Thursday, June 4, 2009

Get this ministry sec-gen!

I would like to take this guy to task. If its true that he and his associate 'belasah' so many projects at his former ministry (a Tier-2) before being transfered to a Tier-1 ministry, he should be investigated by the MACC.

After his MCA minister completed his 2-term after the 12th general election, an MIC minister walked in. This guy, a sec-gen (an Indian) was believed to have taken all the opportunity to secure several projects for his friends and family members before being 'promoted'.

His partner is another Malay senior official, still serving the ministry.

The value of projects this two got was estimated at RM600 million. Now a secretary-general at the most busiest ministry, he should know how to 'songlap' available projects there too.

My hope is for a few senior officials at his old ministry to come forward and expose his wrongdoings. As I got this news from them, may as well they prepare themselves should the MACC calls me up for proofs.

We cant just let this nonsense goes on and on. Now that the sec-gen has been thrown into a gold mine, the minister (a Malay) should put an eye on him and his team. That was the reward he got after his 'makan besar' at his former ministry.

Unless the senior officials at his ministry refuse to cooperate, then we will be allowing this culprit to prey on other potential contractors and suppliers.

God damn it!


Anonymous said...

why are you asking people to this and that when you can directly make a formal complaint to the relevant authority since you seems to have all the facts and everything else!

Zainal A. Kasim said...

Baik-baik brother. Nanti Sammy Vellu marah macam dia marah Awang Selamat. Nanti saudara di cap perkauman pulak....

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Sounds like a very "muhibbah" syndicate eh? Who says Malaysians not united?

ZulBahau said...

and I thought on the corupt malays are at it!

bro brotherhood, said...

As-Salam Bro Bujai,..great of u to stumble on dis issue n do exposed d culprit wthout fear or favor,..gue caya lu bro,.I'll give d moral support,..heheh,..wat else can I say,.. (,")

About d collapse stadium I gess partly is bcoz most of d building materials had been sold & thus d completion do not follow d specs accordingly,.. n gess wat d Indonesian workers say,.. " Yg mati bukan keluarga kami Pak,.. apa boleh buat nak hidup,.. kami di beri peluang jadi kami ambil la Pak' peluang apa yg di maksudkan? he says ' Peluang menipu' coz d supervisor had elected an Indon to act on his behalf to check d work done n of coz d Ketua pekerja close an eye wen his country mate steals n sold d building materials as he is in cahoot wth dem,..heheh,..apo nak dikato,..

And dat conversation happen a few years back wen a part of d structure in Perwaja Steel collapse..gess u cud check it out bro,..wat else can I say,..(,")

talam said...

sebut je nama dia, bro.

jangan kasi can sama orang macam ni.

jika betul dia yang dapat banyak projek, biar dia jawab sendiri dengan anti rasuah.

Anonymous said...

is it the former sec-gen of human resources ministry?

KELIP2 said...




Anonymous said...

the same old story.

just to tell u this. if you are there, dont u feel like taking one or two?

bujai said...

sdr zainal a kasim

apa dia nak marah. benda betul.

kulitkraf said...

hebat! hebat!

aku ingat selama ni orang melayu je yang hebat buat keje macam ni. rupa2nya sama je dengan bangsa lain.

tapi bro, aku dengar bekas menteri tu pun banyak sapu job kat kementerian tu....

so... apa nak heran!