Saturday, May 1, 2010 - the darndest of them all

Another Jew-affiliated mindset. This news portal has been toying around with Malaysian events, sensationalising every aspect of it to the extent that it dug into the past, reliving what our leaders had said - just to draw cheap attention.

Its latest posting Malaysian politicians say the darndest things, none other was to provoke world's criticism towards us... again and again.

For example, as additions to what Rafidah Aziz, Nik Aziz, Rais Yatim and Puad Zarkashi had said about their respective issues, its main focus was to attack former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his 'anti-Semitic' statement and his blog-opinion on Sept 11.

Its call for readers' comment was a deliberate move to re-hatch attacks on TDM for his holocaust theory and his anti-West remarks.

Their motive is clear - to belittle us!

Now, let me draw readers comment on this.


contour said...

the writer shaza zulkilfy is an arsehole, bro.

the portal, too is a copycat of MSN america.

those operating it are western and jewish-trained.

so, let them...

KALI MOORE said...

then, they should rehatch what tony blair has said about weapons of mass destruction in iraq, bush statement about saddam hussein and other westerns darndest remarks!

stupid lot!

Anonymous said...

msn malaysia is of the same class and objective of malaysiakini, free malaysiatoday, the malaysian insider, malaysia today and a few news portal specially and motively-designed to destroy malaysia by weakeaning the government.

we know who are the people behind it.

they are only godd at spreading lies and nothing about the truth.


setong said...


rasa2nya ada pihak yang menaja mereka ni ke?

Anonymous said...

wwhoooaa!!! looks like everything is about jews now...

if they are so bad, singapore wouldnt have established diplomatic relations with them!

Anonymous said...

anon @ May 1, 2010 12:52 PM

since when is the little red dot a standard yardsick for emulation eh?

did know that UN has found some troubling aspects of the dot's governanance like the hdb quota, the penal code etc

the UN rep also found that Malays are lagging behind and he has urged the dot's govt to implement proactive policies to address this troubling issue

a decade agothe Malays enjoy free education all the way BUT that has been tweaked ever since

so what say you, huh??

Anonymous said...

the writer is not only an asshole but another jew-at-heart!

Anonymous said...

ni semua perbuatan setan gondol. semuanya sama macam malaysiakini dan insider. semuanya nak kutuk malaysia, semuanya anasir jahat, omunis

yusof saga said...


bila kita makin bagi banyak ruang dengan melantik orang yang ternyata antikerajaan ke dalam organisasi kerajaan seperti petronas dan lain-lain, tak banyak tidak kita terpaksa hadapi keberanian yang bertambah daripada agen amerika dan zionis ini dalam menghentam kita.

silap siapa?

Anonymous said...

no sweat lor.

the more they criticise us, the stronger we become

nikmatullah said...

MSN.COM is a true americam-jewish clone.

their mission is simple - to destroy any country opposing their barbaric act in palestine

Anonymous said...

those eomployed by are all anti-malaysia although they are malaysians.

han sai said...

this people at MSN are not journalist. they are just informers, bro.

they sell info to MSN and their foreign-based editors will manipulate the kind of story for display.

saleha, masai said...

kita sudah mula dijajah semula, sedikit demi sedikit.

inilah masalahnya jika kita memberi kepercayaan kepada kumpulan tertentu yang pandai bermuka-muka.

datuk najib patut memberi lebih banyak tumpuan kepada pihak yang taat setia kepada negara dan bukannya yang hanya tahu menghina negara sendiri

Anonymous said...

msn is an american-dominated website. fully sponsored by the cia and mossad.

so, what kind of news do u expect them to publish?

REBUNG said...

pendapat saya,

portal berita seperti malaysian insider, malaysiakini, free malaysia today, malaysia today dan sebagainya adalah lebih bahaya daripada pakatan anwar ibrahim sendiri.

sekurang-kurangnya anwar dan pakatannya ada niat untuk memerintah negara dan mencari jalan terbaik untuk rakyat, cuma tidak berkemampuan kerana menjadi pembangkang.

bagaimanapun, laman web seperti yang saya sebut ini akan selama-lamanya menjadi musuh utama kepada agama, bangsa dan negara, tidak kira siapa pun memerintah.

Anonymous said...

i think its time for the govt to monitor such news portal and website and take necessary action should they go too far.

this is not good for all malaysians!

Anonymous said...

some malaysians are working for such portals.

they are the traitors!

fuck them out of the country

they dont deserve to be malaysians!

Anonymous said...

i have a friend who works in the local version of the portal, and i assure you that there's no conspiracy to tarnish the good reputations of our leaders (who i have to admit have said some of the stupidest things).

xkcd said...

hahaha there is a book with the same title:

It was also bestseller in Malaysian bookstore.

Since Malaysia politician always like to put foot in mouth, we can always xpect book sequels. LOL!