Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The making of a new Kalimullah

Kalimullah is considered gone. No more big government contracts for him. He is living lavishly in London. He got the money to go anywhere he likes. He got the rights to befriend whoever he wants. And no point contemplating on when will he come back to Malaysia.... or Singapore, at least.

We should keep our business in tact. The government has laid down various development plans. We must monitor all this and ensure Malaysians get the benefit. Contract awards must not fall in the same group of companies, or people.

However, news that there is another Kalimullah in the making worries me. It is learnt that this chap, AB is getting one government project after another for his group and friends. And of course, he is with Umno.

The value of projects which fall into his stable over the last two years is said to be around RM1.6 billion. All ministers know him. All senior government officials process his application, including that of the open tenders, almost every week and every month.

His name really 'laku' for ministers and secretary-generals to resist. He bids mostly every open tender and does his rounds meeting respective officials to ensure that he wins the tender. He won some already and is going for more.

He is now a 'brand' at all ministries. Any good contract will either bear his name as one of the bidders or as someone already asking for it. Even a few million ringgit jobs are within his grab. The familiar catchline: "AB pun ada mintak job ni."

He got one too many. However, who to blame? At least we will soon see the birth of another Kali. We used to have good and bad Kalis. Bentong Kali is long gone. Kajang Kali (Kalai) is getting old now. Kali the Wrestler is making it big at WWE.

We wont miss Kali at all...'Berkali-kali kaya...'


atanjamilselamat said...

i have no clue whatsoever who this new kali you're talking about? care to share it with us ...or just me if you feel that the time is not right to make this new kali public.

atanjamilselamat said...

i have no clue whatsoever who this new kali you're talking about? care to share it with us ...or just me if you feel that the time is not right to make this new kali public.

marjinah said...

if u notice, there is no difference between the era or paklah and najib. the same group of people and companies are still getting priorities in many govt projects.

there is no room for up and coming bsnessmen to share just the chances of getting a small contract.

yes, there is no more direct nego under najib but he must acknowledge the fact that the same people still go to ministries everyday, looking for something which can be locked directly.

atanjamilselamat said...

or the person on your blog ...

cicak koben said...


who is this AB, man? name him la.

why takut?

Anonymous said...

during dr mahathir's time, there wasnt any kali yet. kalimullah was just a reporter. bentong kali was there, together with a group of malay entrepreneurs groomed as millionaires. they are tajudin ramli, halim saad and a few more. the got rich but failed to nurture other malays as milionaires. now they are doomned.

under paklah, kalimullah came to fame. he got so many govt projects, of which some he could not chew, so he gave it to friends. his cronies got rich also and others who manage to get govt contract were considered lucky. but kali screwed so many people, including kj who became his donkey without money. kj today is not rich as many think.

under najib, looks like the trend goes on. yes, i agree that a new kalimullah is in the making. i know this young man from kedah who wallop many govt contracts for him and friends.

no stopping for this man. as u didnt mention his name, i will not too but so many people know him.

if this is the way, we will keep on getting a new kali each time the regime changes.

lambretta61 said...







Anonymous said...

common what.

if u are close to the people in the administrtion, its easy for u

diploma 2 said...

inilah yang tak eloknya. yang berjuang dalam bisnes berpuluh tahun, masih belum merasa projek kerajaan. nak turap jalan sekolah untuk kelas F pun susah.

kerajaan cakap akan pantau semua projek tapi nampaknya tidak buat apa2 pun.

sampai bila la benda macam ni dapat dihentikan. ramai peniaga bumiputera merana kerana orang seperti ini, yang hanya pandai mengaut untung ratusan ribu ringgit sebulan dan menggnakan wang untuk membeli projeck.

hashim murad said...

this is 1malaysia, bro. a level playing field. if your company is not qualified, dont go for government projects

Anonymous said...

ni mesti AZIZ BALING!

memang btol bang. dia banyak dapat projek kerajaan.

kalau abang nak, saya boleh kautim dengan dia.

Anonymous said...

Bro, who is AB

Anonymous said...

apa ni jai?

sebut je nama dia.

apa nak takut?

KALI MOORE said...




Anonymous said...

gua tau siapa AB ni

anak bapak!

Anonymous said...

he is an umno member....

he must be....

jeng jeng jeng!

Anonymous said...

sorry marjinah .. i don't see and i hate people making sweeping statements. not point talking about pak lah time anymore. we got rid of him so let he retire peacefully unlike other people. which is why i believes that jai have something here but not quite ready to share it with us. maybe collecting enough ammunitions to really fire away!

Anonymous said...

AB ni kalu tak silap, anak beruk, anak beruang, anak babi, anak babun, anak buah (sape2) dan lain2 lagi.

kalau asyik dia je yg dapat, memang la tak patut. tapi apa salahnya, dan sentiasa je ada orang sanggup bagi.

tak heran la orang kaya ni

Anonymous said...

