Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hulu Selangor: My worries for BN

Character assassination, carpet bombings and slanderous materials took center stage on day 5 of campaigning for Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election. With 2 more days for both parties to sharpen their knives on each other, my worries are more for Barisan Nasional.

The Opposition were quick to point fingers at the ruling party when the 2 Independents Chandran and Johan Md Diah pulled out on the same day, accusing the government of 'buying' them for the reasons that Chandran - a former MIC division senior officer - and his about 10,000 supporters can now back up BN's P Kamalanathan.

Although Johan's size of camp is unknown, his pledge to support Barisan Nasional has nevertheless added ammunition to Zaid Ibrahim's campaign for the seat. To some extent, the withdrawal of the Independents had easily backfired the tempo of BN propaganda machine.

Worst is when Anwar Ibrahim's former personal medical officer Dr Halili Rahmat who left PKR to join Umno and now a regular speaker for BN's campaign, has turnaround the mood of the Malays to cast their votes on BN.

Ezzam Mohd Nor, another former Anwar's close aide, was also seen as a demon to the eyes of the Malays with his character assassination of his ex-boss, when he again brought up the issue of his 'six boxes of evidence' against him - which made the people blase. Each by-election campaign which Ezzam stood as a speaker, saw a lot of sympathy votes swung towards the Opposition.

I personally make comparison to the substances of speeches from both sides. Shockingly, it was the BN camp that produce more personal attacks on the Opposition. Had not for the visit of Datuk Seri Najib, Tan Sr Muhyiddin, Datuk Hishamuddin, Shapie and few ministers to the constituent, BN speech content would be all about Zaid's drinking and gambling habit, the incompetency of PR state governments and Anwar's sodomy case.

Ezzam, to me and most of my fellow-bloggers should not be invited at all for campaigning as he is only interested to shoot down Anwar. Dr Halili, too, should also be left out as he deserves no special treatment from BN camps. And the fact that he chose the by-election campaign duration to leave PKR and joined Umno, the rakyat were also quick to digest that he was also paid to do so.

By now, we should be able to see a trend here. The Opposition members and leaders would only leave their respective parties during by-elections. This prompted the people to question their sincerity and the motive behind it. Again, it provides ammo to the Opposition.

My other worries are about the influx of luxury cars driven by Umno members, including that of Putera and Puteri in Kuala Kubu Baru and other places. They didnt do much to assist the campaign. Instead, they just browsed around whithout a lead.

And today, a motion was moved at the Dewan Rakyat to refer Anwar to Parliament committee for privileges for accusing Najib of engaging Apco for his 1Malaysia concept, which according to Anwar is a carbon copy to that of OneIsrael. Although Apco has denied any direct involvement with Tel Aviv, it seems to be a topic that can jeorpardise BN chance of winning.

Analysts believe that Najib had sensed the problems in Hulu Selangor, thus prompted him to cut short his official visit to Japan, just to help with the campaigns. Yes, it did improve BN chance, judging from the big crowd attending to his speeches.

BN speakers should focus more on how to develop Hulu Selangor, improving the people's standard of living and help addressing the problems of Felda's 2nd generation, rather than shouting at non-local matters.

With 2 more campaigning days to go, I hope our BN speakers change to substances of sense in their speeches. Votes can swing anytime, especially those sitting on the fence. And of course, we could see a lot of sympathy votes this time around, either for Kamalanathan or Zaid.

If BN wins, its a big boost for Najib's 1Malaysia and his approach in dealing with national issues. However, if its otherwise, it means Anwar gets a lot of sympathy for all the verbal bash-up from BN speakers and pro-government bloggers.


Anonymous said...

هل سوف يغفر لي؟
دعونا نجعل الحب
هل أنت بخير؟ ???

Anonymous said...

Dah la tu, Bujai, hang tak ngam dgn Ezam, teruiii bantaiii depaak.
Kahkee ayiiam le, u ni.
Bang Jhaii, mu tlg hulor begapo ryial uang haram BN, anu nak beli Kambing.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard for UMNO/BN to do anything right.. I thot Anwar who first started with personal attack to PM etc. I remember PM photo being superimposed with Attantuya in previous few by election. But I guess it's ok cos it's opposition and sometime UMNO/BN gotta to copy what Opposition being doing so far and let them feel how hard it is the effect of the personal attack and lies.. If you can beat them, join them. WHat is new now in Malaysian politic? Looking at the politician, make me vomit blood. Same goes to people I respected earlier like Tok Guru.. They are all the same, halal apa yang mengutungkan parti. No one is actually sincere in working for rakyat.. PKR serves u right, what goes around comes around!! As for BN, a good lesson to know how hard it is to get back ur voters who you lost it b4.


Anonymous said...

I think you are not in touch w what's happening. Cukuplah ezam bashing.

uban said...

things are getting better for bn, bro. thanks to the prime minister who visited the constituency yesterday.

i hope it will be 2 up for najib this time.

