Friday, October 16, 2009

Musa Hitam is right

Former deputy premier Tun Musa Hitam said the Malays are still lack of confidence in their own capabilities although many of them are well-educated and are master in various disciplines.

I share this view and agree totally with what he said yesterday at the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in Shah Alam (read h e r e).

The on-going Umno general assembly at the PWTC has discussed and debated various issues pertaining to the Malays' achievement in economics, politics and other areas. Even there were suggestions for the government to abolish all subsidies and grants to the Malays and Bumiputras.

Umno should consider making any wrong moves before coming to conclude that the Malays are ready for everything. Some delegates even went to the extreme opinion that the government should liberalise all sectors and let the Malays compete in the open market, without having to resort to any government's incentives.

Yes, the Malays can compete in the open market. However, many would not agree to suggestions that the government should stop 'pampering' the Malays with too many incentives, grants and other sorts of assistance.

Musa was concerned for the fate of the Malays in five or ten years to come should they are let to doing things on their own without ample assistance from the government.

Lack of confidence, too can lead the Malays be laggards for a long time.

Musa said the negative mentality clearly showed when Malay thinkers and proponents kept saying things like "habislah Melayu" (finish lah the Malays) and "apalah nak jadi pada Melayu?" (what will happen to the Malays?" when faced with national issues.

The solution suggested was "ketuanan Melayu" (Malay supremacy), but modern history had proven that the master race concept had failed, especially when faced with competition from those with a high level of knowledge and expertise in various fields, and are advance in science and technology, he said.

"To me, if we are looking for a slogan, "keterasan Melayu" (Malay vanguard) is a better and more suitable choice," he said.


Anti IDR said...

Someone with no competency has no right to speak of others confidence.

Musa was groomed by Tun Abdul Razak in area of education and politics.

He end up being a political animal for his own selfish interest and perpetual jealousy towards others instead of designing a strategic political blueprint for the Malays.

He has no achievement in Government to shout off. During sleepy adminstration time, he call for abolishment of DEB in the IDR.

Both IDR and Sime Darby that he head is in turmopil and mess.

Tell him to shut the fuck up. He should just drop dead the soonest possible but it seems God is not comfortable on his return.

Musa is an embarassment to all Johoreans!!!

Anonymous said...

apakah maknanya ketuanan melayu atau keterasan melayu, kalau pada hakikatnya,melayu itu miskin, melayu rendah pendidikan, melayu itu brprang sesama sendiri (umno/pas)mat rempit,mat dadah dsb.

Ryzal72 said...

Musa mana nie....yang kuat melobi nak jual tanah estet kat sepang untuk diperbesarkan LCCT tu ke hehehehe....Memang dia adalah antara orang yang ditakdirkan allah s.w.t untuk tidak memang jawatan no.1 UMNO kerana lantarannya yang dikatakan silent ellegent hehehehe! Alhamdulillah