Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lim Guan Eng should go...

I used to have some pride when Lim Guan Eng was made Chief Minister of Penang more than a year ago. Someone from Melaka ruling another state! It didnt matter then that he's from DAP. I am also of the opinion that why must the Yang Dipertua Negeri of Melaka were those chosen from Kedah, Perak and other states! Isn't there any qualified candidate from the state itself? Sounds very territorial, uh?

However, its a different scenario. LGE was elected by means of politics while the Federal Government appoints Yang Dipertua Negeri or Governor with the full consent of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. LGE was the choice of his party that won the general elections, and that makes it very special.

Unfortunately, administering a state government is not as easy as becoming a governor. He's lucky that Penang doesnt have a sultan. Otherwise, he would become another Nizar who was involved in a royal battle with the Istana.

And that is why Ali Rustam heads Melaka, Khalid Ibrahim leads Selangor, Nik Aziz rules Kelantan, Ahmad Said administers Terengganu while Musa Aman takes care of Sabah. Why? They are local boys who are masters of their own territory. What if Ali and Nik Aziz swap places?

This means, every state needs a local leader who knows the characteristic of his own people, their problems, demands, and so on. When Pakatan Rakyat selected LGE, not only the Malay in Penang were discontented but the Chinese and Indians too. How well does LGE know Penang?

An election candidate may hope or change places but to head the state government where he himself is not a Penangite, problems will arise and keep on multiplying. From day 1 he took office, many discomforts befalled him. Even his partners from PKR were puzzled at the way he was managing the state. Not that he's a Chinese or a Malay but Penangites did not welcome him wholeheartedly.

The saga of Kg Buah Pala, the resignation of his deputy, the Malay problems, bickering within Pakatan Rakyat leaders, the withdrawal of three PKR Aduns namely Zahrain, Tee Beng and Fairuz, his decision to make his office an out of bound for all, and the added provision to government's tender forms, are signs indicators that LGE cant lead. He is only (maybe) good as an Opposition representative at either State of National levels.

I am also of the opinion that Pakatan Rakyat had no experience in state administration. Yes, they are good at bashing BN representatives at the Dewan Rakyat (in the sense that they know everything) but when they are given the opportunity, the just simply cant do it. Anwar has a lot of experience, no doubt about it but he alone cant charter it for his friends.

And now that the Penang state government is being hammered from all sides, LGE is choking. He cant take criticism and he wont share it with his friends from the PKR or Pas. To him, Pas is only another liability, just like Zahrain, Tee Beng and Fairuz. Not having Pas in the state administrative will be much better and easier for him and the DAP.

He doesnt know Penang much. Although he is supposed to get sufficient support from his colleagues, the truth is that, they are not very cooperative. They chose not to because they themselves thought that LGE is not a suitable chief minister for the state.

Again, territorial politics do rule, just like what we observe in Kelantan. No matter how much funds are given out by the Federal, most Kelantanese still have a high level of respect for the Tok Guru.

Penang state government is losing its credibility and accountability. With more PR Aduns are expected to resign and withdraw soon, LGE days are numbered. The best thing for him to do now is consider resigning. If the PR state government survives, they will choose a Penangite as a leader, not an outsider.

As for Melaka, I am quite okay with Tun Khalil and former Yang Dipertua Negeri. An ''anak Melaka'' still heads the state.


Anonymous said...

u must be mad.

hashim chonel said...


Well, this is the first time for LGE to manage a state, he has never been in a state administrative position albeit being an accountant by training and the Secretary General of DAP.

Perhaps, he should be given a chance to lead and backed by an experienced administrator such as the State Secretary and the State legal adviser.

To be fair to him, why not we give some time, perhaps overtime he can shown his true leadership quality...

kuntum said...

he wont quit la bro.

yes, he realises he cant deliver but as the malay saying goes, macam si kudung dapat cincin, he will stay on.

he wouldnt be bothered by any kind of pressure

LCE said...



Anonymous said...

jai, orang melaka memang handal. sebab tu dia jadi KM p pinang. syangnya takda orang melayu boleh buat macam tu, kecuali orang cina.

bardin said...


rakyat penang memang sepatutnya dipimpin oleh orang tempatan, bukannya orang luar.

kalau guan eng ni cina penang, kira ok la jugak.

ni nyok sebatang pun dia tak tau kat mana!

Anonymous said...

ini silap melayu pulau pinang sendiri.

siapa suruh undi pembangkang, kan dah dapat orang luar jadi ketua menteri!

padan muka depa!

anti-crab said...

i like your heading - lim guan eng should go...

let me add to it --- go back to melaka and replace ali rustam!

Anonymous said...

penang is ok under LGE

penang is prospering under LGE

penang is united under LGE

penang is stable under LGE

Anonymous said...

u dont have to tell him to go... he will go....

... to bugger u!

buntat said...

dah kata dah. mana depan ada pengalaman tadbir kerajaan negeri?

bukan saja di pulau pinang. di selangor dan kedah pun dah goyang.

perak dah hangus

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Orang Melaka memang handal seperti negerinya juga dengan pelbagai nama yang gah - Perkamponga Potugis, Masjid Tanah, Bukit Cina, Tanjong Kling, Air Leleh, Durian Daun, Bukit Piatu, Batang Melaka dll. Tetapi malangnya tidak seorang pun rakyatnya layak jadi Yang DiPertua Negara.

Anak Pakhang

Anonymous said...

I think we should give LGE a chance.
After all he is still new.
Even Chinese need crutches.

If he screws up, it is still OK.
He will just piss off the businesman and the Penang DAP Chingkies over there.
MAlaysia will still go on.
But people will remember how Hapsap DAP was when they governed the state.

Go LGE Go!
I am with you all the wayyyy!!!