Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well done, Hisham!

I dont know how many Malaysians watched Hishammudin Tun Hussein on TV3 'Soal-Jawab' with moderator Ahmat Talib at 10pm yesterday.

Had you watched, then you'd understand that the sentiment over Allah issue was mostly aggravated by the Opposition.

Hisham made it clear that on the day the court made its decision to allow Herald to use the world 'Allah', he immediately called on Malaysians, especially the Muslims not to resort to any kind of action that would 'add fuel to fire'.

Malaysians, he said was advised to stay calm as the Home Ministry knows what is the next course of action to be taken in addressing the issue. Yes, the government then filed an appeal for the court to reverse its decision.

When I blogged about 'Dont Blame the Government', some readers hit out at me, saying that I am the one who dont understand the whole issue.

Hey, I am a Muslim and I know what Islam is. As a Malaysian, I love my country and for that I dont want to see any untoward incidents taking place. Unfortunately, when so many people and organisations did not heed Hisham's call, it led to some lunatics trying to play 'hero' by attacking churches and a surau.

A sensitive and delicate issue like this should be addressed by the authority and not politicians or NGOs.

Hisham may look relaxed and a bit 'soft' when aswering AAT's questions but he looked well-composed. He knew that he was in the best and right position to reinterate what he said about two weeks ago.

I personally believe he passed this big test...


leam said...

he looks a bit rigid. he gave some good points alrite but was not very outstanding

man bonet said...

dia ada cakap bahawa isu allah sekarang ni di peringkat mahkamah. jadi, tak elok dibincangkan.

aku rasa dia ok gak, cuma dia nampak macam tak tegas sikit

Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
The litmus test on whether he has done well is if the people are safe and calm as a result of his words and actions.

I take it they are not eventhough the Minister spoke eloquently.

I wish every success to him because M'sia needs a good Home Minister, and yes, no harm if he speaks well too.


ShokorBotak said...


As a Malaysian, as a Muslim and a human, I love my country too.

I dont want to see any untoward incidents taking place. To some lunatics out there done trying to be 'Hero' by attacking churches and a surau.

Let the authority addressed all the sensitive and delicated issues [like this], and not the politicians or the NGOs.

Datuk Hisham is a relaxed and 'Cool' gay [not a bit 'soft'] ok. He knew what he's talking about and he is in the best and right position to reinterate this issue.

May 'ALLAH' save us all. Aminnnn

wong said...

send him to gurad the reservior..he talked like he is part of the conspricy..did u notice his eyes and hands were saying different things,..?

Umar Abdul Aziz Bin Hj Mohd Affandi Bin Abdul Rahman said...

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lebai said...

bro jai..

Hisham tau cium keris je...pas tu minta maap plak.. he he lawak lawak. Keris kalau disimpan dalam sarung je tak ada gunanya. Sekali-sekala apa salah kalau guna keris untuk potong buah mangga ka, tembikai ka. Kurang-kurangnya kita buleh tau keris tu tajam ka? He he. Ada faham ka Hisham? Komen Lebai panjang lebar pasai keris Hisham. Sila jenguk ke


Anonymous said...

Ada interview di AlJazeera baru baru berkenaan kes Allah jugak. The spokesman from Msia perlu dikurung, jgn malukan Msia.Dari mula nampak mcm tikus, muka asik pandang skrip. Bender tu live tele conferencing. Lebih kurang sama penampilan seperti seorang menteri dulu yang bawa hal serupa di stesen yg sama pertahankan tindakan polis sembur air kearah penunjuk perasaan. Ini bukan kes nak cari siaper betol siapa salah, ni basic COMMUNICATION skill la!!!
YB Menteri Rais Yatim plse use your power to correct this situasi yang amat amat SHAMEFUL SKALI! coach budak ni dulu,SEBELUM dia dilepaskan ke arena antarabangsa and plse plse plse, tell him to ditch the purple tie and shirt!
Kalau tak bijak bertutur BI, mintak penterjemah OK! Message does not get across, you only antagonise your audience!!!toloong la plse plse plse....marah sangat ni malu jangan cerita. Al jazeera pasti menyesal pilih salah org.