Monday, March 8, 2010

Anwar's sacking in 1998 is lawful

Sept 2, 2008 was a Friday, if I'm not mistaken. Two days earlier, I was in Penang to cover an event officiated by Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Anwar Ibrahim, Koh Tsu Koon, Ibrahim Saad and other BN leaders attended. The premier and his deputy were seen in a cheerful mood.

That particular Friday, there was another function in the morning. Anwar was talking something to Daim, which made the photographers busy.

After the Friday prayer, around 4pm, Business Times editor Hardev Kaur, her associate Rocky and the news desk were busy preparing our front page when the news came in: Anwar has been sacked from the Cabinet!

I believe each and every media player was shocked. It was a tough job to fill-up our main pages with the news. Many people were pointing their fingers at Dr Mahathir, accusing him of removing his deputy deliberately.

The actual story is, Dr M called for an emergency Cabinet meeting. Mostly every minister attended. Anwar too... and they voted against him. Well... that was 12 years ago.

And today, the Federal Court ruled that the sacking was valid (read Bernama h e r e), thus putting Anwar's bid to challenge Dr Mr, to and end. It also provides him with no more rooms to manouvre his sodomy case, either to prolong it or to find counter-evidence to put his defense beyond doubt.


Anonymous said...

Many people didn't know the truth about the emergency cabinet meeting, and the fact that majority cabinet ministers voted against Dsai.

Patut kena royak hok betul kat semua orang - taklah Tun kena sumpah seranah yang bukan-bukan!

Anonymous said...

The disgruntled losers will still say that the courts are biased, paid, conspiracy oh yawn, yawn.

So, will this mean some stupid demonstrations on the streets to disrupt public order and blame the police for showering them?


hashim chonel said...


Malays are generally kind and charitable people, quick to forgive and forget. So if Anwar Ibrahim is a and a true full blooded Malay gentlemen, he should backed down from attacking Tun M and should seek his forgiveness from Tun M for any wrong doing before its too late.

Now that Anwar has reached an old age that he should be aware that he hasn't the time and energy to fight forever, he should repent of any wrong doing he has done in disuniting the Malays and misleading the young about his rhetoric.

Allah is The God Almighty.

gurkha said...

looks like that was his last bid to contest dr mahathir's decision almost 12 years ago.

now he got to find ways to contest any court decision should it be in favor of saiful.

i wonder if he is guilty, will his partners in pakatan rakyat stay with him or abandon him...

teman 90 said...

what's next anwar?

challenge najib and rosmah in court for conspiring against you?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

siapa lagi la dia nak saman agaknya.

cuba saman karpal singh lak

PUNKIE said...

anwar masih tidak bersalah. yang bersalah adalah orang2 yang berkomplot menjatuhkannya suatu ketika dahulu dan mereka masih berkomplot hingga ke hari ini kerana takutkan pengaruh anwar yang jauh lebih besar daripada mereka.

tunggulah jika mahkamah mendapati anwaar tidak bersalah, akan ramai yang terpaksa menjilat ludah masing-masing.


Anonymous said...

takda keje lain ke bloger haram jadah ni, asyik nak menjatuhkan air muka orang lain!

sarjit88 said...

nothing to lose but no more to gain.

i hope he comes to his senses that he is already at the end of the long and winding road which he himself created.

besi berani said...

apa pun, saya masih simpati dengannya walaupun tidak menyokong perjuangannya dalam pakatan rakyat.

simpati kerana beliau hampir mencapai puncak karier politiknya ketika dalam umno, dan saya tidak menyokongnya hari ini kerana apa yang diperjuangkannya hanyalah untuk politik peribadi dan untuk DAP.

saya sedih kerana anwar sepatutnya menjadi hero perjuangan melayu. malangnya dia sendiri menjadi mangsa percaturannya yang silap

Anonymous said...

i think dap and pas should introduce him to another court, outside malaysia.

he doesnt trust our legal system

adik, UM said...

agaknya kalau pemecatan tu tak sah, apa akan jadi agaknya.

jadi perdana menteri ke dia?

kwn utusan said...


jumaat malam sabtu tu, masa kat rumah anwar di damansara, kau kena ketuk dengan FRU, ingat tak?

nasib baik tak pecah kepala kau! aku dah kata jangan dekat, kau pulak tunjuk berani.

tapi itu dulu. aku rasa itu pengalaman yang sukar kita lupakan. anwar ok masa tu, cuma peribadi dia yang dipertikaikan...

Anonymous said...

sooner or later, he will be forgotten...

Anonymous said...

The question here is not whether his(Anuar) dismissal is legal or not, or whether mahathir won or anuar lost. His dismissal was done with prejudice, and disgracing him the way it was done was totally immoral, debased even for the sake of politics. To disgace a man and his family through out his life is the worst kind of crime in the history of humanbeing. Remember his has contributed to soceity in the past and has paid for his crimes (whether his did commit it or not). If he has not chosen to come back to politics would sodomy case 2 be on??? I wonder....

Anonymous said...

anon at 2:24 11/3

if anwar is sooo right, why didnt he take the chance during that last meeting to defend himself instead of pointing to everybody else in the room & accused them for having affairs as well? he didit even give a fair treat to himself! that's pathetic!!!

if he is soooo right, why in the first place he ran to the turk embassy claiming he was at a gun point instead of lodging a police report? he is a man full of self-destructed strategies!!!!

if he is sooo right and Islamic, why didnt he swear in the name of Allah like his accuser did? should we believe more in blank self-righteous claiming than a confession made in the name of God? do we take his full of nonsense ceramahs as facts & evidence?

if he is sooo right why did many of his aids, rightmen, die-hard supporters back in 97/98 left him?

if he is sooo right, why did he befriend top Islamic scholar like yusuf qadhrawi & at the same time befriend wolfowitz, the iraqwararchitectzionist? why? why?