Saturday, May 16, 2009

No 'rivalry' among the 3 bros

No brothers rivalry at Naza Group of Companies. I was told by one of its most senior official yesterday.

However, he did not refute a minor 'tug of war' between the majority and minority shareholders.

I am glad that they read my blog and took note of it. At least, the group of 23 companies and subsidiaries was fast to acknowledge the importance of good socio-politic and business blogs and the significant of the Press.

The late Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin was a darling to the Press and bloggers. Unfortunately after his death on May 3 2008, non of his 3 sons and senior executives took the effort to resume such relationship.

"Lets meet up one of these days. As Nasa and Faleeq are going to perform their umrah next week, it will be proper to hold a small gathering between them and you, Rocky, Dtk Ahmad Talib and a few more, at your recommendation," said the person.

I have known him for many years, since I joined NSTP in 1981. Frankly, I was a bit surprised when he called.

Naza Group is undoubtedly one of the most successfull Bumiputera companies to date. The general concern that I mentioned in my previous posting was of the so-called 'rivalry' among the 3 brothers, Faizal, Nasa and Faleeq over who should be the Group CEO.

Let's wait for the said 'meeting' with them. We just want to know more... Thanks to Dtk RA of Naza.


aziz said...

there was rivalry, bro. they just didnt want to make it too obvious.

i know datuk zul and datuk haji of kg baru office.

actually they were shooting at dtk haji.

why didnt u report the whole thing?

kuchai said...

leave them, bro. whatever disagreement among them, its their problem. not for us to assist

feline said...

saya yakin anak2 arwah tan sri mampu membawa naza ke arah kecemerlangan. walaupun ada masalah dalaman, ia boleh diselesaikan.

biasalah hal pemegang saham terbesar dan minoriti ni. dalam mana2 syarikat pun, minoriti kena ikut yang majoriti.

kalau yang minoriti nak sesuatu, dia kena buat usul dan cadangan la. bukan main sondol je

Anonymous said...

lagi2 kisah 3 beradik ni.

dah macam do re mi la pulak!

si pitak said...

the best thing about naza is, they got the brain and passion over things that many malaysian dont dare to try.

i salute them

Anonymous said...

i dont see any problem at naza. i got many friends there and they never told me anything unplaeasant.

Anonymous said...

Just sell it to Tan Sri Syed Mokthar... he is the better man....DRB... and the winner is?.... well not NAZA.

Anonymous said...

I am NAZA's loyal customer. i have bought many cars during the late Tan Sri. i went to Naza yesterday evening, 15 May. i was looking at SL350 and BMW 355. My husband's friend was looking at Brabus. After spending abt 4 hours there, we decided to buy 355 & braubus. we negotiated the price with the salesman. he kept calling Faisal and even sms him to confirm the price. unfortunately he never bother to answer the call. unlike Tan Sri, he responded very quickly. 2007 when i bought CLS, 1 called him late night, he answered and gave me immediate answer. if he was in PJ showroom he would walk around and meet customers. very down to earth man. Today we called the salesman, he said his boss needs to check the price and come back to us in 2 weeks time. since Faisal didnt respond, i went to a car dealer and booked BMW 355. if this is the way they handle customers, they are going to lose their loyal customers.

Anonymous said...

I am NAZA loyal customer for many years. i have bought many cars during the late Tan Sri. on Friday 15, we went to Naza to test drive the SL350 and BMW 355. After spending 4hrs, we decided to buy the BMW. our friend decided to buy merce Brabus. the salesman kept calling and sms to Faisal. he never bother to respond. when we bought CLS last 2 yrs, i called Tan Sri late night. he responded very quickly. customers called him and he responded immediately. Tan Sri , if he was in PJ showroom he made sure he meet/talk to the customers. Sat, we called the salesman. he said Faisal will come back to us . then we went to a showroom near centre pt, we booked the BMW bcos they gave us immediate confirm price. till now, we don't hear from them.If this is the way they handle i m very sure they are going to lose many sales.

Anonymous said...

apa ni bro? kejap kata ada masalah, ni kata takda masalah la pulak.

driss said...


waaa... macam dah kena upah untuk reverse kau punya earlier posting.

apa ni..


bak la sikit

bujai said...


sori la... mana ada kena suap. dah diorang call bagi penjelasan.

apa pun, aku gembira diorang pun baca blog ni.


Mr.KETAM said...

kalau la aku yg dapat AP tu hihihih