Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bernama TV incurs more loses...

Spoke to someone about an hour ago in Setiawangsa. This former senior Bernama guy said Bernama TV has accumulated losses of more than RM21 million, up from RM14 million reported early this year.

How could? I though AZ was running the organisation well enough.

However, this guy who once was one of the forces in Bernama TV set-up said some 'silly' mistakes led to the ugly record book.

"How could you let Bernama TV to become a part of Astro? Why must TV1 and TV2 or other private TV stations be allowed into Astro channel.

"At one time, Astro was paying Bernama but it stopped. Bernama TV and TV1 and TV2 are government's. Astro is a pay station. To include this three stations as part of Astro rights are basically wrong.

"One who subscribe to Astro will not be able to watch this stations should Astro channel is discupted by bad weather. They are free channels. For Astro to use its decorder on this stations, is not a fair game and they should pay Bernama instead.

"The government, especially Rais Yatim should look into this," he said.

Should AZ be replaced?

"MESTILAH!" he said. But who wants to clear the mess and just walks in to 'cuci mangkuk?'


siakap said...

Just RM21 million? what i know more than that.

Bernama TV Insider said...

And they fired Saiful's fiance, Janna too.. At 1st, They asked her to take a leave on August 08(no pay of coz), on April 09, they tender a resignation letter to her without any reasons stated. She's a very talented newsreader by the way.


lipan bara said...

cuci mangkuk?

dah besar sangat dah... nak cuci macam mana.

susah2, pecahkan aje

Anonymous said...


az nak saman kau!

pendeta said...

the problem with bernama is that,they got too many advisers, at every floor and dept.

as d govt entity, bernama must go back to its basic, make money and not 100pc depending on govt injection.

yes, its a news agency but running a business without profit is NONSENSE!

bread said...

az contract ends in april next year, if i m not mistaken.

someone taking over his chair must come from corporate sector or at least a person who has been very familiar running the agency

Anonymous said...



bujai said...

TV Insider,

sorry for publishing your comment. its a good one, alrite.


Anonymous said...

aku dah lebih 20 tahun kat bernama ni, dah ramai boss yang aku tempuh tapi tak sama dengan yang sekarang ni... mencekik duit syarikat je

Anonymous said...



cucuk said...

i heard someone used bernama fund to attend to his personal business.

thats why la, i guess

donplaypuks® said...


You must be the last guy to know.

It is the govt which is forcing Astro to carry it's channels. Otw, barring 1 or 2 reality progs, no one will tune in to RTM 1 & 2.

Anonymous said...

Mokhtar Husin tak ada idea ke? Tapi betul la jugak kenapa kasi masuk Astro? Kenapa tak buat macam TV1 atau TV2. Lawan beb lawan

jo said...

Bernama TV loses aside, I think it's good that the free-to-air(FTA) channels (RTMs, TV3, Bernama TV etc) are carried on Astro bcos once u have Astro, like myslef, u're not bothered to switch to FTAs if they are not on Astro decoder.
I don't think Astro make money on these FTAs, in fact Astro is doing a huge favour by carrying them on Astro plaform.
anyway, I'd rather watch RTM news than Bernama looks like RTM 5 years ago.

editorialblog said...

pelantikan baru dalam kumpulan NSTP. Sila layari:

Shamsul Yunos said...

please come over to my blg and watch my video report on Anwar's sodomy trial

dari 5,000 yang diharapkan... 150 aje yang datang bersorak

JomoSamaTuaran said...

Salam bro...
Nak ambik artikel ni utk blog saya, mesti ada yang akan lebih terasa kehangatannya.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sdr Jai,

1. Bernama TV has found the right formula;

2. It's perhaps the most "independent" and "impartial" of the official and party-owned TV networks;

3. In the Bernama Act, the government guarantees the freedom of the National News Agency, hence of Bernama TV;

4. But Bernama TV does not have large enough audience to attract quality advertisements. There could also be problems with its marketing team;

5. Ironically, while Bernama TV is not making money, it is a pain in the rear for RTM's and Media Prima's TV networks as it (Bernama TV) provides fairer, unbiased reports;

6. My fear is, the government will not bail out Bernama TV unless it tones down its reporting and become more like RTM's and Media Prima's TV network.