Monday, January 4, 2010

F5E - no top involvement?

Let's make it simple. We dont need an Einstein brain to balance this fact. Our AG says no senior Mindef officials were involved in the F5E engine scandal.

He adds that low ranking officials might have been involved.
By simple logic, such a major transaction needs full authority from the top. No low-ranking official can easily take it in his own hand.

Furthermore, this is the Armed Forces we are talking about.
Even to purchase A4 papers needs endorsement from the right personnel. Any purchase of trucks and other military equipment MUST get prior approval. Who has the upper hands in this?

We have heard many government letterheads got smuggled out from various ministries and agencies. The culprit is of course people inside this offices. Its a small matter, I suppose.

However, this is a jetfighter engine weighing a few tons. How do you smuggle it out of the camp or from the maintenance lot? Should any low-ranking officials take it out, many would question it - who's directive? This is not A4 paper!

Who actually issued order for the engine to go to service? Who signed the invoice or related documents? Why was there not a single member of the 'inner circle' noticed that the engine is gone two years later? How did the engine find its way to Uruguay? By air? By sea?

Who was the person at the port or airport giving a 'pass' for such an 'export'? Someone with authority must be involved. Otherwise, how to carry out such an operation?

Yes, let us leave it to Bukit Aman to investigate but the burning question still hovers around who was actually involved. If not top personnels are involved, there must be links. Or... will there be another Razak Baginda?


Alimor Sipon said...

It was an organised and planned smuggle of jet engine out of M'sia. Many personnel were involved - bukan kerja satu dua orang.

Anonymous said...

gua setuju dengan si sipon ni.

takkan la pegawai pangkat rendah boleh buat suka ati. nak kentut pun kena mintak izin, inikan pulak nak jual jet!

moon kidal said...



Anonymous said...

Malayasia menpunyai Pasukan Pertahanan dan angota Askar yang cekap dan luar biasa kebijaksanaanya.Kalau anggota bawahan dah bolih menjual Enjin Jet pejuang tanpa dapat dikesan bagaimana pula agaknya kepintaran pegawai atasan askar kita,mungkin mereka dapat menjual KSU,Menteri Pertahanan dan mengadai Negara Malaysia tanpa sebarang masalah.
Peguam Negara perlu berhati2 nanti anda juga kena jual.

hashim chonel said...


In principle, the Chief of RMAF should be responsible fully on these issue. He should tender his resignation by virtue delineation of duties. BTW the value of the asset is quite substantial, I wonder will the authority confiscated the asset of those involved under money laundering act.....

Anonymous said...

Why not possible. After 50 years, many people are very good in this kind of operation. Even junior officer learn from their senior to do these things. Remember a senior very senior officer says that this is only the tip of an iceberg. That means that about RM 1 Billion could worth of equipments and spare parts could have gone missing over the years. Whether small fish or big fish, all should be charged with treason if they are guilty.

somboon cheanswaths said...

Actually we have to believe the AG when he says only low raking personnel were involved. For how can we cast aspersion against the powers that be who rule the military. Based on this we must also not accuse our military, police force, customs and immigration of wrong doing for they have taken an oath to serve the country to the utmost of their ability. So it couldn't be them. And since you bring up this Razak Baginda thingy, you absolutely sure that there were such engines in the first place. Go check again. Maybe the records of the planes coming into the country had been erased. Better still, the record of the plane ever been manufactured had also been erased.

I just know 2010 is going to be a wonderful year. If the statement by the AG is anything to go by, we would be laughing all the way to 2011 or December 2012 when the world is predicted to come to an end. And you know what, the end of the world now just doesn't seem to be a bad thing. And for all who believe in Judgement Day, I certainly hope to be present when these SOBs go before their Maker (sorry, since I am not a Muslim and pending the King's approval, the word Allah is taboo for a kafir to use). Which also makes me wish I am now living in Communist China. This thing would have been so easily solved with bullet to the base of the skull.

Anonymous said...

m'sian purchased this jet f5E sometime 30yrs back, the price during that was RM2 miliion each.

how they could sell at RM50million each, tell me?? or just another rpk. huhuhu....

bujai said...
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Anonymous said...

harga sebuah jet ketika dibeli ialah kira-kira rm25 juta kalau tak silap.

takkan la sebuah enjin harganya rm50 juta sekarang ni?

mengarut la semua ni

Anonymous said...

either AG or bloggers, we should be careful in our statements.