Thursday, December 17, 2009

Congrats, boys!

The long wait (20 years) is finally over. I personally would like to congratulate our young soccer players for their superb performance in the football final match against Vietnam, winning 1-0 for the SEA Games gold.

Perhaps it was the best Malaysian soccer ever played overseas in two decades, thus erasing the bad and sour episode of 'dull and boring' local football which has frustrated many Malaysians since the 1980s.

Against all odds, you may call it but that's what our young heroes are! We have good local coach and an internationally-localised strategies that saw them to the finals.

Perhaps we should also congratulate the people at the FAM as well but the Association should be revamped as not to damper our hopes of enhancing the soccer standard.

Too much politics is not good. An association must concentrate on how to bring about galore to sports and not engaging self vested interest in it.

Again, our football standard has to be sustained and further improved, The youngsters have shown it. They fought for it and they deserved the win... and what was promised to them before they left for Vientiane.

Keep it up, boys!


Anonymous said...

yes , we won the gold & the DJ asked a caller : " did you satisfy the
game ? " ...'yes la!'...alamak !

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Abdul Jalil said...

Jai, where have you been..after quite a long break!! anyway i have same observation with you on our country soccer 'up and down' we have seen our young heroes performed in loas so what next to keep up the momentum..FAM...please bring back our 'super mok' era to the world!
well done our sea games soccer team

Shamsul Yunos said...

I asked KJ's cybertroopers to list just one good thing that he has done for the country and Umno... if you want to read the list they sent (its quite funny, the list - includes crediting KJ for our football gold medal.... crazy or what??) follow the link

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Anonymous said...

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