Anonymous said...

ezam bukan pemidato yang baik. cakap pun kena eja dulu. setakat nak bantai anwar dengan 5 peti rahsia dia, dah tak laku dah. dah banyak pilihanraya kecil dia berucap, semuanya beri kekalahan kepada barisan nasional.

najib dan muhyidin patut dengar nasihat orang macam kau ni sebab bloger macam kau dah banyak pengalaman cover pilihanraya kecil dan pilihanraya umum. so, korang lebih tau apa yang orang melayu suka dengar dan tak suka dengar.

siapa yang bawak ezam ke ulu selangor?

kau tanyalah ahmad maslan, bro!

Anonymous said...

jai, ezam tu memang tak guna ssen pun pada umno. orang macam ni pun paklah ambil

botox said...

malaysian politics get dirtier and filthier. personal attacks dont come from the opposition alone. in some ways, bn is worse!

is this what we are offering to the voters?

MASTANA said...

apsal kali ni kau tak bersama rockybru, mat talib, syed, saleh dan yang lain2?

kau banyak buat keje solo je. ada motif tertentu ke?

cicak koben said...

bimbang kau memang bimbang bertempat, jai.

aku sendiri pun tengok macam mana dua pihak ni berkempen. tak ubah macam pesta mencarut!

sahabat bloger said...

kempen pilihanraya sekarang ni dah takda nilai dah. semuanya pasal kutuk-mengutuk, caci-mencaci dan hina-menghina.

lambat laun, rakyat pun akan jadi malas nak datang dengar ceramah. sedangkan ceramah ugama pun kurang orang, inikan pula ceramah politik yang hanya dipenuhi kata-mengata.

apa nak jadi dengan malaysia ni. di negara lain, serangan peribadi jarang didengar. di sini, ia dah jadi satu kemestian.

Anonymous said...


gagak said...

apa istimewanya orang macam ezam ni? pernah dengan umno, lepas tu keluar ikut bosnya dan lepas tu rujuk semula dengan umno.

bila dia rujuk, bukan main lagi publisiti yang dia dapat, seolah-olah dia ni orang penting negara, walhal dia ni ahli biasa je, macam orang lain jugak.

hanya kerana dia pernah jadi pegawai anwar, satu negara perlu tahu dia masuk umno semula. semua paper dan stesen tv bagi liputan khas.

apa jasanya kepada agama, bangsa dan negara selama ni? dia hanya pencacai anwar, sebab tu dia cari kesempatan agar sama2 popular macam bekas bosnya.

pemimpin umno pulak, bila ada orang macam ni nak masuk semula umno, bukan main excited lagi, sanggup buat kenduri untuk sambut dan raikan dia.

ezam akan jadi duri dalam daging umno suatu hari nanti. tunggu dan lihatlah!

Anonymous said...


whether u are with the ruling party or the opposition, both are dirty people.

jaws said...

rakyat nak dengar apa yang baik untuk mereka. dengar hal2 pasal peribadi orang lain, nak buat apa?

tak habis2 orang melayu mengutuk sesama sendiri.

dah la islam, perangai pun langsung tak boleh diikut.

nasib baik aku bukan melayu... aku jawa perancis

Anonymous said...

melayu hentam melayu

cina hentam cina

india hentam india

tak lama lagi, israel lak hentam malaya ni!

baru padan muka!


Anonymous said...

leaders nowadays deserve no respect. the way they treat each others is similar to that of the pharaoh!

budak moncino said...


den donga umno baya kau rm30 gibu untuk hulu selangor.

boto ko?

bak la den sikit.... nak repair cangkul!

maap yo...

lambretta61 said...


kempen politik sekarang berkisar kisah main bontot, minum arak, kaki pempuan, lumba kuda, kaki judi, mengurat bini orang, bawak lari anak dara orang, mengendap orang baru kawin... macam2 lagi.

cuba buat cerita yang menarik minat orang ramai, misalnya macam mana nak cepat kaya, nak kumpul harta, nak hidup lama, macam mana nak tebusguna tanah dengan baik, macam mana nak jadi nelayan kaya, macam mana nak kacukkan babi dengan kerbau ke.... atau benda2 lain yang menguntungkan.

ni semuanya dalam kain luar kain.

nurse masterskill said...




Anonymous said...




geli ati aku tgk telatah orang politik ni.

macam badut sarkas!

Anonymous said...

Luxury cars??? yeah...why these people dont want to learn... they make rural folks see them eith one eye... common brothers and sisters...tunjuk kat orang KL sudahlah...ingat tak. postmortem PRU 12 dulu..BN kalah sebab salah satu daripada nya lah luxury cars...... Nak tunjuk apa...kat org melayu...orang china tak peduli pun....lantak lah...kalau kalah nanti gigit jari...

Anonymous said...

Luxury cars??? yeah...why these people dont want to learn... they make rural folks see them eith one eye... common brothers and sisters...tunjuk kat orang KL sudahlah...ingat tak. postmortem PRU 12 dulu..BN kalah sebab salah satu daripada nya lah luxury cars...... Nak tunjuk apa...kat org melayu...orang china tak peduli pun....lantak lah...kalau kalah nanti gigit jari...