Saturday, February 27, 2010

Foreign cahood in Anwar's case

Not surprising. Former Canadian prime minister Paul Martin has been Anwar's close aide at the latter's prime time as a DPM and finance minister. This 1995 picture of them shows how strong the bonds are.

Also no surprise. Part of the reasons why Anwar and his Pakatan Rakyat are resorting to delaying tactics in his sodomy case is to gather more international support, hoping for a massive diplomatic and political power that can apply mounting pressure on the Malaysian government to call off the trial and drop all charges against him.

No surprise at all that Anwar and former Australian premier John Howard are buddies. So, it led to more than 50 OZ members of Parliament to conveyed a protest note to our high commissioner in two weeks ago. Similarly, Amnesty International and other human rights organisations - almost all are pro-Western and pro-sodomy - are rallying behind him.

Paul Martin wrote in The Globe and Mail titled Speak Out For Anwar Ibrahim's Sake, writes among others '...If his country is to take its place among the progressive nations of the world, it is crucial that the politically motivated charge against Mr. Anwar be dropped and that he be free to pursue his vision of a democratic Malaysia, properly respectful of human rights and international law.'

This indicates how serious such words of 'political blackmail' are being applied by Anwar's friendly leaders and nations on the government. Nonetheless, there is a possibility of diplomatic constraints between Malaysia and some governments if Anwar is found guilty and re-send to jail.

Wall Street Journal's ''Raising Malaysia's Hackles'' printed a more stern warning, 'International attention may not change the course of Mr. Anwar's trial, but at the very least, it reminds Malaysia's elites that their actions won't go unnoticed—or, perhaps, without consequences.'

And read what Anwar's favourite writer from LA Times Mark Magnier wrote in the daily, 'Malaysian politician's sodomy trial publicises taboo topics' h e r e.

Since the High Court has turned down Anwar's request the lead time to gather more evidence for the case, we can expect more disparaging remarks from all over the world, as that is exactly what the Opposition wants.

However, its is also interesting to read what Sakmongkol writes under The goalposts keep shifting, quoting him as saying '...Here is where I encounter a problem. Anwar Ibrahim deserves justice. That we don’t dispute. But his accuser, the alleged victim also deserves justice. Why is justice to Anwar more important than justice to Saiful? We need to know whether this Saiful is a fool and a liar.'

Also read BBC h e r e.... 'Government critics believe it is no accident that the charge against Mr Anwar is sodomy - this is not white collar crime, a funding scandal or a conflict of interest, it is something which cuts to the quick of this Malay politician's identity as a good Muslim.'

When his trial resumes, we better browse the Internet as tonnes of articles supporting him will appear. While Micheal Danby compares Anwar to that of Aung San Suu Kyi, I told some friends that Sungai Buloh is not a house arrest!

If Anwar is clean (I hope he is), there shouldnt be any more delaying tactics. Get it over and done with... and without foreign interference. Read a good analysis by Outsyed The Box h e r e.


ayubbi said...

biarkan si lunchai terjun dengan labu-labunya!

macam mana banyak pun sokongan asing diperolehinya, mereka tidak mampu berbuat apa2.

jika anwar bersalah, dia mesti sedia terima hukuman. jika saiful yang berbohong, dia juga patut terima padahnya.

undang2 malaysia cukup lengkap dan melindungi semua pihak. tidak ada prejudis dalam melaksanakannya.

Anonymous said...

also not a surprise if saiful lies, bro!

anti-clockwise said...

let them bark until their tongues drop. it is their nature, esp the western govts to champion what is not right for them to champion. them even champion for the cause which are not related to them, like tigers in our country.

anwar may find comfort with all this. he likes foreign attention, hoping that the govt will bow to the pressure.

no sir, it wont happen. our govt has nothing to do with the case and never interfere with it. its just between anwar and saiful and both with the Almighty!

kalifah anwar said...

you pro-govt bloggers have nothing better to do rather than spinning anwar's case!

waddafuck are u people trying to proof? that anwar is guilty?

the system really sucks. whatever the outcome will be, they will inflict anwar with the jail term.

why cant u look back at what he has done to umno and the country?

is he so bad?

kawan77 said...


kau makin mengada-ngada nampak! asyik hentam anwar dan kalimullah je. dulu diorang ni kawan baik kau.


adil la sikit pada orang lain bro!

