Sunday, August 30, 2009

Muntadar was never 'kurang ajar'

The Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at George Bush late last year will be freed as early as next month or a few days into Syawal (Hari Raya) celebration.

Muntadar al-Zaidi, 28, was said to have no previous criminal record and has shown strong discipline during the 3-year imprisonment got after the December 14, 2008 outburst which gained the world's attention.
Most Iraqis and journalists all over hailed him as a hero. Soon after his arrest, thousands of people took to the streets of Baghdad and other cities to show support for him and demanded his release.

The former US President who was visiting Iraq towards the end of his tenure at the White House, got just 'the right' message from a young Iraqi who saw how his country was ruined and devastated when Bush sent his army to invade the country in 2003.

It was only more than a decade later the US realised its mistake for 'evading the wrong country' under its 'anti-terrorism' campaign - introduced after Sept 11 2001 - which saw Saddam Hussein and his senior aides got hanged, about 50,000 Iraqi includins women and children perished in US military offensive.

What Muntadar did was a surprise but it took someone like him to force such a leader to his knees for his blatant move and atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I remember covering the Palestinian 'intifidah' in south Lebanon in 1989 where about 300 foreign journalists, including those of the non-Muslim, joined them as a gesture towards peace and stability.

Here in Malaysia, I could sense the situation could lead to such a 'kurang ajar' episode if the government is not careful in its policy implementations. Former deputy premier Tun Musa Hitam (correct me if I am wrong) used to say that in order to correct and straighten things, we sometimes need to be 'kurang ajar'...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

When a party president gets so powerful...

Ong Tee Keat and his Central Committee has sacked deputy president Chua Soi Lek over his sex-scandal which rocked Malaysian politics last year. However, he was permitted to contest and no.2 post and won.

A party president is so powerful in Malaysia. Look what happened to PPP when Kayveas sacked Senator T. Murugiah recently for trying to 'topple' him. Samy Velly did almost the same thing to Subramaniam and his followers who were accused of wanting to 'bring him down'.

So powerful they are!

It applies in Umno, too. Long ago, Tengku Abdul Rahman sacked Dr Mahathir over his 'Malay Dilemma'. If not for the late Tun Razak, Dr M would not have made it to the party presidency and prime minister.

In MCA, the parting eposide between Ong and Chua started right from day one both won their respestive party positions. Ong want somebody else to become his deputy, not Chua whom he described as a 'pain in the arse'.

Politics need teaming, I suppose. I have observed this in Umno and other parties, including those in Sarawak and Sabah. If one does not come under the boss favor (stop talking about being a good person and doing good jobs), out he goes.

So, Chua. Maybe you could consider joining your other clan brother Chua Jui Meng who opted for Parti Keadilan Rakyat two months ago... or thinking about a splinter group, just like Gerakan and MCA about 30 years ago... or selling VCDs and other business?

Come to think about it, having parties like PKR, DAP and others are also good. Politics are dirty, alrite but so many people are after it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another defeat, again and again and again...

As expected, Pas retains the Permatang Pasir state seat with a reduced majority of 4551 compared with 5433 in the previous general election.

In a series of defeats, something was not right about BN strategy. Now that they cant boast the reduced majority as had been the case in Manek Urai, nothing seemed to change in the mindset of the voters.

Pas candidate Mohd Salleh Man, whom some BN leaders described 'not the best choice' has proven one thing when he defeated Rohaizat Othman - its not the candidate but the PARTY!

The voters understood very well that Pas has no say in the Federal Government, that the Islamic party was going against all odds during the one-week campaigning period. BN was the loudest in making usual promises to undertake what it could to enhance the peoples' standard of living.

Everywhere they go, that's BN basic strategy - trying to woo voters by telling them that the Opposition were trying to complicate their lifes, and that Pas or PKR or DAP have got no substance to lead a country.

This is just a by-election, some may say. You win some, you lose some but when you tend to lose all the times, what does that imply?

When you flocked the constituent with so many Cabinet ministers and leaders of all sort, you were giving the impression that you have got the power to everything, even to build a golden bridge across the Penang Straits.

