Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ahmad Talib is back at NSTP

My heartiest congratulations to Dtk Ahmad A Talib for being appointed the executive director, news and editorial operations for Media Prima Bhd and NSTP.

The Pahit Manis blogger who was 'booted' out by Kali during Pak Lah's reign as the Prime Minister, is now back at the right place and at the right time when NSTP was seen losing its supremacy as the country's key player in printed news industry.

The announcement to Bursa Malaysia (read here...) came as speculations within the media industry was high in the wake of the departure of Dtk Hishamuddin Aun as NSTP group editor in-chief.

Congrats, too, to Zainul Ariffin who replaces Hisham and Shaharudin Latiff who is now out of the 'freezer'. (also read Rockybru here...)

I remember taking over Shaha's position as Berita Harian bureau chief for Penang in late 1990. This guy was full of ideas and helped BH to improve its circulation in the northern region then.

For Ahmad T, Zainul and Shaha, you are just the right people for the job.

My question, will some heads roll?


orang lama TV3 said...


tak la hebat sangat team baru ni, kecuali shaharudin yang naik pangkat selepas bertahun hidup dalam bayangan seorang rakan setugasnya.

rakan setugasnya ini patut diserapkan ke bahagian lain dan tidak jaga berita lagi...

kau paham2 je la siapa...

news desk no 5 said...

after bru, now pahit manis. who's next? soon, maybe you yourself, nuraina and others will be back to nstp.

fuuhhh... no other people ka?

BH staf 85 said...


kau tak join balik ke? aku rasa jawatan paling sesuai untuk kau ialah special asst kpd mat talib. macam chonot dengan halim saad dulu.

sori la bro.... hehehehehe

ma wong said...

congrats to all three.

by the way, will there be other new appointments?

cant wait to see some red faces at media prima and nstp

Anonymous said...




ex-nst said...


u are an idiot! dont u know that these are the same people that ruined nstp (not shaharudin) and denied u of your opportunity then?

stop the crap laaa!

it will be worse this time on

reporter tersingkir said...

mat talib?


mampus aku kali ni! baik aku blah dari nstp ni sebelum diorang lupa daratan macam dulu

Anonymous said...

good move, actually... except that bru should be in nst instead of malay mail.

kentut said...

baik punya plan nak kasi rosak lagi nstp dan media prima.

tadak orang lain ka yang depa nak lantik ni?

dulu nstp di bawah kadir dan ahmad pun tak berapa baguih, ni bawak masuk lagi.

zainul pun bukan baguih sangat. ni dia nak naik, syd nadzri nak jadi apa pulak? macai dia ka?

akai tarak!!!!

tahun 89 said...

bujai. aku masih reporter cabuk kat bh ni. kemasukan ahmad talib boleh jamin staf yang ada terpelihara kepentingan mereka ke? ada yang masih di gred B walaupun dah 20 tahun jadi wartawan.

harap2 zaman pilih kasih dan pilih bulu akan berlalu.

tak tau la macam mana mat talib nak handle benda macam ni kalau dia duduk di media prima dekat tv3. lainlah kalau dia lantik wakil khas untuk perhati berita harian, metro dan nst....

jibon said...

bringing back orang lama is good if they introduce new and constructive ideas...

siapa ye... said...


kau taknak balik bh ke?

ada orang cakap kau nak balik. betul ke?

elok gak... boleh kita TEAM up macam dulu

Anonymous said...

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