Thursday, October 22, 2009

Consider this to reduce toll rates... BACA LA!

Highways concessionaires have been urged to offer discount on toll fees during festivals and the independence day in line with the 1Malaysia spirit.

Works Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor praised Plus Expressway Berhad (Plus) for offering a 20 discount on toll fees to the North-South and Elite expressways users from midnight to 7am during Aidilfitri and Deepavali holidays recently (read Bernama h e r e...)

NOW, this is what the Cabinet should consider:

First, toll discounts should apply to all users of SmartTag and Touch & Go, at all times as (I believe) they are the ones who are the frequent users of the highways. This will encourage more commuters to subscribe to such applications, thus enhancing toll collection in the long run.

Second, the Cabinet should try to regulate this - all National Cars, especially Proton makes should be given a 50 per cent discount at all toll plazas throughout the year. This will help boost the sales of our National Car towards meeting the challenges of globalisation. Why not?

And third, highway concessionaires should consider 'opening up' areas of interest along their highways. For instance, fruit orchards. I have seen this in South Korea, Iran, Romania and Uruguay. During harvest, commuters may stop by, pluck their own choice of fruits, pay and leave. Dont you think this is impossible?

Let's not brag about how to encourage more people to use the existing highways, We should instead find solution to attract them to ply this highways more often, with considerable toll rate and more attractive 'packages' for them.

I remember a highway stretch from Seoul to Kyongju (120km), we could stop at 6 fruit and flower orchards. It became popular tourist attraction.

We should use our brain, not just the head which houses the brain!


si pitak said...

yes, good idea. i have seen that too in south korea and even in some parts of china.

however, i dont think our government has the right people with the right brain!

Anonymous said...

bujai, elok bukak tanah kubur je sepanjang hway ni sebab dah ramai yang mati nahas.

ok ke idea aku ni?

brady said...

i like your proposal for the govt to consider 50pc toll cut for all proton cars.

i am sure it will inspire more malaysians to buy the national car

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Hmmmmm! Great idea for owners of local cars.

I second the idea!

donplaypuks® said...


I like your idea of fruit and vegetable orchards off the highways. One such exit exists at Ayer Hitam, though it is a couple of km from the toll area.

Similarly in UK, Oz and NZ you can exit for strawberry picks.

Would that the authorities listen to good, practical advise.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Alimor Sipon said...

hapuskan toll lagi bagus esp ientercity/state highway. Kat Jerman highway tak ada toll pun. City highway should be tolled to discourge driving in to the city and encourage using public transport.

Abdul Jalil said...

dear bujai

i would suggest food stalls along highway's r n r should sell better food. make it as a must stop for that specialty. this will enhance the numbers into the food quality because of poor brain of people in charge

Alimor Sipon said...

hapuskan tol esp inter state/city. urban toll to discourage people dring into cities - reduce congestion and encourage public transportation. Aku pergi Germany, tak ada toll kat autobahn. Mana negara lain yang ada tol macam malaysia.

Anonymous said...

they say we can find taj mahal in india and toll mahal in malaysia.

kopras said...

baik tanam durian je, bang.

sampai je musim, kita park ramai-ramai, tunggu buah dia jatuh, kutip dan bayar.

seronok la kalau macam ni!

Anonymous said...

nonsense for the fruit orchards but i give u a thumb up for the 50pc discount for proton users!

A. Alshukor said...


Tapi yang pakai Touch & Go, sepatutnya mereka bagi bonus/dividen, deposit & duit prepaid kita yang berjuta tu, dia makan, bila kita nak dapat pulangan.

Kalau ada 1 juta kad, Deposit dah jadi RM10 JUTA. Prepaid yang belum pakai pula banyak mana???

Nak bagi discount, lepas guna 80 kali, kalau 79 tak layak. At least bagi tahu, dah guna berapa.

Ok tak tambahan saya.