Monday, February 1, 2010

Hookway (WSJ) and Anwar are more than buddies

When James Hookway of the Wall Street Journal (a dear friend of Anwar Ibrahim) described Malaysia as a race-based politics, I sent WSJ an e-mail but I wonder whether he read it of give a damn about it.

I wrote that when he finds it's okay to give such a description about Malaysian politics, then I would be free to say that the American politics is actually 'color-based'. The only colors most Americans (notably their leaders) are black and white.

When Barack Obama became the first black President of the United States of America, many cast their confidence that he would perform better than any of the white presidents. However, his heart is darker than his skin when he failed to deliver what he promised more than a year ago during his run-up to the presidential election.

Hookway is a typical white with a black brain. He sees Anwar as his subject to gain prominence. His articles and writings about Anwar are actually biased and contain to substance of jurisdiction in journalism. He is close to Anwar, alrite and gota first hand news and comment from him but the rest of it came from unreliable sources.

Just like Peter Arnett whom I met in Baghdad during my first war assignment in 1982. While most members of the Press were at the warfronts like Suleimaniyah (north of Iraq) and Basrah (south) to report what they saw and observed, he was reporting from the lobby of el-Rashid hotel (he was there once again when the US launched the Desert Storm in late 1990).

Manipulation is what they were taught of in journalism.

Hookway chose to be radical about outburst. How long has he been with Anwar, is another thing but he always portray Anwar as the king of news. I doubt it that more than half a million Americans know who Anwar is.

And now that Anwar's sodomy trial commences tomorow, just wait what Hookway will write about it.

The question I got in mind - why do WSJ give so much attention to Anwar. Does he hold any stakes in that publication?


Anonymous said...

hookway is just another arsehole anwar ransacks!

AHRAM said...

WSJ has never been fair to us, not even to anwar when he was dpm and finance minister.

WSJ supports all opposition parties all around the world, with agenda of implementing US adverse diplomatic tactics, especially in the muslim world.

now that anwar is their tool, he is being used and he uses WSJ for his political platform. lets say if anwar becomes pm and the bn becomes the opposition, WSJ will of course turn its back on anwar and support bn.

this is their main objective, finding political loopholes in any country, ride on the opposition and try to infiltrate the centre of the adminsitration.

they are worse than the KGB and Mossad.

tina toner said...

anwar akan gunakan siapa dan apa saja untuk menghidupkan peluang politiknya.

kesnya mungkin tidak dapat ditangguhkan lagi oleh mahkamah tinggi walaupun dia mengemukakan rayuan.

hanya desakan agen asing saja dapat melegakan beliau sedikit. sebab itulah wall street journal digunakan sebaik mungkin untuk melindunginya

Anonymous said...

bujai, aku setuju dengan apa yang kau tulis.

amerika memang politik warna, hanya hitam dan putih.

obama sudah melencong jauh daripada apa yang dijanjikannya ketika berkempen, termasuk untuk menamatkan sengketa israel dan palestin. bagaimanapun sejak memegang kuasa, dia tidak langsung menekan tel aviv agar menghentikan keganasannya terhadap rakyat palestin.

kulit hitam memang berhati hitam!

Anonymous said...

better ask anwar to see obama laaa... screw him!

adenan ishak said...

apa sebenarnya matlamat wsj dan baruanya seperti hookway, hanya tuhan yang tau.

tapi hookway memang pengkhianat asing yang digunakan oleh anwar untuk kepentingan politik peribadinya

man bonet said...

hitam dan putih memang warna kegemaran rakyat amerika.

tengok je la liputan tv yang menunjukkan bagaimana pengasingan warna kulit masih berleluasa di sana.

polis kulit putih hentam orang kulit hitam, dan begitulah sebaliknya.

Anonymous said...

Half a million Americans know who Anwar is?
And how many Americans know who Najib is?

I would be pleased to know the results of your "survey".

sri hartamas