Monday, January 18, 2010

Kali - 'berkali-kali' richer!

Why do some bloggers and the media suddenly show a lot of interest in former media boss Kalimullah? He and me used to be together at NSTP during the 80s... we were buddies (those were the days).

Of late, he took centrestage in media coverage. Bloggers find it a must to at least write a few lines about this tycoon. It draws my interest, too to scribe something about him. If what I write is wrong, then its wrong. If its otherwise, then it is based on informations I have.

The topic - how rich is Kali?

Informations I get shows he is worth RM3 billion. It could be slightly less than that but it is possible for the figure to be more. His stable comprises well-known conglomerates and public-listed companies. He is either the single largest shareholder or the rightful owner of all.

Most fascinating is the news that one of his companies was awarded a RM1 billion worth of contract by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) during the previous regime. As to whether other people enjoy some sidekicks out of it, we dont know (not just yet). However, its obvious that he was not alone.

Some parties have been accusing him of being the 'man behind the scene' for the Malaysian Insider, of which he strongly denied but some people say he simply 'back off' when the matter was revealing.

Then came the news that he (which he also denied in The Star) is harbouring blogger RPK in one of his apartment in London. Also, the denial about his meeting with Anwar Ibrahim in London which was brought up by MP Puad Zarkashi last week.

His flat at 20, Trinity Court in Gloucester Terrace, London comes under a familiar name Helinna Hanum Dadameah and is estimated be worth 450,000 British pound, fully-paid on 17 April 2007. How much is that in our ringgit?

I am not sure whether it is the same apartment RPK is 'taking refuge' now but indications are that Kali does not own only a single property in UK. However, it is his money and business. The only question is how did he manage to shoot up in a short span of time under Pak Lah? Could anybody answer that?

Another burning question is another person who seems to be acting as one of his nominees or an alternate director in some of his companies - Shaik Aqmal bin Shaik Allauddin. Some say that Aqmal is very much related to his wife.

I am envious of him. Unfortunately I dont know how to move around like him, taking opportunity and exploiting circumstances.

P/S Lets read more after this... (I'm actually tired thinking about other peoples' money)


Anonymous said...


Emmm, when I was working in the banking sector, i always wonder, where all this people get their money, for example, a daughter of Pengarah JPJ negeri has a fixes deposit of Rm500,00-00 whilst she is only an officer in the bank.

Then there is a wife of a political secretary, who suddenly become millionair overnight owning shares in the bank I work and she is an executive but earning more than AVP of the bank.

I always wonder, no matter who become the minister, some crony@ proxy will become rich....

So, why not we become proxy of somebody and sell our soul to the demon to become

Now, something is brewing In Petronas, Felda, tabung haji...., hai Satu Malaysia is still the same...

Pertaining to Kali, well Tun M has kicked this fella out but KJ and the gang bring him in. Wahat say u, still supporting Khairy?

Anonymous said...

he he he. another rich malay guy at the expense of other malay guy(s). but then, his luck. should i be envious, yeah. should i be angry,yeah!
the burning question is "did he get it legally and ethically" or " is it just another day light robber". These are questions only god knows. so which came to one conclusion.
unless i know GOD and can even get a free ticket to heaven, then i must not jump conlcusions to figure out where he get the money. stereotype answer would be

Anonymous said...

You should focus on developing hot can, JAI.... I'm sure Coke will like it... heck everybody LOVES a hot COKE.

Super K Buy Me.

the saint said...

kali's is well known for his ability to turn possibility into opportunity, and from opportunity into fortune.

he has been able to carry himself well throughout the years by rubbing shoulders with top politicians and leading businessmen. even when he was a journalist, he managed to secure a small contract from the government.

when he left ghafar baba as his press sec, he started to befriend anwar ibrahim, abdullah badawi and daim zainuddin and others in dr mahathir's cabinet. that made him looked like a cracker to some people outside.

he tried his level best to win the heart of the inner circle, thus paving the way for a few politicians and businessmen to appoint him as their proxy or alternate director in some companies.

