Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goodbye Fabio...

I lost a friend, a joker and a professional photojournalist on Wednesday. Fabio Polenghi, 48, was shot and killed during a shootouts between the Thai police and the Red Shirts in Bangkok. Another 2 reporters were also injured.

I first met Fabio, an Italian freelance, in Johannesburg, South Africa in June 1997. We stayed at the same hotel but on different mission.

I was covering Dr Mahathir's official visit to Kasane, Botswana for the South African International Dialogue (SAID) while Fabio was looking at angles of the city.

For three days, we had breakfast and dinner together before parting. I remember teaching him a few Malay words like 'saya', 'kau', 'apa khabar' and 'terima kasih'. Few days after I got home, he called, saying he might come to Malaysia. I waited for 2 years but he didnt.

Surprisingly, I bumped into him at the residence of Guissuppe Mariascarpa de Marsellis, the Italian Ambassador to Malaysia in November 1999 and he immediately uttered 'alloooo kawan!'. I took him to NSTP the next day and then he left.

We did exchanged e-mails from time to time, the last was three months ago.

So long, Fabio. Rest in peace...


vincent said...

i feel sorry too bro. its part and parcel of being a journalist.

may the lord bless him

mat gombau said...

waaaa... gamai boto kawan kau jai.

apo pun, kito ucap takziah pado keluargo dio.

Anonymous said...

god bless him

Anonymous said...

you are a good person too, bro for dedicating a space in your blog for him.

may he rest in peace

fargo said...


friends are forever, lovers are temporary....

may the lord bless his soul

the saint said...

many journalists died in the line of duty, especially when covering war and other conflicts.

we salute this people for the gut and courage.

without their sacrifices, we wont be able to get the news and photos.

my condolence to fabio's family

Anonymous said...

mati dalam tugas adalah sesuatu yang tinggi maruahnya.


a priest said...

may god have mercy on his soul.

a good and honest man goes to heaven... hope he makes it

guru kecil said...

wartawan memang sentiasa terdedah kepada bahaya seumpama ini. membuat liputan sebegini sentiasa berisiko tinggi.

sudah ramai wartawan mati di medan perang hanya kerana mahukan dunia mengetahui apa yang sebenarnya berlaku.

sudah ramai jurugambar yang terkorban kerana mahu menyuakan dunia keadaan sebenar peperangan dan pertikaian berdarah.

wartawan juga terdedah kepada pelbagai ancaman lain seperti diculik, dirogol, diseksa dan sebagainya hanya kerana ingin mendedahkan kebenaran.

kematian jurugambar profesional seperti fabio adalah kehilangan besar kepada dunia kewartawanan, tidak kira di negara mana pun.

pembaca akhbar dan majalah pula kehilangan sumber tatapan asli mengenai keadaan di bangkok dan tempat lain.

kepada para wartawan - andalah penegak kebenaran!

Anonymous said...

thats the risk a journalist must take when covering events like this. the risk is always high

we salute u fabio.

rest in peace then...

jeremy said...

a picture tells u a thousand words. without a photojournalist, we wont got the chance to see the truth