Friday, October 9, 2009


I totally agree with a Bernama survey that blogs are gaining the upperhand in the 'war' against conventional media. Blogs are getting popular with regard to unvealing lots of hidden and discreet events (read here...).

Conventional media, especially the newspapers and television are still popular. The only problem with them is their strong 'binding' to the government. Their editorial policy which supports the legitimate government is tying up their hands.

The editors of the mainstream newspapers and televisions have to safeguard their business interest. Most important is not to lose their permit. Such a policy will deter them from telling the public the whole truth about certain events.

So, they became the 'ball-guards' for certain political figures, including the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the rest of the administration. They tend to forget the fact that the cyberworld offers exclusive news without hiding anything.

Its not a surprise to see most of the mainstream newspapers and other new print media are losing heavily in their circulation and other revenue. To some extents, they have to conduct revamp after revamp to resolve such setbacks.

Of course, blogs come in many forms. Some are good read while the rest are just nasty. Readers are getting more choosey nowadays when it comes to getting what they termed as 'the right information' on the Internet.

Bernama says, the emergence of streams of blogs has reflected the society's awareness on the importance of having information but unfortunately this 'leeway' has provided the room for manipulation by irresponsible quarters.

Such a situation gives rise to a poser.

"To what extent that the trials and tribulations created by this new media has its impacts on the society and nation, and what is its repercussions on the people's thinking?"

While there is no actual competition between blogs and mainstream media, the impact will be more adverse on the commercial aspect of the conventional media businesses, in general. How many newspaper readers have stopped buying it and how many have not read it for years since the birth of weblogs and other new media?

So, its not a new phenomenon nowadays to see some bloggers are more prominent than that of some senior journalists and their editors.


razor said...

mainstream newspapers dont have balls, bro. thats why the content are all full of bull!

Anonymous said...



charlie said...

i stopped reading newspapers about a year ago as i dont find many truth in it.

bad arse said...

saya sebenarnya lebih suka dapatkan sumber berita daripada internet kerana ia pelbagai dan murah.

walaupun ada berita yang tidak tepat, ada juga berita lanjut yang tidak dapat disiarkan di akhbar dan tv.

memang benar, blog lebih relevan sekarang tappi penulis blog perlulah bertanggungjawab

konggo said...

i agree bro, cuma terlalu banyak blog jenis merapu ni.

sebab tu la kita mesti pandai pilih yang terbaik

Anonymous said...

Talk about Bernama, heard that Bernama TV is now under a new management. Betulke?

Anonymous said...

Aku bertanya-tanya sekarang jika kita dapat berbicara tentang statistik situs Anda - volume pencarian, dll, saya sedang mencoba situs yang saya dapat membeli adspace melalui - beritahu saya jika kita bisa bicara tentang harga dan yang lainnya. Cheers mate Anda melakukan pekerjaan yang besar sekalipun..