Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting back to work...

Still in Hari Raya mood. With or without enough RM to celebrate, I am happy to get so many Raya SMS on my mobile.

Thank you to a few YBs, namely Tok Pa, Idris Harun, Khaled Nordin, Azmin Ali, Ali Rustam, Ahmad Said and others. Not forgetting politicians like Anwar's wife Azizah, Fatmi Salleh and Ron and also friends such as Tok Jef, Zul Salleh of Bernama, Tok Mat of Media Prima, Zainul of NST and others. They include bloggers and some names I have forgotten (maaf ler!).

Hari Raya knows no barriers, not even political ideology could divide us. That makes us ONE.

Come Wednesday, we'll go back to work. Of course, the main thing to look forward is to revive our pocket (mine too, especially).

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Terima Kasih..

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