Anonymous said...

aku kenal martin ni.

remy martin.

kenny, remy dan martin

martin luther king

joe martin

diorang ni semua orang mantin!

seniman buncit said...

dato jai,

rilex la sikit bro.

cari la bahan lain selain anwar. sikit punya spin kau kali ni.

aku dah muak la. tulis la pasal fasha sanda ke, nora danish ke... stim la sikit.

takkan nak stim kat anwar pulak. hehehehehe

jnue said...

anwar will win this case as he has more proofs. thats why the court didnt allow him to produce more evidence.

where got fair laaa!!!

bujai said...

wahai khalifah anwar.

dont use the 'khalifah' so easily. a khalifah normally follow a prudent path. but u are not. if u really feel anwar is innocent, advise him to clear his case ASAP.

either we are pro-govt bloggers or not, we treat anwar's case as that of an individual, not because he's the opposition leader.

remember, he's a public figure. if u are a khalifah, you should understand my statement.... or u are just a kafilah!

bujai said...


takda siapa bayar aku. this is my blog and my personal domain.

pendapat aku adalah pendapat aku. kalau kau tak setuju, kau bagi la pendapat kau sendiri, buat blog sendiri, tak payah baca blog orang lain.

jangan sakit hati la...

bujai said...

anon 10.47,

that's why we have the set of law, and the court to distinguish the truth in anwar-saiful trial.

if saiful lies, sure he kena la bro!

kelicap said...

masa kat hostel dulu, kau ada sodomise sapa2 tak?

kah kah

bujai said...

kelicap, kau lupa ke apa aku buat kat kau?

huarrghhh huarrggghhh!

kelian said...


i hope anwar is clean. he has been quite a good leader before his first sodomy case.

i still have some respect for him

batu api said...

i agree with anti-clockwise. no outside force can help anwar if he is guilty

bujai said...

dear beautiful kelian, i know who u are.

yes, many people hope anwar is clean. and yes, he was a great leader then and had his kind of contribution to the country.

however, he got to pass the court as an accused.

satira said...


kau la yang eloknya terjun dengan labu-labu kau!

kau siapa nak cakap pasal undang2 malaysia ni?

kau tu pencacai umno je!

gone said...

i never respect anwar. Even when he was stil my DPM. Just dont like his character. Something wrong with him. Even though at that time, im still 14yrs.

elize said...

anwar has long established his connection with foreigners whom he can ride on.

and this is the time they come around...

mr tan said...

we need no more outside people to land a foot in our domestic problems. may as well they attend to their own problems which are still being politcally-manipulated

to all foreign jouornalists who just wish to belittle us - fuck off!

cikgu pencen said...

takda asasnya segala laporan asing ni. semuanya memihak kepada anwar. amnesty yang sepatutnya mengawasi keburukan undang2 di amerika dan di barat, sebenarnya lebih arif tentang isu anwar ni. mereka lebih bangga bergerak berasaskan laporan putar belit media barat hanya semata-mata ingin menegakkan benang basah anwar

adik, UM said...

apa nak heran bang. biarlah media diorang hentam kita.

media kita pun apa kurangnya... kuat gak gasak negara asing ni.

tapi yang paling best, dr mahathir ler!

Anonymous said...

susah2 kita saman la pulak orang asing ni...

Anonymous said...

i like the word cahood, bro. it means a very bad plot to destroy our country.

we cannot let them. they can destroy pakatan rakyat if they want

Anonymous said...

If others emulate Anwar's style, it would be cronyism, wouldn't it?

But Karpal's also a strange lawyer who prefers to defend criminals and turning them into heroes. Remember Botak Chin and the Aussie drug traffickers? Wonder who defended them.

These lawyers never defend any UMNO, MIC or MCA but call for equality, fairness and all that jazz.

It would be interesting to see the likes of Karpal and children act as defence for PKFZ personalities, for instance. That will surely be justice, by any measure!


Anonymous said...

Rasa2 semua dah tahu yang Barat suka hentam sesiapa saja yang bertentangan dengan mereka. Mereka halalkan ciput itu pasal mereka sokong dia.

Bayangkan orang macam ini jadi pemimpin. Jangan dah jadi baru nak di fikirkan?

Anonymous said...

Tak berkenan langsung dengan perangai si anuar ni. Dalam negara buat huru hara. Luar negara pulak raih simpati. Orang lain penat naikkan nama negara, dia pulak senang2 mengutuk negara sendiri. Heran juga kenapa penyokong dia tak nampak semua tu.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.