Friday, November 6, 2009

United Nations is just HOPELESS!

No point barking at the US and Israel, UN! Whatever resolution you pass, it will have to go to the 15-member Security Council as it is the only body with full authority to act.

Members like the United States and Britain will veto the move, as usual. So admit it that you people at the world body is a group of non-relevant officials who only talk and talk but with not action. Afraid Washington and its allies would cut or reduce their financial aids?

The UN yesterday passed a resolution urging the Jewish state and Palestinians to investigate war crimes charges leveled in a controversial report on the Gaza war. This has angered Israel, which however chided the world body that the SC would not dare to sanction it.

Following a two-day debate, 114 countries voted for the resolution with 18 opposed including Israel and its ally the United States while 44 abstained. No country has veto power in the assembly.

The resolution responded to a 575-page report on the Gaza war commissioned by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council, written by a panel led by South African jurist Richard Goldstone and published in September.

The report blasted both sides in the conflict, which killed over 1,300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis, but was harsher toward Israel, which refused to cooperate with Goldstone.

Diplomats said all five veto-wielding permanent Security Council members opposed council involvement, so it was unlikely the 15-nation body - the only UN entity with powers of enforcement - would take action.

Despite European Union aspirations to a common foreign policy, the 27-nation bloc was badly split over the assembly resolution. Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia voted against it.

Ireland, Portugal, Malta, Slovenia and Cyprus voted in favor while others, including Britain and France, abstained.

Most developing countries voted in favor, reflecting sympathy for the Palestinian cause. Muslim states backed the Goldstone report during the assembly debate and called for an end to what they termed Israel's impunity in the Middle East.


guru nanak said...

yes, the un is a hopeless organisation. they are the motherfucker of the international peace!


peace dog said...

to speak about the united nations, countries like malaysia has no role to play. whatever suggestion or proposal to settle any conflict will go down the drain.

the un should abolish the veto system. this is the only way to make it more effective

Anonymous said...

apa guna menyalak bukit?

memang PBB ni dah jadi macam anjing kurang dah, tau menyalak je tapi takda tindakan berani diambil

mijoyo said...

UN is UNwanted

tareeq in KL said...

the un has failed in many aspects, esp with regards to safeguarding the interest of the palestinians, iraqis, afghans and many others.

the office-bearers only know how to enjoy the lavish style of living, having paid hansomely and travelling like no other business.

the un must be revamped actually

Anonymous said...


apa agaknya datuk JJ buat kat washington tu...

somboon cheanswaths said...