Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The rally will go on...

The planned peaceful rally at the Australian High Commission at 10am tomorrow will proceed, WITH or WITHOUT police permit. Its public holidays and the police normally dont entertain any request for permit during weekends and holidays.

Our High Commission in Canberra

I dont know who was the senior police officer quoted by the Malay Mail report (read
h e r e) but we already got a simple 'Go Ahead'.

Its gonna be a peaceful public rally and of non-political.

This is for the country, not for Anwar Ibrahim or anybody else! If we dont convey our message to the Aussies, may as well we let any country intervene in our systems.

Afterall, it wont take long as our only intention is to handover our note of protest to the High Commissioner, H.E Ms Penny Williams.

We got good diplomatic minds!


KLIAN said...

i personally believe the cabinet is divided into 2 - those not supporting and they who support your effort.

however, its a good thing that you started calling or the rally. otherwise, nobody will pay attention to the issue.

datuk najib said he left it to wisma putra while anifah aman says our embassy in canberra will explain the whole situation to the MPs.

no. i dont think its proper to give explaination as australia well understood the whole issue right from the very beginning. maybe what rockybru wrote about the 8 billion cash Down Under prompted those MPs to protect anwar and whoever are with him.

in other countries, the government will immediately call up the respective envoy to the foreign ministry.

sadly in our case, we oftenly act too slow!

swastika said...


malay mail cakap korang tak dapat permit polis.

jangan pedulik la.... ni untuk maruah dan kedaulatan negara!

satira nasional said...

be careful. anwar may find opportunity in what you are doing.

tell those involve not to come in political outfit - no party symbols and no political chanting.

this will save u and everybody

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

our nation needs people who can act fast on issues like this.

so pathetic that our foreign ministry didnt do enough for the sake of our sovereignty