Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The new sewage man!

Meet the new chairman of Indah Water Konsortium, Datuk Ibrahim Mahaludin Puteh.

According to Bernama, this former deputy sec-gen of the Finance Ministry replaces Haniffah Hassan who retired on Aug 31.

Welcome, Dtk! Let's see how you manage this company which manages more than 5,000 sewage treatment plants throughout the country for 18.2 million consumers who expect the best service for their money.

IWK, a wholly-owned entity of the Ministry of Finance, commenced operations in 1994, operating about 14,000km of sewage pipelines.


razak khan said...

welcome and be prepared for the task.

lots of complaints about iwk not being efficient.

good luck datuk

nasuha, ipoh said...

sebagai syarikat kerajaan, IWK patut meningkatkan mutu perkhidmatan kepada orang ramai. banyak bidang tugasnya yang tidak dibuat dengan sempurna manakala kos yang dikenakan terhadap pengguna boleh dikatakan tinggi.

sudah sampai masanya IWK berbuat sesuatu untuk meyakinkan pelanggan.

jangan tau ambil duit orang ramai saja!

sekampung said...



dorina said...

Of course this Dato' could take up the job task. Check his background and qualifications. He works in the World Bank before which major business of this World Bank is to help the integration of Global Human needs, poverty and health. Sewerage is one of many Global issues faced by the world now which related to preserving the ozone, air & etc. Trust this Dato', everybody. Let's work with him. Don't just complain.

P/s : nice..OK.

bujai said...


am i not being nice enough? hehe...

i know him well enough. of course this will be a new challenge for him.

i believe he can deliver...