Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It wont work, YAB!

1Malaysia is good. The moves to unite all Malaysians are also good. Efforts toward racial integration and national understanding must be fully-supported.

However, sorry... I am against any plan to scrap the BANGSA identity requirement on MyKad or any identification forms. It wont work.

Have you ever seen the Indonesian identification card, known as KTP? All particulars are there, except race.

Then you may find those with the names Ahmad, Budi, Heryanto or Patrick can either be Muslim, Christian or Buddha. Not easy to distinguish their religion by their name. Thats what 'One Indonesia' is all about.

Now that you want to practise it here, you better be careful. The next time you see someone in songkok selling 'haram' things by the roadside, dont simply arrest him. He could be a Christian.

Some years ago, former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad used to say that such an idea was not going to work for multi-racial Malaysia. We dont want to end up like Indonesia where all races became Indons.

In much cases, the Indonesian courts failed to resolved any issue pertaining to claims made by the people, especially land title.

If we endorse similar ideas to Malaysians, one of these days we may bump into a black claiming to be Malaysian-Chinese or a white who claims to be a Malay.

Think about it, bro...


Anonymous said...

Teman juge menyokong pendapat Sdr Just Read.
Kite ni semua di Malaysia dari dulu sampai sekarang, suke bebebbor untuk"TINKERING".
Bior le, taade salah ape pun dalam borang atau MYKAD kalu di bubuh bangse keturunan.
Kalu benda tak rosak,buat menyusah aje kalu pegi repair sane sini.
changkat lobak.
arjuna waspada.

hanezam said...

I totally agree with what you write here.

The key idea is “racial integration” not “racial fusion”, lest what we get would be “racial confusion” eh ? Racial integration is achieved when we stay being racially different but integrated. Meaning while being aware that we are different, we still choose to live together in perfect harmony. That is not impossible, not something beyond our means. I say it is foolish to discard ethnicity altogether.

z i z o u said...

We can do it
if we read Malaysia paper, goes Malaysia school, talk Bahasa Malaysia, watch Malaysia movie.

And finally can b 1malaysia

donplaypuks® said...


Najib says 1 Malaysia and you say it won't work even though 300 millions Indons and Muslims think otherwise!

The entire thrust of your post points to YOUR need to keep the races separate in M'sia. What makes Malaysia different from other multi-ethnic and multi-cultural countries in the world?

What are you really afraid of?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

atanjamilselamat said...

True and it's pure nonsense. We are all different because ALLAH made us that way BUT Allah tells us to know one another despite our differences! That's important!

Why is so wrong to know as Malays, Indian, Chinese? but of course please do not refer Malaysian as "LAIN-LAIN"

Anonymous said...

to malaysianiase the country is good, bro but to call it a malaysian race is not that practical

cili api said...

i believe the malays are proud to be malays, the chinese are proud to be chinese,the indians are proud to be indians and so are the rest of the malaysians.

no need to hasty this thing unless you get consent from all malaysians.


Anonymous said...

apa lagi yang diorang merepek ni?