And again, you boast too much about winnng without taking into account the sensitivites of the locals. It wasnt the new road, bridge, houses or other facilites that they want. All they care is a government which is accessible for them.

Looking at the ministers and the team today, they are not very friendly. The officers around them are the proud lots. For instance, when Datuk Seri Najib was Deputy Prime Minister, a few of his officials were easy to reach on the mobile. However, when Najib became No.1, they wont entertain you, unless you make an appointment with their PAs.

In other words, the gap between government servants and the rakyat gets wider. Everything has to be on official note. If you cannot get an appointment to see them, dont try to wait at their house.

In Permatang Pasir, the people have been living comfortably under different state governments. They realised that BN or no BN, they can only elevate their living at their own will and accord.

When they were under BN, where were their representatives then? Nothing much was done and their reps only came back once in a while from the island, not to sit down with his voters but to rest at home with his gang.

Do you know what's the different between a Pas and a BN rep? A Pas Adun will always come in his 'kain pelikat' and 'baju Melayu' and will join people from all walks of life at the warongs. As for the BN rep, he would be accompanied by at least 4 or 5 bodyguards, clad in expensive attire and a luxury car. Sorry, no warong, please!

I have seen (also in my constituency, Masjid Tanah, Melaka), a BN Adun for less than two years already have 2 Merc and a BMW 5-serie, a just-completed bungalow and a few foreign maids.

"Rakyat didahulukan" should make the government more rakyat-oriented, not to orientate the rakyat!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pmtg Pasir: Mainstream media has to be careful

Two more days to polling. I believe the voters in Permatang Pasir are ready. The announcement of Lunas assemblyman to quit PKR did not have any impact on the minds of the voters. To them, it was just another political gimmick although BN chief Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the decision had nothing to do with Umno or Barisan Nasional.

Let's see...

However, after several by-elections, I notice a trend among the TV stations and mainstream newspapers to play their old, silly game again and again. Be careful... you people were part to be blame for the series of BN defeats in previous by-elections.

I attributed most of the defeats to the way heads of pro-government TV stations and newspapers strategised their propaganda in helping out the ruling party. However, instead of such help, they 'helped' the Opposition to win instead.

Hey... I was with the media for a long time. I know how they work and manipulate events. General elections and by-elections are of no exception. They wanted the BN to win (and so do I) but their 'belittling' approach eventually gave them no result.

In Permatang Pasir, the people are blased at how TV3 and RTM launch an offensive against Pas and Pakatan Rakyat.

"Ceghita lama, bang. Kami dah naik meluat dengan cara depa. Kami pun sokong BN jugak tapi cagha TV3, RTM dan akhbaq macam NST, Berita Harian dan Utusan hentam pembangkang, tak patut la. Lar ni bulan posa. Biaq la kita buat cagha elok, bersih. Ni pun boleh buat pengundi jadi kasian kat depa (pembangkang). Btoi la pembangkang pun dua kali lima tapi depan tadak stesen TV..."

Well... the campaign goes on amid Ramadhan entering its second day. I dont anything to add to this posting but as usual, I would like to give a reminder - a few BN speakers are not fit for the campaigning.

I was the bureau chief of a newspaper during the 90s and I stayed somewhere here, in Permatang Pasir. Before Pas took control of the constituent in the last four general elections, it has always been an Umno stronghold.

But something changed the mindset of the people here. You may ask this question to BN Aduns who used to serve the constituent - pasai apa depa berubah?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It wont work, YAB!

1Malaysia is good. The moves to unite all Malaysians are also good. Efforts toward racial integration and national understanding must be fully-supported.

However, sorry... I am against any plan to scrap the BANGSA identity requirement on MyKad or any identification forms. It wont work.

Have you ever seen the Indonesian identification card, known as KTP? All particulars are there, except race.

Then you may find those with the names Ahmad, Budi, Heryanto or Patrick can either be Muslim, Christian or Buddha. Not easy to distinguish their religion by their name. Thats what 'One Indonesia' is all about.

Now that you want to practise it here, you better be careful. The next time you see someone in songkok selling 'haram' things by the roadside, dont simply arrest him. He could be a Christian.

Some years ago, former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad used to say that such an idea was not going to work for multi-racial Malaysia. We dont want to end up like Indonesia where all races became Indons.

