Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kit Siang, Karpal can become MB Kelantan too!

Its time for the Chinese in Pakatan Rakyat to consider Nik Aziz Nik Mat's assurance that should any of them embrace Islam and follow its teachings diligently, their chance to become Kelantan's next Mentri Besar is wide open.

Anwar Ibrahim may as well usher his partner Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng or Chua Jui Meng to think deeply of becoming a Muslim convert and create history, not only in Kelantan but in Malaysia as a whole.

Why not? In his ceramah in Bagan Pinang last night, Nik Aziz was serious and 'sincere' enough in making such a statement.

I also know a Chinese convert in Kuala Krai (who operates a cafe in Kota Bharu) whom I think would like to offer himself as a candidate. His name was Lee Wat Yu before changing it to Mat Bonet Abdullah.

I dont know what name will Kit Siang use if he is a Muslim but I would like to propose Lim Bizkit Abdullah.

By the way, Nik Aziz should also include that other members who embrace Islam, including from the Indian and Sikh would also stand equal opportunity. Why not? PR got quite a number of Sikh leaders whom I believe would do anything to make their dreams come true.

Nothing's wrong with the idea, right? Afterall, religions are becoming tools of politics for PAS.


ajih pasir mah said...

ni ado la nok keno katok ni!

kawe gaso la, pru13 nati kito ambek semuo calon orghe buke melayu jo la.

Anonymous said...


idea kau ni memang macam sial... tapi hebat.

kan ke ini baru 1malaysia namanya!

along C said...

lee wat yu? macam pernah aku dengar nama ni tapi di mana yaaaa?

lu memang siot la jai!

anok gama said...

demo jange nok main isu ni. doso!

nik ajih masih lagi mb klate, gasonya dio buleh lagi 2 penggal. kalau ado pong mualap nok jadi mb, tadok masaloh tapi dio keno buktike dio isle sejati serto mampu jadi ketuo. asa dio isle dan buleh buak kijo, kigho ok la tu

Anonymous said...

nonsense. it was only a political propaganda by nik aziz to lure more non-malays to join pakatan rakyat.

as far as pr is concerned, they wont get any further in the next general election

Anonymous said...


bunut said...

you are such a joke bro. however, its so impossible. the kelantanese malays wont allow such to happen

Anonymous said...

si jai tu dok rok cetong. cakap je pandai

Anonymous said...

wei demo kecek molek sikit!

Anonymous said...

weiii, no way!!