Friday, July 17, 2009

Jakarta under attacks again!

The morning news shocked me. Bombings at Jakarta's Ritz Carlton and Marriott were unacceptable.

As at 11am, at least 11 people died and scores injured in at least 2 explosions at the hotels. This was similar to the attacks last year and 2007 which killed dozens of tourists and locals. (more here...)

We should condemn this act of terrorism. Indonesia, as our most friendly neighbour, has been the target of subversive agents over the past decade.

Lets extent of deepest sympathy to those affected in this incidents. We Malaysians are perhaps the luckiest on this planet as we share the joy of harmony and peace.

I will be meeting some of the Indonesian diplomat in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon...


azura said...

another brutality!

the world should condemn this!

garam bukit said...

mesti ada sesuatu di sebalik serangan terbaru ini.

mungkin ia dikaitkan dengan al-qaeda atau kumpulan militan tempatan di indonesia sendiri.

biar sekukuh mana pun kawalan, pengganas ini nampaknya lebih cekap menjalankan misi mereka.

suryadi said...


i just called my brother who stays nearby. he confirmed it was done by local extremist group. however, i believe they got link with al-qaeda

Anonymous said...


Non-partisan said...

Some may question the competency of the intelligence agencies. But it is has never been easy to handle and fight terrorism as evidenced from the mammothly-funded CIA'failure in the 9/11 attack.

Be that as it may, our own intelligence agencies should not be complacent. Expect the unexpected.