Sunday, June 14, 2009

Doubts over Ahmadinejad's victory

President Ahmadinejad's victory over Hossein Mousavi in the just concluded election has put Iran in a political disarray.

The US, Canada and even some members of the United Nations were doubtful about how the presidential election was organised. On polling day, the government shut off all SMS system and blocked some websites belonged to Mousavi's supporters.

Ahmadinejad was accused of wanting to thwart any effort by Mousavi to 'liberalise' Iran as this will open the door to Teheran-Washington revived relationship (read here...)

My diplomatic friends in Kuala Lumpur were quick to question Ahmadinejad's 'dirty tactics' to secure his victory over Mousavi.

"We believe most of the Iranians are ready to join the global community again as a free country which abides all international laws. They want no confrontation with anybody. That's why they pinned their hopes on Mousavi," said a Middle East diplomat.

With US President Barack Obama had last month offered a pre-condition for US-Iran renewed diplomatic relations, many Iranians saw the opportunity in Mousavi's plan to improve the country's relation with the rest of the world, according to a Western ambassador.

"However, Ahmadinejad wants to keep the country under a tight policy which puts his people under a difficult situation. We dont know how Iran can attend to its domestic problems if its administration refuses to work with the international community."

We will have to wait for further developments in that beautiful country...


Mujahidah said...

Ahmadinejad punya pemikiran yang politik yang tajam! tak de maknanya hbungn diplomt us-iran tu tu menungu masa nak mengkotak-katikkan iran dan menginjak2 ISLAM!tht's it!

sayeed of abadan said...

mr bujai,

the recent events in my country did not reflect the willingness of the iranians to bow to americans.

what we need now is a more open country that will receive more tourists and foreign investments.

iran must revive its economy amid threatens by the americans and its western allies to boycott us. all we need is a strong government to steer the country out of the economic problems.

ahmadinejad is a good leader, so is mousavi. the only different is the later is a more democratic leader and is open to foreign dialogues. it doesnt mean that mousavi is the best leader so far for the iranians but at least he is paving the way for a more resilient iran.

i hope you will keep track with happenings in my country as to update you with the latest events.

its a good thing that you highlighted in in your blog as it shows your concern for us.

thank you

a student said...

i think mousavi should become the new president.

iran must get out of its ayatollah era if they want to prosper

izzat said...


maso kau cover perang iran-iraq dulu, kau ponah masuk ke iran dan sampai ke tehran.

apo bezo zaman ayatollah khomeini dengan zaman sekarang ni?

Anonymous said...