Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our sugar is still very cheap

So many complaints when the government hikes up the price of sugar by 20 sen. Ironically, those complaining are urban folks.

Let's not politicise on this commodity. In many countries where the price of sugar is still much higher than that of ours, they people do understand the reason although only a few countries in world provide subsidies for sugar, and Malaysia is one of it, having to spend about RM1 billion a year to keep its price at bay.

Why must we complaint? Each time when the price of fish or vegetable go up, we just love to complaint without even trying to consider the plight of our fishermen and vegetable farmers. If we can spend a few hundred bucks every nite at entertainment outlets, is there a basis to avoid 50 sen toll gates and 50 sen/hour parking fee?

Actually, we are the ones who practise a lot of double-standards, dont you agree? As being well-educated and living in big cities and towns, everything about the government and its agencies are considered absurd. Why? Because we will be imposed penalty tickets if we fail to obey the parking meters.

If we go by logic, is it still possible to maintain the price of a cup of coffee at 15 sen in the 70s today? Do we really understand what demand and supply is?

We have to be fair to the manufacturer and sugarcane planters as well. Just like the fishermen and farmers, we only expect them to provide us with our daily needs without even thinking about their fate at sea and high lands.

If our sugar price is high, our friends across the border wont come flocking our groceries for it. Similarly, there wont be any sugar smugglers along the common border with Thailand.

Why dont we ever appreciate it when the price of other commodities such as rubber and palm oil go up? Dont you think it benefits the country and us as well?


hashim chonel said...


Sugar is not a necessity. Actually, we Asian consume a lot of sugar as compared to the other continents in the world.

So, why must people complain when the government reduce subsidizing sugar. Please reduce your sugar intake, reduce drinking teh tarik, if the mamak increase the price of teh tarik, what the big deal.

Well,when compared purely with the price of sugar in Singapore and Thailand, they are higher.

Ooi, u all minum teh tarik ke minum cappuccino? You can spend 10 buck for expresso in Starbucks mahu complain 20 sen increase of sugar, patut ke?

ShokorBotak said...


Bila KAIN naik mereka tak bising pun....

miss kritis said...

bujai my sugar,

i agree totally with you. all this while the people who like to complaint are those living comfortably.

you are right that they never consider the hardship of people who provide them with food, especially the rice farmers

Anonymous said...

double standard already exist long time ago. the rich only know how to complaint while the poor keep on struggling

kulup ludin said...

kerajaan sebenarnya bertanggungjawab. yang tak bertanggungjawab ialah mereka yang menyorok gula dan barangan lain dengan harapan harganya naik.

mungkin kenaikan 20sen ni ada kaitan dengan perbuatan sedemikian.

memang kerajaan berbelanja besar untuk kesenangan rakyat, cuma sesetengah rakyat, terutama yang bukan melayu saja banyak merungut itu dan ini







bujai said...


kau cakap apa ni? lain macam je arahnya...

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you. We have no issue with the rising of sugar price, but why do it now especially when the company is sold to the one of the riches in the country?

Furthermore, the rise of sugar will have significant impact of the price index of other good and can government ensure that others commodity do not increase price? No, the government can not control instead asking the consumers not to frequent the shoplet that increase their prices. This is a bit unfair to others poor Malaysia.

Let's look at it from others angle, yes, perhaps Malaysian are living too comfortably. Thus they cry about the increase in price, But it could also means that those who do not complain about the price increase are in fact 'Living even more comfortably", don't you think so? For a middle income or high income earners, a 20 cents increase is actually NOT much, even if it leads to the increase in price of others commodities, but for lower income group, it is a lot.

Learn from the past, look at how the petrol price increase which leads to an extensive increase of price of commodities, it affected so many people, not just car driver but also motorcycle riders, they can't even get pump full tank in few dollars. I would have no problem if the government enforce the company to increase our salary by 20% due to increase in petrol pric, I will be more than happy for government to increase any commodities price. I guess you must be very rich to say 20 cent increase is not much even with the chain effect taking place...god bless..

Steven Seagal