AB? Anotheer Bastard?

tell me lor

REBUNG said...

rakyat didahulukan, sebab tu rakyat yang sorang ni je dapat.

banyak sangat ke sumbangan dia kepada agama, bangsa dan negara?

saya pun masih was2 siapa dia mamat sekor ni

tiongnam said...

another kali? serious ka?

i dont know but i know some umno leaders who get rich after getting one or two contracts.

unless if this guy is given that amount of project, something is not right here.

the macc should step in

masih di BH said...


pandai kau, tak sebut siapa orang ni.

tapi aku rasa ada orang akan panggil kau bagi details tak lama lagi.

goliath said...

finally, here is someone who dares to unveil it. the only thing lacking here is the person's name.

i've heard about this new kali recently when i went to a ministry. each project title i mentioned to an officer indicated that he had also 'bid' for it, inluding those valued at rm1 million and below.

the big ones also went to him, a few

montoya said...

good one bro.

no need to mention his name. otherwise he may sue u... hehehehe

anyway, its a bold disclosure. hope the authority is awake

Anonymous said...

agaknya adik kali ke?

kali ada adik ke?

macam mana rupa dia?

sama color dengan dia ke?

lelaki ke pompuan?

kalu pompuan, cun ke?

lingkup said...

boleh rosak negara macam ni. dah la kali ratah banyak job masa paklah dulu, ni mangkuk ni pulak.

yang orang dalam gatal2 bagi dia tu, buat hapa?

nak kena cekup ke?

Anonymous said...

aku pun ada dengar pasal kali baru ni.

dia ni orang siapa, bro? negeri mana?

dr muda umno said...


i believe u didnt simply write this without fact and proof.

however, i also believe that this person has earned more than enough. could be less than that of kali but it was not fair for the rest of malayian contractors.

i hope pm and dpm read your blog and comment about it.

this is not a small matter. although we cant blame the person, the way contracts were awarded to him can come under question

good job, bro

Anonymous said...

is the govt indebted to this fella?

man bonet said...

apo nak buek, jai.

dah joki dio. tak salah dio dapek banyak, cuma orang lain pandang tak sodap la.

den ni dah jadi kontraktor dokek 20 tahun, kelas A lak tu tapi tak ponah dapek kojo gomen. yang kocik pun tak dapek walaupun dah begibu kali isik borang tender. duit abih macam tu jo.

biarkan lah dio kayo. elok yo tgk melayu ni kayo.

sapo la kito nak komplen. kalau komplen pun, bukan eh kerajaan donga, boto tak?

Anonymous said...

let us nurture another 100 kalimullahs for the country.


cina buta said...

u people are jealous of this guy. that's why u make so much noise.

let him laaaa...

afterall, people who gave him projects also get their share.

why worry?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... AB

i think i know who!

if i am right, yes... he got so many!

observer only said...

kasi can la sama dia.

apa lu orang sibuk2. cuma kita pastikan dia bayar cukai, sudah la. kalau dia bayar cukai, kerajaan dapat duit dan duit tu dipulangkan kepada rakyat dalam bentuk projek pembangunan dan lain2.

jangan risau la... AB ni ok... cuma tak hensem je!

Anonymous said...

AB ni sama color dengan kali. sebab tu la orang kerajaan bagi dia banyak projek.

muka dia cuma besar sikit daripada kali dan perutnya pun lebih kurang. cuma dia pendek sikit daripada kali kot....

nikmatullah said...

i want to propose the establishment of one KALIMULLAH FOUNDATION or YAYASAN KALI

Anonymous said...

i thought such a practise ceased after pak lah's era.

i dont think najib is aware of it

WCL said...

kalau dia orang umno, elok gak. nanti dia derma banyak kepada umno. yang bagi job pada dia pun orang umno gak. pi mai, pi mai, untungnya balik ke umno jugak bro.

jawa kontrak said...

inilah kelemahan yang perlu diatasi segera jika datuk najib mahukan pentadbirannya dihormati.

membiarkan gejala monopoli ini akan merosakkan imej kerajaan di mata rakyat jelata.

memang tidak salah jika orang ini layak di segi tender tetapi satu pemantauan perlu dibuat agar orang yang sama mendapat kontrak daripada pelbagai kementerian

Anonymous said...


orang kaya semuanya perut buncit ke? kakak saya tiap2 tahun buncit!

tokman said...

AB kaya semua orang yang ada kaitan pun kaya....ramai lagi yang macam ni kerana direstui olih yang berkuasa, nak buat macam mana......'its not what you know but whom you know'.....drama Hindustan ni akan terus berulang.

Anonymous said...

I had a chat with Kali, two weeks ago in KL... what you talking man????

ShokorBotak said...

Brother Jai

Siapa lagi pulak ini...dah cukup tu cukuplah...

Anonymous said...

AB stands for Aku Bujai.

Hot Canns

Anonymous said...

could it be the man on the magazine's cover?