Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dutch govt collapses over Afghan mission

Latest: Europeans want out of Aghan (h e r e)

AMSTERDAM - The Dutch coalition government collapsed Saturday over whether to extend the country's military mission in Afghanistan, leaving the future of its 1,600 soldiers fighting there uncertain. An early election is now expected.

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende (pic) announced that the second largest party in his three-party alliance is quitting, ending what had always been an uneasy partnership (h e r e).

The Dutch debate comes as opinion polls in many troop-providing European countries indicate growing public opposition to sending more soldiers to Afghanistan amid a global financial crisis and shrinking defence budgets.

Any Dutch withdrawal would be a worrying sign for NATO, which has struggled to raise the 10,000 additional troops that its top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, has demanded to accompany the 30,000 American reinforcements being deployed there

Dutch soldiers have been deployed since 2006 in the southern Afghan province of Uruzgan on a two-year stint that was extended until next August. Balkenende's party wanted to keep a trimmed-down military presence in the restive province, where 21 Dutch soldiers have been killed, but Labor was adamant that the Dutch troops leave Uruzgan as scheduled.

*** Meanwhile, protests have been held in Berlin on Saturday in opposition to Germany’s ongoing troop presence in Afghanistan. German news agency DPA reported that between 600 and 2,000 demonstrators turned out to call for a recall of the country’s roughly 4,400 Bundeswehr troops stationed in the north of the country.

Comment: That's the price you got to pay when you interfere in other country. Your own people may not like it...


morad said...

its time for the entire nato forces to withdraw from afghanistan. let hamid karzai lead the country with a full supervision of the united nations.

as long as foreign forces remain in the country, internal conflict will rage on, just like in iraq.

we should let the people of afghan to determine their own path under a democratic government.

since the occupation of russia in 1978 until today, the people of afghan never got the right opportunity to administer their own country. this has led to civil war which has claimed many lives.

afghanistan must be set free

Anonymous said...

a good lesson for a govt that collaborate with the americans in foreign intervention

bogak said...

suruh je ruud gullit jadi pm baru belanda. dia pakar bola, jadi dia tak heran nak campur tangan negara lain, kecuali campur tangan menaikkan taraf bolasepak.

hidup gullit!

anti-war said...

the whole of europe should back off from afghanistan and iraq. leave the us alone dealing with the problems. if no support comes from them, the us will eventually fuck off from this two countries

ex-diplomat said...


aghanistans must be given the opportunity to rule their own country without any foreign intervention.

i was in kabul many years ago and the people are not what the west think of. they are very patriotic and hardworking.

the war came when russia invaded them and then the americans and the europeans.

i am confident self-rule can bring about peace and stability

Anonymous said...



atarturk said...

bro, afghan still need foreign assistance but not in the form of military.

they need economic assistance more than anything else.

it will take years before they can stand on their feet again

wayang kulit said...

hamid karzai tu pun patut digantikan dengan calon pilihan rakyat afghan sendiri.

hamid calon yang dipilih oleh amerika. sebab tu masalah terus berlarutan sebab kebanyakan rakyat tak suka pada dia.

adakan pilihanraya semula tanpa campur tangan asing, insya-allah afghanistan boleh bangkit semula

budak2 said...





Anonymous said...

padan muka jan peter. dia dulu bukan main sokong lagi amerika serang afghanistan.

ni dah takda keje, hantar je dia kat sana, biar dia berentap dengan taliban

untie sam said...

he deserves it!

afghan student said...


as an afghan living in malaysia, i would like to say that our country does not need any military assistance.

what we need is financial and technical assistances which are imperative in rebuilding our nation.

the people of afghan has been living under foreign occupation for so many years and it will be significant to see them leave.

the united nations must do its job by means of utilising its development agencies to develop our country.

i hope the country will achieve peace and prosperity again.

thank you

Anonymous said...

suruh je pm belanda ni ternak ayam belanda je, lagi banyak faedahnya