In much cases, the Indonesian courts failed to resolved any issue pertaining to claims made by the people, especially land title.

If we endorse similar ideas to Malaysians, one of these days we may bump into a black claiming to be Malaysian-Chinese or a white who claims to be a Malay.

Think about it, bro...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kempen Jalur Gemilang sepi...

Selepas Perdana Menteri melancarkan kempen kibarkan Jalur Gemilang di Putrayaja pada 11 Ogos lalu, saya hanya nampak beberapa buat kereta persendirian dan lori yang menyahut panggilan itu.

Yang anehnya, pusat pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan di Putrajaya pun tidak kelihatan kenderaan yang mengibarkan bendera negara.

Kenderaan rasmi kementerian dan agensi lain juga belum ada yang mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang. Hari Kemerdekaan hanya tinggal lebih kurang dua minggu tetapi semangat patriotisme rakyat Malaysia seolah-olah makin luntur.

Jika kakitangan awam sendiri, terutama menteri dan ketua jabatan sendiri mengambil sikap acuh tak acuh, tidak hairanlah orang lain akan mengambil sikap yang sama.

Keadaan amat berbeza pada zaman 80-an dan 90-an. Ketika itu kempen sebegini dilancarkan sebulan sebelum Hari Merdeka. Sambutannya di kalangan rakyat berbilang kaum amat meriah dan membanggakan.

Adakah zaman Pak Lah dan Najib sudah menghakis semangat itu, lebih-lebih lagi apabila wujudnya suasana politik baru yang menjadikan rakyat Malaysia lebih kritikal terhadap seruan kerajaan dan pada waktu yang sama memandang sepi akan betapa pentingnya memupuk semangat patriotik di kalangan mereka?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Its an epidemic!

With 44 deaths so far, the government should declare H1N1 or swine flu an epidemic. Its worse than one could imagine.

The number of fatality is closing to that of 53 in the Philippines and 68 in Thailand. Without comprehensive efforts to contain it, things may get out of control, especially when people start to panic and begin to flock government and private hospitals and clinics.

The directive by the government for general and private hospitals to attend to such patients, is good. However, the minister did not give guidelines as to how the charges at private hospitals and clinics can be reduced or waived as most of the people infected are from the middle and low-income brackets.

In the meantime, we cannot dismiss the fact that most of those infected by the disease were victims of circumstances, many of them live in the cities and crowded places.

The possibility of us contracting the virus is high in KL, Penang, Johor Bahru, Malacca, Ipoh and other populated areas. To bar the people from going out to work, schools and other places will not be the right option.

However, the risk is highest when we take the aeroplanes, trains, LRT and Putra-LRT, ERL, Monorail, public buses and ferry. Going to crowded places like the markets, shopping centres and cinemas will not guarantee anything unless you put on the mask.

Unfortunately, the price of surgical mask is on the rise due to high demand. From RM1 previously, you may now purchase it at between RM4 and RM10 as pharmacies and shopowners take advantage in making quick bucks.

The government must look into this too. If the situation worsens, government hospitals and clinics should give away the mask for free.

Educating the public alone is not sufficient. The methods of monitoring our entry points at airports, ports and the border should be intensified. We used to go all out to fight denggue fever and this time around, the burden is heavier.

Of course we cannot stop the people from taking a ride on buses, LRT or trains but we could at least ensure them of their health precautionary. Get them to wear the mask, even if they go to the wet market.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Govt to takeover Bernama TV at RM1

AHHAAA!!! Latest news is that, the government has offered to takeover Bernama TV at RM1. Liabilities stood at RM15.8 million to be exact (thanks to an informer... you are really a darling).

It was an option given by Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Datuk Seri Rais Yatim to the synergy which owns the station.

However, the synergy's boss Datuk Suhaimi was discontented with the offer and was pressing the government for some 'compensations'. What is there to compensate?

Someone told me that he even sought helps from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Some believe he was asking for a few million ringgit as a pre-requisite to pass on the baton to the government. Or was it meant to bail him out?

