, then another provision is always available to force them home if they cannot be tried in UK.

RPK has challenged us to charge him in any British courts (here) but obliviously we cannot do that as the 'crime' he committed is here in Malaysia. And so is Bala. If they think London is a safe hideout, its means we are the bloody fools for letting them to slip away that easy.

Cummon folks. We need to hear from them. Their statutory declarations have stirred the air since last year. Irrespective of whether Bala has withdrew his, the fact is both had made accusation against Prime Minister and his wife, Rosmah of their alleged involvement in Altantuya murder case.

We want Najib to clear his name. So, bring them home and put them to special inquiry. RPK made Najib and his government look so weak by avowing his challenge, that London is his territory. Whether he gets support from somebody or some parties in Malaysia, is irrelevant. What is relevant is to clear the air that we breathe. We dont want a Prime Minister involved in such a crime, dont we?

So, bring them home. If the findings point out that they had deliberately or politically 'framed' the premier, then execute them accordingly. If they sought political asylum, then it would be difficult unless we act fast by convincing the British that they dont qualify to be political refugees and hence, dont deserve the asylum. Arent our relations with UK strong enough?

Dont let them set precedent. Otherwise, sooner or later some people may take the advantage of screwing the government and then flee to London to hide. If we make London a safe heaven for people like this, then our set or laws are most incompetence!

Dont go down to their knees. This two are not VIPs. They started everything and its their duty to finish it. However, they are afraid of the consequences and fled to London with, of course, the helps of some friends in the Opposition. They are cowards for running away from the mess they created.

So, is it wise to find them over there just for one of two statements? After a visit, then we will have to go on a second, third and fourth visit. Is our lawmakers and diplomats' knowledge about international law is so shallow that we are turned into a group of 'orang bodoh' by this two? We are the ones turning them as 'heroes' in London.

Unless we want to cover up something....

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Mohd said...

I think its not RPK and Bala who are making us bloody fools.
It could be our dear Najib. Why doesn't Najib extradicate them back and charge them in court? It could be that Najib doesn't want them to open his can of worms?
Think about it!

Wake UP! said...

Malaysian Government should ask the British Government to extradite RPK and Bala since they are fleeing away to escape the laws in Malaysia.

Why would the British Government defend such crooks who are scared to face up the laws after making libelous accusations towards our Prime Minister?


hashim chonel said...


I totally agree with you on these issue. Perhaps Najib should emulate the Singapore government on steeping up defamation lawsuits against mongrels in the like of RPK and Bala.

Please refer to Beyond Suspicion, a book by Francis T. Seow about Singapore Judiciary.

Well,perhaps our Home minister is to timid, not capable enough to hold that position.

Why wasn't this matter handed over to the professional body like the special force (UTK).

Swift to sense of danger that RPK's trenchant remarks might rekindle the embers of doubts, Najib should threatened immediate deportation action against RPK and Bala.(Unless he got something to hide)

Kesian Altantuya.....

Anonymous said...



justin said...

bloody fool is one thing. they also make us look so naive about international laws.

as far as this case is concerned, we just need the british help to chase them out.

they are not political fugitive but just another foreigners taking advantage of the british sets of law

alloy said...

first, call them home to give full statement to the authority.

if they refuse, then get a court order to bring them home. get the british to extradite them.

insan said...

RPK cannot escape. hiding in london doesnt guarantee that he will escape the law. britain have an extradition agreement with malaysia and other countries. sooner or later, he will have to oblige the call for him to finish what he started

Anonymous said...

ellleeehhhh... setakat kota london tu takda masalah. sekejap je boleh cari. duduk la kat mana pun.

karu-karu said...


leave em alone la.

if they dont want to come back, let them rot in london as liars and cowards!

why worry?

this two idiots are just nothing but cheapskates who like publicities

CINOT said...

jai, no point summoning them home. unless there is a fresh case pointing to what they did, then it will be significant. otherwise, dont waste our time. those two are useless

salina kadir said...

saya pun tak setuju SPRM hantar orang ke london untuk menemui p bala. banyak kos perlu ditanggung, apa lagi jika satu lawatan tidak mencukupi.

p bala dan rpk mstilah dipanggil pulang. jika enggan, kita boleh mengggunakan mahkamah untuk meminta mereka pulang. jika tak berkesan jugak, kita ada saluran diplomatik.

saya juga tak setuju jika britain memberikan perlindungan politik kepada mereka kerana mereka bukan ahli politik dan tidak ada hubungan langsung dengan politik. mereka cuma orang awam dan rakyat biasa yang melontarkan berbagai tohmah dan tuduhan ke atas pemimpin negara.

Anonymous said...


we let them slip away because we dont want them here...

u know why laaaa....

Anonymous said...

one thing the govt should do - STRP THEM OF THEIR MALAYSIAN CITIZENSHIP

soman gagap said...

kalau aku dapat, aku tempeleng dua orang ni. daripada sprm ke london, biar aku je yang pegi.

Anonymous said...

dua orang ni pun kita usah nak urus ke?

apa la punya kerajaan yang kita ada ni!


putat said...

ada sebab mengapa kita memperbodohkan diri sendiri dengan membiarkan dua ekor ni lari ke london.

sebabnya ialah.... jeng jeng jeng!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

perintah ekstradisi boleh dikeluarkan kepada kerajaan britain agar menghantar mereka pulang ke malaysia.

terlebih dahulu, kita caj mereka di mahkamah malaysia dan kenakan tuduhan, kemudian berurusan dengan kerajaan britain.

kita ada undang2 yang cukup untuk berbuat demikian.

apa takut? lainlah memang kita nak mereka lari ke sana untuk melindungi seseuatu atau seseorang!

