Sunday, August 9, 2009

They did not make just one Nordin Mat Top

Indonesia claimed victory over the killing of one of Asia's most notorious terrorist Nordin Mat Top and four of his aides.

In Pakistan, the government said the death of Taliban leader Baitullah Masoud and 40 of his followers was yet another victory in its American-led war against terrorism. Washington, too, was proud that the killing of Masoud was a tribute to its continous assault against 'the agents of terror'.

Barack Obama, in a statement said the it marked a new chapter of 'victorious effort' in combating terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan, saying it 'will demoralise' Taliban and its gangs to carry out their pursuit.

The two events (if its true that Nordin and Masoud are dead) were indeed an achivement, not only for Indonesia, Pakistan and the US but to the whole world which had seen various forms of attacks being carried out on the Western interests. Indonesia was not spared.

In Pakistan, the acts of terror had claimed almost 1,000 lives since the last 24 months. Indonesia, too was shattered by a series of bombings in Bali and Jakarta - all on foreign-owned hotels - since 2002 which claimed more than 400 lives.

The question - will they stop?

The answer is simple - NO!

Why? As long as American foreign policy harbors negative perception on non-whites and contains elements of anti-Islam, the 'war' against them will go on. Obama himself, while pursuing diplomatic efforts to win the hearts of Muslims by despatching Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Indonesia and some Muslim countries, still failed to repair his approaches.

In Iraq, suicidal bombers are still rampant. Since January, about 1,200 people (mostly Iraqis) were killed, mostly in the prominently car-bomb attacks. The hatred towards the presence of Yankee soldiers has reached its unbearable degree.

The same situation is happening in Afghanistan where majority of the people are blased with the American and Western soldiers who dictate their lifes. The Taliban will not be demoralised, for sure and the war will rage on.

In the Middle East, the bloody Israel-Palestinian conflict sees no future. As usual, the US only apply a little presure on Tel Aviv as not to continue its settlement plan on the Palestinian soil. In other words, there is somehow a 'soft permitting' from the US for all illegal moves made by the Israelis.

Iran, too is feeling the heat from US and British intervention in its politics. The victory by President Ahmadinijad in the recently concluded presidential election was marred by pro-democratic street protests, which is affecting the Iranian economy.

Obama's threat to launch military attacks on Iran was not only met with criticism from the Muslim world but from some of his strongest allies in the Middles East like Saudi Arabia and the Egypt.

It doesnt stop just there. North Korea, too is under tremendous pressure to halt its nuclear and ballistic missile programme which was seen as threatening the region's stability. Pyongyang said it will not put an end to the programme unless the United Nations lift all sanctions imposed on it.

In 'neutralising' what is termed as 'terrorism', the key grip is in Obama hands. As long as the American foreign policy fails to recognise the legitimate rights of other countries (in accordance to the UN Charter), the world will not stop from watching political conflict turns regional terrorism.

The death of few terrorist leaders will not affect their onslaught. The death of LTTE leader Vellupilai Prabhakaran did not put an end to their 'fight' for an autonomous Tamil state in northern Sri Lanka. Now that a new leader has emerged (was he really in Malaysia?), Sri Lanka will definitely brace for a new challenge.


idham said...

true indeed. more nordin, saddam, osama and others will emerge as long as the us fail to change their policy

si tikus said...

bro, belum ada kepastian betul ke nordin dan masoud yang mati dalam serangan pihak berkuasa di indonesia dan pakistan.

apa pun, kedua-duanya harus dihukum jika benar-benar menggugat keamanan dan terbabit dalam pembunuhan.

anak gombak said...

saya berdoa agar malaysia tidak diresapi anasir seperti ini.

bagaiamanpun, saya harap kerajaan akan siasat ajaran syiah yang makin berleluasa ketika ini.

saya pernah hadiri (sengaja nak tau) satu perjumpaan syiah di greenwood, kuala lumpur, tiga bulan lepas.

pada masa itu, ada imam dari iran yang didatangkan khas untuk perhimpunan kira-kira seribu orang itu.

Anonymous said...


there are many forms of terrorisation.

some writers are good at it too. dont u agree?

Anonymous said...



el-ehsan mustoufa said...

there's no end to terrorism, sir.

the key to world stability is a peaceful solution to the israel-palestine conflict.

many agree to this fact!