It appeared that DPM sent out a letter to Rais which prompted the latter to issue a directive to Bernama to call back all its staffs attached to Bernama TV, take all facilities 'on loan' to the Station, including newsfeeds.

If not, Bernama has been asked to request Telekom to cut off all lines to Bernama TV! What an interesting episode!

Now that many parties are also putting the blame on Annuar Zaini and Azman Ujang, its time for the Ministry to reconsider their positions as they were autonomous in most of the decision-makings.

- also read Wee Choo Keong's The gross mismanagement of Annuar Zaini...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

They did not make just one Nordin Mat Top

Indonesia claimed victory over the killing of one of Asia's most notorious terrorist Nordin Mat Top and four of his aides.

In Pakistan, the government said the death of Taliban leader Baitullah Masoud and 40 of his followers was yet another victory in its American-led war against terrorism. Washington, too, was proud that the killing of Masoud was a tribute to its continous assault against 'the agents of terror'.

Barack Obama, in a statement said the it marked a new chapter of 'victorious effort' in combating terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan, saying it 'will demoralise' Taliban and its gangs to carry out their pursuit.

The two events (if its true that Nordin and Masoud are dead) were indeed an achivement, not only for Indonesia, Pakistan and the US but to the whole world which had seen various forms of attacks being carried out on the Western interests. Indonesia was not spared.

In Pakistan, the acts of terror had claimed almost 1,000 lives since the last 24 months. Indonesia, too was shattered by a series of bombings in Bali and Jakarta - all on foreign-owned hotels - since 2002 which claimed more than 400 lives.

The question - will they stop?

The answer is simple - NO!

Why? As long as American foreign policy harbors negative perception on non-whites and contains elements of anti-Islam, the 'war' against them will go on. Obama himself, while pursuing diplomatic efforts to win the hearts of Muslims by despatching Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Indonesia and some Muslim countries, still failed to repair his approaches.

In Iraq, suicidal bombers are still rampant. Since January, about 1,200 people (mostly Iraqis) were killed, mostly in the prominently car-bomb attacks. The hatred towards the presence of Yankee soldiers has reached its unbearable degree.

The same situation is happening in Afghanistan where majority of the people are blased with the American and Western soldiers who dictate their lifes. The Taliban will not be demoralised, for sure and the war will rage on.

In the Middle East, the bloody Israel-Palestinian conflict sees no future. As usual, the US only apply a little presure on Tel Aviv as not to continue its settlement plan on the Palestinian soil. In other words, there is somehow a 'soft permitting' from the US for all illegal moves made by the Israelis.

Iran, too is feeling the heat from US and British intervention in its politics. The victory by President Ahmadinijad in the recently concluded presidential election was marred by pro-democratic street protests, which is affecting the Iranian economy.

Obama's threat to launch military attacks on Iran was not only met with criticism from the Muslim world but from some of his strongest allies in the Middles East like Saudi Arabia and the Egypt.

It doesnt stop just there. North Korea, too is under tremendous pressure to halt its nuclear and ballistic missile programme which was seen as threatening the region's stability. Pyongyang said it will not put an end to the programme unless the United Nations lift all sanctions imposed on it.

In 'neutralising' what is termed as 'terrorism', the key grip is in Obama hands. As long as the American foreign policy fails to recognise the legitimate rights of other countries (in accordance to the UN Charter), the world will not stop from watching political conflict turns regional terrorism.

The death of few terrorist leaders will not affect their onslaught. The death of LTTE leader Vellupilai Prabhakaran did not put an end to their 'fight' for an autonomous Tamil state in northern Sri Lanka. Now that a new leader has emerged (was he really in Malaysia?), Sri Lanka will definitely brace for a new challenge.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

August 6 this year marks the 64th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

It serves not only as a reminder of the destruction wrought by nuclear weapons but as a time to renew the global commitment to rid the world of this deadly scourge.

Some say the goal of a world free of nuclear weapons is impossible, and that security can be achieved only by acquiring nuclear weapons, as mentioned by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony in Japan.

“Yet we are witnessing today a cascade of new and powerful ideas for security through the elimination of nuclear weapons,” he said in a message delivered by UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Sergio Duarte. “All nuclear-weapon States officially support this goal.”
Its time for all humanity to support the “sensible and achievable” goal of building a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons. “Let us each do our part in this common journey – and thereby ensure that there will be no more victims such as those we honour today.”