Anonymous said...

may they be strucked by lightning in london!

tohchang said...

mereka tinggal di london atas tiket pembangkang semestinya. takkan kerajaan pulak nak taja mereka. lagipun rpk memang bankrap, mana dia ada duit sangat. orang yang menyuruhnya membuat tuduhan tu mestilah orang yang antikerajaan, yang ingin menjatuhkan datuk najib. sudah tentu mereka mendapat bantuan kewangan secukupnya. kalau bukan kali, mestilah pembangkang kat malaysia ni. lagipun rpk duduk kan apartment bini kali. dah tentulah kali yang taja hidupnya satu famili kat sana. mana dia pedulik apa jadi kat anaknya dalam penjara kat sini. rpk bukan saja seorang manusia pengecut dan tak berhati perut, malah seorang bapak yang paling keji pernah wujud kan planet ni

Anonymous said...

hire mossad to find them laaaa... bodo!

Anonymous said...

its a waste of time, money and effort to deal with traitors and liars like this.

let them rot there

si pitak said...

mereka takut untuk pulang dan memberi keterangan.

maknanya selama ni merekam berbohong mengenai hubungan najib dan altantuya.

mereka berbohong pun sebab mungkin diupah oleh pembangkang.

jadi, oleh kerana kita dah tau mereka ni penipun, tak payahlah cari mereka

Anonymous said...

they are lucky to have kalimullah with them...

otherwise they would have seek refuge in mogadishu

ilham said...

daripada hantar macc ke london, aku rasa elok hantar bloger macam kau, rocky dan usin lempoyang ke sana. aku rasa rpk dan bala akan lebih selesa dengan korang

Anonymous said...

in 10 years time, rpk will become uk prime minister.

we should be proud of him... hahahaha

Anonymous said...

suaka politik untuk pemimpin politik popular je.
untuk rpk dan bala, elok cari PUAKA politik je kan london tu

Anonymous said...



kuyup said...

i agree with CINOT.

why must we call them home? sooner or later, they will come back for something.

they are nothing, beb!

Anonymous said...

begitu mudah kita diperbodohkan oleh dua orang ni.

kdn sepatutnya bertindak lebih awal tetapi malangnya menteri terbabit terlalu sibuk membesarkan punggungnya

citra said...

i am with WAKE UP.

get the british to extradite them so that we can produce them to our court.

how could we let them scot free and then put up a challenge against us?

what a shame!

Anonymous said...

the whole nation is being fooled by this two clowns but of course the opposition is taking a ride on it

lintah darat said...

amat memalukan jika kita tidak menyahut cabaran raja petra. siapa dia untuk mencabar undang2 negara ini?

dia tidak ada imuniti di london atau di mana pun.

kita tetap ada undang2 yang boleh mengheretnya pulang dan membicarakan dia di sini.

kepada pihak berwajib, jangan jadi pengecut!

kudin, tampin said...

sukar untuk difahami kenapa sprm perlu ke london untuk merekodkan kenyataan bala. walaupun bukan untuk menangkapnya, kita tidak harus dilihar sebagai tunduk kepadanya. dia hanya rakyat biasa yang tidak ada perlindungan apa2 di tempat orang.

Anonymous said...

no way britain will give them asylum. they are not politicians but political clowns and mad people!

ondon said...

rpk dan bala adalah jenis yang tau baling batu, lepas tu sembunyi tangan, dayus dan pengecut untuk hadapi siasatan.

manusia macam ni patut disula je!

budak sekolah said...


takyah kacau diorang kat sana.

biarkan diorang mampus dan reput je kat london tu

Anonymous said...

Selagi Hishamuddin Pondan Giler Publisiti jadi Menteri KDN, selagi itulah jawatan itu dipanggil Menteri Amaran Dalam Negeri untuk mewakili gay dan lesbian dalam politik!

esteem said...

who are the idiots here?

not rpk

not p bala

not najib

we, malaysians!

this is a political game. the govt let them leave the country as to save najib and rosmah.

u dont believe ka?

Anonymous said...

saja je.

ni drama bersiri, beb! lambat laun terbongkar gak siapa betul siapa salah!

awe bachok said...



cargo said...

yes, we want the truth. if najib and rosmah are wrong, then they are wrong. if rpk and bala are wrong, they must be punished. there is no two way about it.


BA BI BU said...

gua dah bosan dgn benda2 macam ni. fitnah, gosip, lawak bodoh dan sebagainya.

gua ni bawak lori babi je.... elok korang yang takda keje tu buat keje yang patut,yang boleh dapat duit.

bawak lori babi bukan salah, gua tak sentuh pun babi tu. diorang punggah naik dan punggah turun, gua duduk kat stereng je.

macam ni segelintir rakyat malaysia macam gua yang terpaksa buat keje macam ni untuk hidup. nak pegi kuala lumpur pun susah, ni plak nak ke london.

paling jauh gua sampai pun kat takbai, itu pun masuk haram sebab tak mampu buat pasport.

so, apa la nak heran kisah orang2 kaya ni. mereka tetap kaya. orang miskin macam gua ni makin miskin. apa akan jadi kalau ladang babi ni ditutup?


Anonymous said...

i dont believe it that the govt cant bring them home.

i only believe that their slip-away to london was a deliberate move

Anonymous said...

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