Thursday, December 31, 2009


WISHING YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR, best wishes and good tidings for next year.

Time really flies. I hope to be 50 next year (Insya-Allah), just like A Voice and others whom I came to know on the blogs. Bru will be a year junior (betul ke?) although he doesnt looks ageing.

A lot of pleasant and unpleasant events took place in 2009. Most to be remembered is of course (apart from Altantuya's haunting) the F5E scandal. I spoke to a few senior officials of Mindef and they believed a few top guns will be hooked later on.

Nik Aziz wraps up his 2009 by his 'celaka' remarks which drawn attention of the masses. A respectable ulama, too may lose his head when he was attacked by bloggers. Otherwise, he's a 'nice' person, if not to others, to me...

A series of by-elections which saw BN carded only 2 wins was another political window needs to be addressed by our leaders. And then, came the No.1 hit that jolted the judiciary - it seems that all decisions by the High Court can be reversed at the Court of Appeal.

Anwar-Saiful remedy will goes on next year. The medical findings that nothing has penetrated Saiful's backside was quite interesting as it gives Anwar Ibrahim a wider window to breathe.

The MCA saga is subsiding but much needs to be done to bring about stability to the BN component party. Umno, too must not feel relaxed as there are already signs of revolt in some divisions.

PAS, DAP and Keadilan are also having problems. However, come to think about it, lu punya pasal la!

Still, Malaysia is the best country to live in. Its so colorful, much colorful than the rainbow itself. (Rainbow is a popular 70s rock group which, among others, has Ritchie Blackmore of the Deep Purple as a member. Also recorded the song 'Rainbow' in their first album, a nice one).

We have too much things to expect in 2010. Can we name the best 10 politicians by then? Can we look forward to another hard time should the world economy doesnt improve significantly.

Anyway, CHEERS and SALAM!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Congrats, boys!

The long wait (20 years) is finally over. I personally would like to congratulate our young soccer players for their superb performance in the football final match against Vietnam, winning 1-0 for the SEA Games gold.

Perhaps it was the best Malaysian soccer ever played overseas in two decades, thus erasing the bad and sour episode of 'dull and boring' local football which has frustrated many Malaysians since the 1980s.

Against all odds, you may call it but that's what our young heroes are! We have good local coach and an internationally-localised strategies that saw them to the finals.

Perhaps we should also congratulate the people at the FAM as well but the Association should be revamped as not to damper our hopes of enhancing the soccer standard.

Too much politics is not good. An association must concentrate on how to bring about galore to sports and not engaging self vested interest in it.

Again, our football standard has to be sustained and further improved, The youngsters have shown it. They fought for it and they deserved the win... and what was promised to them before they left for Vientiane.

Keep it up, boys!