Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pmtg Pasir: Mainstream media has to be careful

Two more days to polling. I believe the voters in Permatang Pasir are ready. The announcement of Lunas assemblyman to quit PKR did not have any impact on the minds of the voters. To them, it was just another political gimmick although BN chief Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the decision had nothing to do with Umno or Barisan Nasional.

Let's see...

However, after several by-elections, I notice a trend among the TV stations and mainstream newspapers to play their old, silly game again and again. Be careful... you people were part to be blame for the series of BN defeats in previous by-elections.

I attributed most of the defeats to the way heads of pro-government TV stations and newspapers strategised their propaganda in helping out the ruling party. However, instead of such help, they 'helped' the Opposition to win instead.

Hey... I was with the media for a long time. I know how they work and manipulate events. General elections and by-elections are of no exception. They wanted the BN to win (and so do I) but their 'belittling' approach eventually gave them no result.

In Permatang Pasir, the people are blased at how TV3 and RTM launch an offensive against Pas and Pakatan Rakyat.

"Ceghita lama, bang. Kami dah naik meluat dengan cara depa. Kami pun sokong BN jugak tapi cagha TV3, RTM dan akhbaq macam NST, Berita Harian dan Utusan hentam pembangkang, tak patut la. Lar ni bulan posa. Biaq la kita buat cagha elok, bersih. Ni pun boleh buat pengundi jadi kasian kat depa (pembangkang). Btoi la pembangkang pun dua kali lima tapi depan tadak stesen TV..."

Well... the campaign goes on amid Ramadhan entering its second day. I dont anything to add to this posting but as usual, I would like to give a reminder - a few BN speakers are not fit for the campaigning.

I was the bureau chief of a newspaper during the 90s and I stayed somewhere here, in Permatang Pasir. Before Pas took control of the constituent in the last four general elections, it has always been an Umno stronghold.

But something changed the mindset of the people here. You may ask this question to BN Aduns who used to serve the constituent - pasai apa depa berubah?


Anonymous said...


Tabik buat saudara kerana memahami hakikat bahawa propaganda yang berat sebelah oleh media di malaysia ini menyumbangkan kepada terhakisan kepercayaan rakyat kepada UBN dan sedikit sebanyak menyebabkan UBN tewas dalam PRU 12 dan siri-siri PRK selepasnya.

Saya tidak berniat mengulas panjang lebar mengenai isu ini, cukuplah sekadar mengatakan hanya pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO(Baru) dan para editor di media milek UBN sahaja masih bermimpi sedangkan rakyat telah lama sedar.

Now, keberangkalian bahawa UBN akan tewas dalam PRU yang akan datang sudah tidak mustahil lagi. Tidak dalam PRU 13 nanti, PRU berikutnya. Tetapi melihat kepada tindakan "desperation" diakhir-akhir ini,seperti tindakan MACC di Selangor dll, tidak mustahil UBN akan berkubur menjadi pembangkang dalam PRU 13!

Persoalannya bujai - apa peranan media milek UBN ini setelah kerajaan pusat bertukar tangan nanti? Apakah kewujudan atau monopoli media oleh UBN akan dibenarkan? Apakah kita akan melihat bahawa media cetak dan elektronik ini akan betukar tangan pemiliknya?


Anonymous said...

i agree.

the media prima group, especially...

anil said...


we should understand rtm but for other pro-govt media to be too extreme in hitting out the opposition, is beyond comprehension.

yes, nstp, media prime, tv3 and others belong to umno (right?) but they should recognise the fact that many of their readers and viewers are also from the partisan group.

i would like to suggest or challenge any newspaper to give away at least a page on weekly basis to 'neutral thoughts'. let the readers write anything as long as they dont incite racial disharmony. let them 'tarok' whoever they want with basis.

this will improve their readership, dont u think so?

kreko said...

wartawan dan mereka yang jadi ketua media hari ini semuanya kaki pengampu pemimpin.

mereka ni sudah tidak lagi dapat membezakan yang betul dan salah. apa saja kata pemimpin, semuanya betul walaupun salah.

Anonymous said...



FONT1002 said...

remember KT? we were together. u said BN got no chance. when we met farid and advised him not to do 'that thing', he didnt listen. your prediction was right. he lost with a bigger majority.

now in pmtg pasir, BN is still using this mainstream media to hammer the opposition.

my prediction, they will lose again

pencintaislamelayu said...

media arus perdana memang begitu..
tak seperti media arus pembangkang yang begitu JUJUR dan berTOLERANSI dan jauh dari segala unsur fitnah.wartawan mereka juga tidak pandai mengolah dan memutarbelit cerita sama ada dari lidah saluran pas,pkr,ataupun dap.maklumlah ahli syurga,mana boleh buat silap

Anonymous said...

yang banyak merosakkan peluang dan nama baik kerajaan ialah media seperti ini, yang pada dasarnya mendokong dasar kerajaan tetapi disebabkan kebodohan orang yang menjadi ketuanya, benda yang sepatutnya membantu kerajaan dah jadi sebaliknya.

zam, sg dua said...

bang, permatang pasir akan terus jadi milik pas. percayalah!

zelan said...

nothing is more devastating to the govt than the mainstream media's wrong and over-zealous propaganda.

it happened many times, including during pru12.

Non-partisan said...

Permatang Pasir's a gone case.

Before UMNO could complete a post-mortem on the recently held Manek Urai by-election it has another one comming. Yes, a series of post-mortems but the question is whether UMNO has really learnt anything.Definitely not-otherwise some of the stupid things would not have been repeated at Permatang Pasir.

Equally guilty and I share your views is the MSM both electronic and prints.I would strongly urge that courses a semblance of a psy-war to win the hearts and minds of the electorates be organised for them. And please treat the readers and viewers with respect.

As it is now the contents are too propaganda-like that it has more and more alienated the people. Come 13th GE,it will be a sunset for BN if those bracing the corridors of power do not wake up and face reality.

JomoSamaTuaran said...

Setuju..mmg TV3 dan RTM banyak menyumbang kepada kekalahan BN dalam PIRU ke-12 yang lepas. Sama ada sengaja atau pura-pura tak sengaja, atau media kita sudah diresapi idealogi pembangkang yang berhasrat menukar kerajaan melalui semua cara.

Anonymous said...


On a lighter note as pematang pasir result is a forgone conclusion - betul le editors both electronic media and print are doing everything to help UBN win the hearts n minds of the people.

From the last GE12 and subsequent by election relults, l cant help thinking that these editors are hardcore opposition supporters la, despite earning their fat salaries working for pro UBN establishments.Hahahahaha....


z i z o u said...

proven bro!

media picisan alias partisan
penyumbang kpd kekalahan Barisan Neraka (BN)