Friday, January 22, 2010

Singapore casino, anyone?

The first Casino will be a reality in a few days in Singapore.

The brand new Singapore Casino will be part of the huge Resort World Sentosa Complex which will be delivered in the following weeks, featuring 4 hotels and a Universal Studios theme park which are all part of the alternative development plan which the government is supporting to provide an alternative source of income to the country thinking in a similar pattern with the UAE (read h e r e).
The development of the project has already opened 35,000 new jobs and this number is expected to rise when the casino and all the other recreational services will be fully operational; statements from the local government has stated that the project is expected to boost the domestic product growth by 1 per cent.

During the last 30 – 40 years, Singapore’s main source of income has been the third party manufacturing industry; but as more and more international companies are seeking for cheaper labor costs in order to develop their products; income is migrating to China and Vietnam.

Bujai's comment: Our Genting Highlands casino is always flocked with Singaporeans on weekends and other public holidays. Perhaps its time for Genting owners to 'let in' more Malaysians whom all this while gamble on 'cruise to nowhere''. We cant stop them, anyway.

My other thought is that, is any of our tycoons, especially those Singapore-related got any interest in the new facility? Lets find out, folks!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

encik, kita ni majoriti negara Islam, sepatutnya bertegas mengharamkan perniagaan berunsur judi, jual arak ke atau perniagaan menjurus kepada berkembangnya maksiat...Lesesn judi patut dibatalkan di Genting.. biar lantaklah Singapore nak bangunkan ekonominya melalui peluang2 yang haram... Sudah tiba masanya kerajaan kita tegas berpandukan 'Alim-Ulama dan gulongan2 yang berilmu agama ISLAM yang dalam memberi nasihat... dari hamba ALLAH yang bebal lagi fakir.

Anonymous said...

Baguslah tu dia bukak casino sendiri.......boleh kot casino kat genting tutup? taklah banyak sangat duit haram masuk kat kerajaan Pahang/Malaysia.