Monday, March 29, 2010

Israel officials brand Brits 'dogs'

When Hamas freedom fighter Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was murdered in his Dubai hotel room on Jan 19 this year, the whole world pointed at some 'British and American agents' for the job, not knowing that Israel was actually the mastermind. Israel had stolen thousands of British and US passports in the past and used it on its agents, notably Mossad.

So, when the British immigration decided to expel one of Israeli diplomats whose passport was used by one of the suspects in Mahmoud murder case, Tel Aviv started to brand the Brits as DOGS (read here).

Aryeh Eldad (Israel National Union) doesn’t show much respect to the Brits whom he compares to dogs: "I think [the] British are behaving hypocritically and I don't want to offend dogs on this issue, since some dogs are utterly loyal," Eldad told Sky News.

Another MP Michael Ben-Ari took it one step further. "The British may be dogs, but they are not loyal to us, but rather to an anti-Semitic system..”

Denying any involvement in the assassination, Israel were quick to blame it on Hamas radicals in the Palestine, saying opposing factions within Hamas were behind it. However, the discovery of British stolen passports from an Israel agent recently revealed everything.

Twelve of the assassins carried British passports in the names of individuals living in Israel. The other forged passports used were from France, Germany, Ireland and Australia.

A common link to Israel among the forged passports is what made the Dubai police 99% certain from the start that Israel was behind the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh (read here).

Britons better grasp that Israel was using no less than 15 forged British passports. The Israelis were obviously confident that they could get away with it. The Mossad had a good reason to believe that Britain’s politics is in its pockets.

This row also indicates how Israel too would ask its agents using foreign passports to kill its own people, just to put the blame on others.

I wonder if they would one day use Singapore passports, too... and do remember that Mossad provide trainings to the Republic's intelligent agents.


al-ansary said...

salam bujai,

that is the jews will remain as the no.1 enemy of islam forever. it is even stated clearly in the holy Quran.

it was unfortunate that nazi killed thousands of jews during the world war which led to them venting their anger on the palestinians.

i wish there is another hitler...

kita anak melayu said...

Meanwhile... kawan baik Zionist di Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim terus cuba meporak peranda kan orang Melayu

Saudara sekelian

Si Anwar ni memang bahaya, melayu durjana

tak sudah sudah buat kacau, inilah jadinya bila jiwa songsang

Anwar cuba nak lagakan Perkasa dengan Istana Selangor sila baca di SINI

kat sini juga ada pendedahan tentang Kopitiam tak halal dan rasis

son of adam said...

the jews hold to the perception that the whole world is within their grip and control.

however when it comes to iran, they are petrified not because of the iranian advancement in many disciplines but the fact that iran military is capable of destroying them within an hour or so.

and now that obama-netanyahu relation is at stake for the US opposition against new jews settlement in the west bank, they feel insulted.

the british are another good friend of israel. going by the recent development, tel aviv will eventually lose one close ally after another.

the deserve it!

Anonymous said...


they are israel best friend in the region.

that is why the singaporeans look down at us. should anything happens to our diplomatic relation, israel will be there to protect them!

songkong said...



pissat said...

tak heran.

british pun pembunuh jugak sebab join amerika dalam perang di iraq dan afghanistan.

memang patut pun dipanggil anjing!

gong gong gong!

Anonymous said...

Are we now using excuse to blame foreign agents causing all the political problems in our country? or did we self inflicted the problem to ourself.

Everyone knows this mantra " Bersatu Teguh Bercerai Roboh"; let start believing it again.

Anonymous said...

let them go to war laaa...

better that way!

konco darat said...

singapura memang dah lama berkawan dengan israel. dia tak peduli konsep zopfan dalam asean.

bank of israel pun ada di sana.

masalahnya,mungkin ada orang kita pun simpan duit kat bank tu.

kau patut tau jai

podin said...

ni macam setan yang panggil orang lain iblis walhal dua2nya sama je jahat dan zalimnya.

memang padan muka britain yang selama ni pecaya sangat kat yahudi ni

kiookk said...

i think israel agents are in malaysia, using singapore passport and identity.

u dont believe aaaa?

PB said...

rilex la bujai,

i know la u have been close to israel.

maybe u got a friend in israel as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey if they can invent a gun that can shoot around corners ...

well nothing is impossible