Monday, January 25, 2010

The legacy of 'King Ghaz'

King Ghaz has left us... and I agree with Datuk Najib for the memoirs of Tun Ghazali Shafie be compiled.

He was perhaps the best and most powerful foreign minister Malaysia ever had. His dictation over the world issues then was to the envious of many, including foreign diplomats.

I was a young reporter in the early 1980s when I first took the assignment to cover one of his events. During that time, the press conference at Wisma Putra was all about the Vietnamese boat people and their 'Hai Hong'.

King Ghaz was addressing the Press in English as the PC was also attended by foreign journalists. Q & A was also in English. About 50 people were there.

I didnt ask him anything. However, a Malay reporter sitting next to me asked him this: "How do we extinguish between the Vietnamese boat people from the economic refugees, Datuk?"

The floor suddenly exploded with laughter when someone at the back shouted: "Oi! Use the fire extinguisher laaaar!" Nope, I dont blame him, neither did King Ghaz who answered the question well (which appeared on the front page of all dailies the next day).

The reporter is now one of the senior editors at a Bahasa daily.

AL-FATIHAH, semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas tokoh istimewa ini.... Amin!


reporter 90an said...


bujai, siapa reporter tu?

ntah2 bos aku sekarang ni...

memang siot!

tapi kan, walaupun aku tak pernah jumpa king ghaz, akku tabek kat dia


Anonymous said...

yeap! compile... compile... compile.

anybody compiling anything about pak lah? he was our prime minister too what!

Anonymous said...

aku rasa macam aku tau je siapa mamat fire extinguisher ni.

apa pun, elok buat silap sebab ia akan mejadikan kita lebih baik pda masa depan.

al fatihah untuk ghazali shafie