Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oooppssss... KJ!

KJ! You may be right, you may be wrong. Those 'Melayu' whom you mentioned in your speech at the PWTC may agree while the others may have wondered why...

To ask the Malays, especially Pemuda to get out of their 'seige mentality' was something the last thing a leader would say in such a big party gathering. I would rather correct you and replace it with 'superficial mentality' which all this while has deprived many Malays of their legitimate rights to step forward in many areas.

Yes, you are still young. I have been very supportive of you not because you are somebody I knew much earlier but merely my clear hope and intention to see Umno could see the birth of charismatic and potential political wallaby that might change the socio-political atmosphere of the country.

Please get the right political advisers to assist you. Being young may eventually turns you into a corker. You can become much better than some of the veterans in Umno now. Regardless of how you jumped into politics (when many hated you for that but I was there since the very beginning without you knowing it), you need to go on. Why? Because you are already THERE!

I dont know who are the people around you but do beware of the cahood to bring you down. As Pemuda members are already rallying behind you (that's what Datuk Seri Najib asked you to do after the party elections in March), it will be wise that you employ the right people. Nothing to be shamed of as Barack Obama himself employs 16 advisers in various categories.

It wont be precise to ask the Malays to get out of their seige mentality. They have to keep some. Benefit of the doubts has proven worthful in many aspects of life.

You may have your own reason or points to proof but you could have overlooked the points of contention there.

The Malays have been well-known for being credulous. Many of them are good macaws too. The also possess the proclivity to be ignoramous in many things. As such, they need to habituate with the political evolution around them. And in doing so, they cannot simply indulge on the passion to learn. Instead, they must be able to distinguish the good values without having to take it from others who tend to play chummy with you.

I am not saying you are TOTALLY wrong. Najib, Muhyiddin and others are not faultless. They, too, used to fumble in their words. However, coming from a extrovert like you, many would wonder what are the kind of results you would like to churn from such a statement.

No! You were not being anomalous either. Just that when you are about to make headways, this 'minor error' will demand you 1001 answers.

Or was it just to fit it into our 1Malaysia? I think its too soon. Such a statement may augur well in 5-10 years to come should the Malays are still laggards. I believe that from now on, you should be well-prepared with polemics that will take place. However, I am convinced you can overcome it.

Many Malay politicians come to the crossroads when they became mavericks of issue. Some issues may pervade the hearts of the Malays too deep. Sometimes the medicament are too hard to find.

So, bro. As support for you is increasing, do observe more cautious the next time you want to speak. Having the 'seige' feelings toward your advisers will ensure you a smoother political platform.

You got years ahead. I would like to 'advise' you to become somebody whom others had failed to grab. Be a STATELY politician.


batu buruk said...

bro. a good one, except that you are still with him.

angsana said...

i agree. kj must find good political advisers, people who can boost his position and not to bring him down.

i think he got the wrong team with him.

as rashid yusof is no more there, kj is left with not much idea.

rashid was a good strategist who helped him won the pemuda chief post.

KUMIS said...





christina, KL said...

i am a non-malay. what kj said should be attended to in a positive way. he meant well, that is for the malays to live up to the fact that 1malaysia is for all malaysians, not for the malays only.

i praise him for his speech although i hardly know him.

what i know is, umno needs young people like him to work with other races for a common goal.

Anonymous said...

akan berakhirkah riwayat politik KJ?

dia ni terlalu nak popular sangat atau terikut-ikut dengan teori 1malaysia yang makin meminggirkan hak orang melayu dan bumiputera di negara ini?

din mastana said...


kj patut ambil orang macam kau atau orang lain yang lebih arif tentang politik orang melayu.

tapi kalau dia offer pun, kau jangan la terima!

kalau kau terima, aku pun nak sikit!

CINCALOK said...



Anonymous said...

kj's ' wawasan 3030 '!!

JomoSamaTuaran said...

UMNO hendak pembaharuan, KJ sedia memulakannya TETAPI orang MELAYU tak nak berubah.

To KJ,selalunya..untuk memulakan langkah pertama itu sememangnya amat sukar berbanding langkah-langkah seterusnya, tapi..mesti ada keberanian untuk mencapainya. Good luck to you bro...all the best!!