Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hahahaha to local politics

I have been away for almost 2 weeks, roaming some places in and out of the country. Some interesting events took place since then - the PKR saga, Anwar's sodomy case, Wee Choo Keong quits PKR, Sime Darby and of course, the Sibu by-election which BN lost!

Lost? Hmmm.... local politics. It really sucks!

For all the effort, project-promo and round-the-clock campaign, we ended as losers. Unlike Hulu Selangor, Sibu was said to be among the safe constituency for Barisan Nasional. Nevertheless, lots of lesson to be learnt.

When will Prime Minister reshuffle the Cabinet? A few heads have to roll, many suggested. Rumors are that Nor Yakcop and 2 ministers will be chopped, 2 deputies will be promoted to full ministers while 3 others will be dropped.

Former MCA President Ong Tee Keat will be retained, I think while the guy who trashed him in party elections a month ago, Chua Soi Lek has declined any Cabinet position until the next election next year... a true gentleman!

I also hope to see one or two Mentri Besar to be removed. Umno should know who and who and why they have to be replaced by better candidates.


life is not a fairy tale dude said...

Once a loser, doesn't that forever BN will be losers.

Change for the better and give good service to the people.


hashim chonel said...


Aiyah, so long never hear from you. Well, I don't want to discuss about Malaysian politic-it really suck...

Pertaining to Sime's Debacle, I urge the entire board to tender their resignation since the loss of RM1 billion is too great a mistake.

Board members like Datuk Andrew Sheng and Chairman Tun Musa Hitam should shoulder the responsibility and they should emulate the Japanese Corporate leader who will tender their resignation or commit harakiri if they make this same blunder..., and the wind is strongly saying that that may be the tip of the iceberg.....

Please your Excellency Tum Musa resign.....

lehman said...


mana kau pegi dua minggu ni? makan angin atau makan rasuah?

hehehe.... sorry beb

tinta said...


local politics and politicians really suck!

while bn leaders are enjoying the rift among pr components, they are forgetting the fact that they too are having the same problem

si pitak said...

harap2 rombakan kabinet ni akan bagi peluang kepada mereka yang lebih berwibawa menjadi menteri dan timbalan menteri.

ada menteri yang dah tak boleh buat kerja, dah basi dan sakit.

gantilah dengan orang yang terbukti kerja kuat dan sanggup korbankan masa untuk rakyat.

montoya said...

'... in an out of the country'... sounds interesting.

i heard u were in medan and then bangkok.

what were u doing over there, bro?

anyway, good to have u back

bob sate said...

jai, kau ke dungun ke?

jangan kata tak... aku tau!

Anonymous said...

cabinet reshuffles should see not only nor yakcop out but also nazri, noh omar, anifah aman and a few deputy ministers who didnt perform well.

mat gombau said...

anwar brahim punyo kes ni pun makin rumit nampak eh.

elok gaso eh kau tolong jo anwar ni, lagi banyak pekdah eh.

lagipun nampak macam dio tak besalah yo

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha to u too, bujai!

yee said...

i suggest to all malaysians not to vote at all in the next general elections.

malaysian politics really sucks, as u put it

kawan DSAI said...


memang padan muka bn. najib ingat 1malaysia dia laku sangat.

di hulu selangor pun nasib baik. bn ingat bila menang di hulu selangor, ia jadi ukuran kepada prk yang lain.

memang sibu sebelum ni milik bn tapi kita harus ingat bahwa bukan semua yang kita pegang akan kita kuasai selama2nya...

hahaha kepada najib!

bujai said...


we emulate a lot from the japanese, except harakiri.

maybe the BOD of sime should consider other avenues.

its a sad episode for sime darby but its also a lesson to learn.

for a govt GLC to make such a blunder, i think its better to bring the whole BOD to court.

PS... kau tak ke sajoha ke 28 mei ni?

Anonymous said...

dah lama sangat kita ni bangga diri, teutamanya dalam politik umno.

ni lah akibatnya

Anonymous said...

kenapa najib play down kekalahan di sibu? malu atau terkejut?

orang cina memang dah jadi anti kerajaan walaupun mereka dah kecap banyak nikmat di negara ni.

Anonymous said...

ko dah balek iye jai. Selamat pulang.

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