Last October Ban launched a five-point plan to achieve the goal of a nuclear-weapon-free world, which contains practical steps the international community can take.

More recently, he launched the “WMD-WeMustDisarm” multimedia campaign, kicking off a 100-day countdown to next month’s observance of the International Day of Peace, which this year focuses on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.

We must admit that 64 years later, the gruesome reality of atomic destruction has lost none of its power to inspire grief and terror – and righteous anger.

We cannot, have not, and will not succeed in eliminating the danger of nuclear weapons being used again, unless and until we have eliminated nuclear weapons from the face of the earth and until we have placed the capacity for making those weapons under reliable and lasting international control.

The whole world understand that this is a tall order, full of technical and political complexities, yet if all nations are to keep faith with the victims and survivors of the first nuclear terror, we must resolve, here and now, to take convincing action to begin working toward the explicit goal of complete nuclear disarmament.

The anniversary of the 1945 nuclear attacks on Hiroshima (6 August) and Nagasaki (9 August) was also marked by the UN Conference on Disarmament – the world’s sole multilateral forum for disarmament negotiations – which is currently meeting in Geneva.

Let's pray for the victims... and our future...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Set up an inquiry on Bernama TV!

The government should set up an inquiry into Bernama TV losses which led to its decision to 'temporarily suspend' its operation on August 1.

With losses amounting to RM24 million (some put it at between RM14 million and RM25 million), the government should look into how the management failed to recognise factors which may be disasterous to its operations.

Its chairman, Annuar Zaini, general manager Azman Ujang and the company secretary are those responsible in Bernama TV daily operation.

Bernama TV Synergy is a joint venture between Bernama Bhd (33 per cent), Silver Ridge (Multimedia) Bhd (27 per cent), Standard Code Sdn Bhd (20 per cent) and Hallmark Entertainment Sdn Bhd (20 per cent).

However, the 'small' majority held by Bernama was also another issue which prompted many observers, including the people responsible in its establishment, to question the 'discrepancies' behind its collapse.

Some attributed it to AZ wrongdoings in its money management as it was well understood that he and AU had total control over its operation and that they were autonomous in any decision-making.

"The government should set up a special inquiry, beside asking this people to resign with immediate effect," the said.

I totally agree...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

JJ is our new envoy to the States

My heartiest congratulation to Dato' Seri Jamaludin Jarjis for being appointed our new envoy to the Unites States.

This MP of Rompin, the guy responsible for sending our first astronout to orbit, received his credential from the Yang di-Pertuan Agong at the Istana Negara today.

Unlisted in Datuk Seri Najib's Cabinet lineup, this former senior minister is a man of substance. Dubbed as one of Umno's biggest 'mouths' for his attacks on the Opposition, JJ (as he is prominently known) leaves behind a legacy for inspiring Malaysians to explore the skies and universe.

Many would agree that the government made a right choice in making him our Ambassador to the United States of America, the country many diplomats would want to be for its leading role in almost all international events.

Syabas, JJ. I believe Najib did not want to spare his capability.

Of course, JJ has proven it...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jadikan 1 Ogos HARI PENYANGAK!

Hanya sehari selepas negara menyambut Hari Pahlawan (31 Julai), 1 Ogos pula dicemari tunjuk perasaan yang didalangi penyangak politik dan mereka yang sengaja ingin melihat wujudnya ketidakstabilan di dalam negara. Bertopengkan 'anti-ISA', penyangak ini sebenarnya lebih kepada hasrat ingin menjatuhkan kerajaan yang ada, menghuruharakan negara dan menjahanamkan ekonomi.

Saya memang antara penulis yang sekali-sekala mengkritik kerajaan jika wujudnya unsur yang 'tidak kena' dengan dasar yang ada. Semua rakyat setuju bahawa bukan semua pembaharuan yang dibuat adalah baik belaka. Sebagai manusia, Datuk Seri Najib dan pasukannya tetap ada kelemahan.
Bagaimanapun, saya tidak pernah bertolak dengan isu perpaduan kaum, keamanan dan kesejahteraan rakyat serta kestabilan politik dan ekonomi negara.

