Thursday, June 25, 2009

Informers not protected

A lawyer friend called me yesterday, saying how dissappointed she was with the authorities who are supposed to protect the public who helped giving infos on loan sharks but ended up to be working with the ah longs.

Why must they revealed details of informers to the loan sharks, is a BIG question but she believed some members of the police force are collaborating with the syndicate.

"Then, how did some informations about the informers such as their names, address and phone numbers get to the ah longs?

"When the police is on pursuit of the loan sharks, few of their members are on the take by leaking this informations to them. In the end, the informers are being threatened and not the borrowers!," she said.

I believe in her. 'On the take' happens everywhere and at all levels of services but this one has gone too far, I suppose.

Some friends in the media and also in Bukit Aman told me they believed a few persons whom loan shark victims always seek solace from, are also connected to the syndicate. There are politicians too.

"We are trying to gather enough evidence to nail them," said a senior Bukit Aman officer.

However, will they nab this 'famous' guy?


Anonymous said...

Corruption has always been the sickness of our society. How else would you explain the inability of our government to combat drug abuse even with the death penalty intact? Once we rid all the corrupt officials in our government will we be able to mend our society.


kuchai said...

di mana saja, rasuah akn menutup banyak kes.

dalam hal ah long ni, dah terlalu ramai yang kena, ramai yang mengadu tetapi amat sedikit tindakan diambil.

Anonymous said...

who is the famous guy, bro? spell it out la!

lucia said...

thats why many of our citizens refused to go to the authority to report on any wrongdoings.

not easy to get protection if one gives enough evidence to arrest somebody.

what the govt should do is to establish a portal of complaints, so that everybody who wishes to lodge whatever complaint will be protected

mat janggut said...

apa gunanya ada pihak yang menjaga kepentingan awam jika maklumat pribadi mereka dibocorkan kepada orang yang sepatutnya mereka tangkap dan hadapkan ke mahkamh?

inilah penyakit yang membimbangkan kita hri ini. hanya dengan sedikit suapan, nyawa dn keselamatn pemberi maklumat diletakkan dalam keadaan yang amt merbahaya.

bagaimanakah kita ingin menghapuskan kegiatan ini jika pihak berkuasa sendiri tidak memastikan bahawa kakitangannya kuat berpegang kepada disiplin?

Anonymous said...

bro, i think i know who you meant by that 'famous guy'.

an MCA man, right?

Anonymous said...

go to ah long lar. now very difficult to get bank loans!