that's how he came into the corporate picture. when he was at bernama, he tried positioning himself as the leader in media industry... and he got it.

back at the nstp after his good friend abdullah ahmad badawi became prime minister, replacing dr mahathir who hated him so much for his dirty politicis and tactics in winning government contracts. dr mahathir chided him over his arrogance when kali was at nstp.

kali is smart and sleek. he made full use of pak lah's son-in-law khairy jamaluddin or kj who many believe benefited handsomely from kali for helping him out. however, many also believe kj has never been a business partner to kali as the tycoon only took him for a free ride. although many accusations were made against kj, none came out with a single evidence. so, kj is made a victim of cicumstances.

kali made good fortune during paklah's cabinet, among which are ecm-libra, air asia and also masterskill nursing college. we dont exactly know how many companies he got but sources said it would be up to 50, including some overseas.

this ex-singaporean was also accused of being a cia agent, of which he denied strongly. however, there are proof of his meeting with some of those 'agents' in singapore and london.

kali is not helping malaysians. most of his money is kept in overseas banks, just like the indonesian chinese who never kept their money in local financial institutions. greedy enough, kali is also financing a web portal the malaysian insider. although he denied it, indications were pointing to him as being the 'tauke' behind it.

dato sri najib govermment should do something about it. cut any opportunity with all kali's companies and stop existing projects with him. he is a selfish person and he never loved malaysia like we do. what he has been doing all this while is to make use of certain peoples and then leave them for good, as had been in kj case.

he is not truly a malaysian!

Anonymous said...

good la if he is rich. if he is not rich, he will still be a pain in the ass of najib govt

chiput said...



ubatgegat said...

beruntung la raja petra, dapat duduk london, apartmen mewah, semuanya ditanggung beres.

aku pun nak berkawan dengan kalimullah macam ni.

bro, lu ada nombor fon dia?

bujai said...

anon 10.26

i will still support kj until u or others come with evidence that he is also someone like kali like many say.


so far, non of those who made accusation has come forward. if you can produce one single evident about kj, i will be the first journalist and blogger to hammer him nicely!

mark my words!

thanks pal

bujai said...

anon 1:33

hot can managed to secure financial assistance from abroad as our govt and its agencies MEMANG TAK GUNA!

it takes foreign banks to recognise the potential of a malaysian business.

thanks god anyway

kissinger said...

oiiii melayu!

apa la lu bising pasal kali ni. dia ni dulu kawan baik lu.

apsal lu tibai dia sekarang? dia tak hulur apa2 ke?

kenapa dia kaya, lu tanya la kumpulan yang pernah bantu dia dulu

apa la lu!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


saya bangga dengan Kali sebab dia pandai makan pandai simpan atau... dia pandai menguruskan wang ber kerja untuk dia bukan sebalik nya.
Bukan ramai melayu yang berbakat macam dia.

Masaalah nya sekarang apa objective nya? Ada kah dia bersama geng baik atau geng jahat. Selalu nya jika berpehak dengan geng jahat ia tidak selamat dan berkeka lan.

Semua negara ada agen, negara ini pun mesti ada. Untuk memantau segala2 nya. Termasuk lah kes2 ma cam ni..hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Alamak, hot can daa dapat duit kah... isss isss issh... kaya le ko bujai.

House PK said...

Sudahlah lu Jai, tak habis2 nak menjilat si Kj tu, dah kena kencing dengan dia pun kau tak sedar lagi ke?

Jai takkan kau nak tunggu sampai KJ berak atas kepala kau baru nak percaya yang dia tu memang GAMPANG KOT?

he he he...bertaubatlah JAI!

Orang Kaya Baru said...


Nak kerja la... jangan asyik mengumpat. Kalau kau orang ada contact macam Kali pun, kau orang sure kaya gila.... itupun kalau pandai gunakan peluang la...

donplaypuks® said...

Let's first clear this.

Is Kali a M'sian citizen or a Singapore citizen with M'sian PR?

Anyone know for sure?

Remember we had the same problem with the (in?)famous Rashid Hussain of RHB? Perhaps KJ can clear the air?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race