Saturday, February 6, 2010

Security secrets on sale

So, who's actually selling our national security documents to foreign governments? How much are they being paid? Which country is so keen to have our military secrets? Are they so concerned about the ability of our armed forces or are they looking at us as a threat?

I was not surprise when Defense Minister Zahid Hamid revealed this yesterday. Neither was I feeling alarm about it.

This has been the world security trend since the end of the Cold War. Mostly every developed and developing countries are watching each other, watch and being spied on. In Asean, there is already a kind of alert when Singapore failed to honor the concept of Zopfan (Zone of Peace, Free and Neutral) when the Republic became its first member to host the Israel Embassy.

Among Muslim countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, Singapore's behaviour has pushed suspicion up above the diplomatic general order, thus drawing scepticism from among other members.

But it was not Singapore as denied by Zahid. The said country is a bit further. He did not elaborate. Could it be China? I dont think so as Malaysia-China relation is at its best since Najib Tun Razak became the prime minister last April. He cemented it further during his visit to Beijing.

Which country could it be?

Those rascals - whether they are from the public or private sectors - must be apprehended and sent to jail for a long, long time. They are lucky for staying in Malaysia (if they are Malaysians). In many countries like China, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Cuba, Russia and North Korea, the penalty for such a crime is death penalty, before the firing squad, the gas chamber or by the gallow.

Why was I not surprised? Because I have seen people selling government blueprints to others. My only question is, where do we keep such documents like blueprints and security secret papers so that it wont fall to this kind of people?

No, I was also not alarmed because we are such a friendly nation. We dont habor any ill-feeling toward others and neither do we have any intention to conquer others. Our armed forces may be inferior as compared to some countries in the region but they are well trained for special purposes, especially in keeping the country safe from any subversive activities.

Back to what Zahid said, the people who earn living by selling our security information. Who could they be?

Let us be sensible here. Do you think this is the first time this is happening? Do you believe when someone tells you how many times to went to the toilet yesterday?

I am sure that such activity has been going on and on for decades. It could has started during the era of Parti Komunis Malaya. Yes, they laid down their weapons in the mid 1980s but some of their cadres (in my personal opinion) are still at the ideology.

While are now so busy preventing crimes and other unpleasant elements that may disrupt our peace and harmony, there are still people spinning such an ideology. Are we able to distinguish them?


man quan said...

bro, selling security secrets to foreign govt is an act of a traitor. we cannot tolerate whoever is involved.

Anonymous said...

dont u think they who sell security documents are stupid fool?

they must have gotten it from the top level people.

whatever payment they receive could have been shared equally.

when times are bad, people tend to do anything for living

cikgu pencen said...

hukuman berat mestilah dikenakan ke atas sesiapa yang terlibat, tidak kira siapa mereka sebenarnya.

menjual atau membocorkan rahsia keselamatan negara adalah kesalahan pengkhianat yang tidak ada tolok bandingnya. is samalah seperti menjual negara sendiri atau mendedahkan kelemahan negara agar senang ditakluk.

saya harap kerajaan memandang serius hal ini dan mengambil tindakan sewajarnya agar ia tidak berulang dan berleluasa

tauke pasir said...

why are you pointing at singapore?

they are our good neighbour what! we have been selling almost everything to them, including sand and iskandar johor!

Anonymous said...

which country is not the issue but who are involved

raincoat said...

i think the secrets are being sold to israel via singapore.

and who are singapore agents making big bucks in malaysia?

hehehehe... my theory is reliable

Anonymous said...