Sama ada mereka yang mempelopori tunjuk perasaan 'anti-ISA' di Kuala Lumpur semalam adalah Anwar Ibrahim yang pernah banyak kali duduk semeja dengan saya, atau Hadi Awang yang saya hormati atau Lim Kit Siang, Ahmad Sabu dan yang lain-lain, saya berani berkata bahawa mereka bukanlah pejuang rakyat sebaliknya rakyat Malaysia yang mementingkan diri sendiri dan sanggup berbuat apa saja untuk mencapai hasrat politik masing-masing.

Wujudnya kecenderungan untuk menggugat kestabilan tanah air, menjerumuskan ekonomi negara ke dalam situasi yang sukar diatasi serta memecahbelahkan perpaduan kaum, adalah satu unsur mengapa Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) perlu dikekalkan di Malaysia.

Bertindak atas dasar anti-ISA, mereka inilah yang mendorong kepada sebab kukuh mengapa ISA harus dipelihara di negara ini. Apa yang perlu ialah pindaan ke atas beberapa undang-undang tubuhnya agar ia sesuai dengan keadaan sosiopolitik negara hari ini.

Apa sebenarnya objektif mereka menganjurkan tunjuk perasaan itu sehari selepas Hari Pahlawan, amat mudah ditelah.

Walaupun kerajaan sudah memaklumkan rakyat bahawa pindaan ISA akan dibawa ke Dewan Rakyat tidak lama lagi, mereka sebenarnya ingin memansuhkannya terus atas nama politik terpinggir Pakatan Rakyat. Mereka sendiri tahu bahawa pembubaran ISA akan menjurus kepada wujudnya Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara radikal di rantau ini.

Mereka mahu Malaysia menyertai Thailand, Filipina,Myanmar, Vietnam dan Indonesia di mana undang-undang yang sama seperti ISA tidak wujud langsung. Kerana itulah negara berkenaan sentiasa dicemari tunjuk perasaan, pembunuhan dan jenayah politik yang sukar dibendung.

Thailand sudah 5 kali bertukar Perdana Menteri dalam tempoh 2 tahun. Myanmar masih di takuk lamanya kerana dicengkam oleh rejim kuku besi tentera. Indonesia turut kurang stabil apabila keputusan pilihanraya yang memihak kepada Susilo Bambang Yudhiyono dipertikaikan oleh pembangkang. Vietnam masih bergolak dengan pembunuhan politik manakala Filipina terus dibelenggu isu yang sama.

Di manakah arah tuju rakyat Malaysia jika ISA dimansuhkan, pembunuhan politik berleluasa, ekonomi merudum, keselamatan awam tidak terjamin dan prejudis antara kaum mendorong kepada pergaduhan dan sengketa yang tidak ada penghujungnya?

Saya ingin bertanya kepada Anwar, Hadi, Kit Siang dan yang lain-lain. Inikah sebuah negara Malaysia yang mereka idamkan jika PR membentuk kerajaan pusat? Apakah mereka akan membenarkan perkara buruk ini berlaku di bawah kerajaan yang mereka ingin bentuk? Atau adakah dengan tanpa ISA, mereka akan mengarahkan polis dan tentera menembak saja sesiapa yang membuat huru-hara?

Saya tidak ingin menulis lebih panjang. Cuma saya harap mesej ini akan sampai kepada semua rakyat Malaysia, terutamanya penyangak seperti ini.

Amat sedih melihat bagaimana wanita mengandung, ibu yang mendukung bayi, kanak-kanak dan pelajar digunakan dalam tunjuk perasaan semalam. Saya turut terkilan dengan nasib peniaga di Jln TAR dan sekitar Masjid India yang turut menjadi mangsa perbuatan 'haram' dan tidak bermoral ini.

Saya juga ingin mencadangkan agar 1 Ogos diisytiharkan sebagai HARI PENYANGAK bagi memperingati golongan ini, agar mereka dapat berfikir lebih waras, bukan untuk kepentingan diri sendiri tetapi bagi kebaikan seluruh rakyat Malaysia.