Saturday, February 6, 2010

A bad mouth from Down Under

"For the second time, the Malaysian legal system is being manipulated by supporters of the incumbent government to drive Malaysia's best-known leader, Anwar Ibrahim, out of national politics... For the second time, documents are being forged, witnesses are being coerced, evidence is being fabricated. This trial, like the first trial, is a disgrace to Malaysia, a country that aspires to democratic norms."

This are the words of Michael Danby, an Aussie politician who chairs the country's foreign affairs subcommitee, to the Parliament a few days ago. He was commenting on Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial, which he described as a shame to Malaysia.

Coming from a politician whose country is among the worst governments to practice racial segregation and oppressing its natives, it puts him at par with other Western writers and homosexual champions - that they are just a bunch of US-Jewish propaganda machine trying to belittle our judiciary and smear our image worldwide.

To them, Anwar is God and what he does are rightful. However, when Anwar was still a Cabinet minister, he was also subjected to their abuse. But of course, such politicians and journalists are much closer to the Opposition pact than that to the government news agencies. They either find amusement by manipulating Anwar's case or simply doing it for other reasons.

The Australian online news quoted Danby (I believe he's a Jew) as saying that the country is having a hard time holding things together, in the face of religious and ethnic divides, political battles, and economic challenges.

Quite surprisingly, this 'thief who calls others thief' has forgotten the fact that racial tension in Australia is turning into potential time-bombs. Asians, Arabs and Africans living in the country are finding it more difficult to study, work and do business as the result of racist statements made by Australian politicians, NGOs and some media players.

Just like Anwar who is good at finding avenues to distract public attention toward his court case, Australian politicians and their Western allies are in a cahood to cover up what their own government has failed - to redress racial sentiments in their own backyard and exploiting the rights of their natives. This is Australian-style of apartheid.

And where is this Danby getting such informations about Malaysia? Non other than Malaysian Oppositions 'war machine' or hearsay or what is being fed by their diplomats in Kuala Lumpur. Pardon me, is Australia the country Zahid Hamidi was referring to as trying to buy Malaysia's security documents?

An analysis by The Australian also summed up that Malaysia's economy is still being 'patronised' by neighbor Singapore.

You know how bad Najib's administration is to the eyes of the newspaper owner? Very bad... especially when we cancelled a planned second concert by Beyonce last October!


Anonymous said...

Agree with Michael. His mouth may be bad, but he is telling fact which only morons of this country failed to understand.

Arope said...

Some of Australians a like him. Very narrow minded and could not tolerate with others people values and norms. Last year around October they did convoy to one of Japanese tiny fisherman town and try to condemned the hundreds years local cultures of eating dolphin meat. It was unbelievable action taken by a group of people who claimed themselves as civilized and human rights hero. About condemning our legal systems and government, I am no so surprised. The point here is, he has no right to tell what is good for us! Respect diversity and learn about other who are not same as you.

Anonymous said...

Sama je la ngan kau yg tukang spin...bodek la lagi tak lama dapat Datuk...kah kah kah phui...


Anonymous said...

There is no need to be bigoted and say that you BELIEVE Danby is Jewish.What is your "dalil" that he is Jewish? Does that make his comments lack integrity? If an Arab Muslim leader makes the same call, what would you have said then?
In the eyes of the world, the BN government is so pathetic that it cannot use other issues to pin Anwar, i.e. corruption, treason, (for being friends with Jews)or murder. You are a sad case of a mainstream media practitioner, for you can't even pretend to be unbiased. Report and anlayse based on facts, man, and not to pander to your political masters in the hope of getting some Datukship.

sri hartamas

vincent, melaka said...

danby is former MP, i'm not mistaken. he is known for his strong and racist statements that help spark a row between locals and foreigners.

he is also strong israel supporters. among his best statements is his blatant accusation that the palestinians are the ones to be blamed in the middle east conflict, and that they should be wiped out entirely from the planet.

he has never said anything nice about malaysia and the muslim world. he regards muslim as aggresors to democratic and are supportive of terrorism.

i am not a muslim but a malaysian. in malaysian context, whatever people like danby say should be ignored as there are too many of them around.

it wont hurt us at all. all that we need to do is manage our country for the benefit of malaysians and not to please foreigners who always harbor ill-feeling toward us.

anyway, its a good article u wrote here.

Anonymous said...

yes, i think it was the australian embassy....

Anonymous said...

tidak dinafikan anwar memiliki ramai kawan di serata dunia. kawan yang sudah dipengaruhinya agar mencerca dan menidakkan kebaikan yang kita buat. hasratnya mengheret najib dan rosmah ke mahkamah pun sudah menunjukkan betapa beliau cuba mempolitikkan kesnya. dengan apa cara pun, beliau akan mencari jalan untuk menyelamatkan dirinya.

rizal said...

saya tak ingat tahun bila tapi australia pernah membicarakan ketua puak aslinya kerana menuntut hak pribumi.

ia mendapat liputan luas antarabangsa tetapi canberra menyelar mana-mana negara yang cuba campur tangan.

inilah yang dikatakan mengata orang, dia yang lebih

spana lama said...

pasal beyonce ni, aku tak setuju langsung la.

aku minat kat dia, cara dia berpakaian.


kasi can la beb!

Anonymous said...

bujai. cara kau tulis ni macam nak jek najib je. ada apa2 ke ni? nak ikut sepupu kau si rocky dapat dato tahun depan ke?

jgn marah be... aku tau kau serius dengan apa yang kau buat dan apa yang kau fikir.

teruskan bro

mangkuk cup said...

its impossible to shut our country from people like this, bujai.

either we just ignore them or answer what they wrote.

nonetheless, i opt for the first choice

bigben said...

Bet there's a lot of RUBBISH in their own backyard, all swept, down and under the carpet...