Monday, May 25, 2009

Malaysia is not Sri Lanka!

Datuk Seri Najib, in reminding the Malaysian Indians to join hands with the Malays, Chinese and other races as a formidable team, said the government has never been 'cruel' to anybody.

The government, he said was perturbed by accusations hurled by Hindraf leaders who were freed from Kamunting recently. They even called Malaysia as a 'Melayu-Muslim' country, and that it was not safe for other races.

"Let the rakyat become the judge to what they have said," Najib said Sunday. Why the rakyat? Well, because the rakyat, especially the Malays will determine how sincere their Indian brothers are.

I have many Indian friends. I believe many Malays and Chinese have good Indian friends, being neighbours, partners in schools, work place, etc. My Indian friends never gave me any problems and I never created any for them.

However, this small faction of Hindraf is changing the good perception for the Indians. Infortunately, MIC leader Samy Velly has hailed the Hindraf leaders as heroes.

What heroes? Similar to Vellupillai Prabhakaran of the Sri Lankan Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who was killed during an army offensive last week?

Look! This is Malaysia. If you harbour any plan to turn this wonderful country into another Sri Lanka, may as well you find another place to stay and launch your offensive. The news about some Malaysian Indians getting trained by the LTTE in recent years were already alarming.

Najib also warned them not to exploit the 1Malaysia concept by making ridiculous demands (including asking the government to give Bumiputera status to all Malaysians born after August 31, 1957).

LTTE was not a heroic organisation. They were the rebels of Sri Lanka, just like the Contra of Nicaragua (but got the support of the Americans to bring down the Sandinista government of Daniel Ortega). They were also suspected of killing Indira and Rajiv Gandhi.

The Malaysian Indians are my good fellows. My kampung, Ramuan China Besar is just a 5-minute walk to Kuala Sungai Baru Estate where about 2,000 Indians have settled since before Merdeka, 1 minute by car/bike to Rockybru's house and 4 minutes ride to Dtk Tiger's place.

Ever since I was a kid, we mingled well, lived a harmonious life, helped each other and oftenly shared Hari Raya and Deepavali. I remember enjoying free movies (most were Tamil and Hindi) on Fridays at the SRJK (T) 'padang' where the Malays and Indians sat next to each other. That's how I got to know MGR (then became Tamil Nadu's chief minister in the 1980s) and Nagesh the clown.

My ex-mate at Masjid Tanah English School, Ramu is now a 'sami' at the kuil and each time I go back, I never failed paying him a visit.

I dont know about other kampungs or estates but I am sure each and every Malay, Chinese and Indian in this country has had such experience when it comes to friendship.

Why cant we stay that way?


Anonymous said...

I was stongly disturbed by the attitude of Tamil leaders in this country, namely Samy Vellu, that wants the government to reject Sri Lanka resolution to the UN in defending their rights on recent elimination of LTTE terrorist.

Besides, I also disturbed to find out that so many temple in Malaysia with their Tamil Hindus are die hard simpathyzer on LTTE brutal crime.

Let me show you what have LTTE did to Muslims in Sri Lanka in 1990 :

They cut the electricity to a town, and act like Muslim in disguise, and call their comrades to attack, kill and butchered 147 Muslim that about to perform Isya' prayer at two mosque simultaneously.

Why on earth, Tamil people in Malaysia never rejects the beasty act by these LTTE and obviously showing their supports? Didn't these people urging Muslims to condemn Al Qaeda to prove that Islam rejects terrorism.

And by now, I finally knew how Tamil Hindu people in Malaysia way of thinking. Mostly hypocrite. I'm not being racist. But some people can't stop to show to the world that they are not a wise people.

Click to read more on LTTE brutality towards Muslim civilian in Sri Lanka

wah-al-subangi said...

moncino bosar dokek kg den tu jogging 10 min dah sampai :)

GuruBashid said...

No need to build up the 2nd Ceylon here. Enough! Enough!

Anonymous said...

The answer is :

People react like this out of frustration.

Why must BN protect Samy Vellu for all his 'false promises' to Indians and does not want to be accountable for the funds he collected from poor Indians to start a co-operative that will create Indian owned banks, Indian owned hotels etc?

Samy Vellu is reputed to siphon off all help from BN for Indians. He channels it to his cronies.

See how the case of the dead TV actress is going on and on? His son spent so much of money for that girl and her family. He is not earning anything, yet he got money?

Why Government do not want to take action and pin these buggers once and for all and give hope to the Indians that the BN government is caring and will not hesitate to put culprits in the place they deserve to be?

The frustration is because the entitlements for Indians in Malaysia gets hijacked by Smy Vellu and his cronies.

If BN can do a 'wonder job' in getting rid of Sivakumar in Perak State Assembly, why does the Federal government drag its feet on Samy Vellu and his cronies?

If the government choses to close its eyes to the injustices to Malaysian Indians, then we get movements like Hindraf surfacing.

Simple lah kawan.

As if you do not know?

gunasegaran, lipis said...

i am an indian too but i have loved this peaceful country ever since i was born. got many friends from among the malays, chinese, sikh and others. even my parents always remind us that this country is for us to share and explore together.

why must there be a group to champion their a la ltte objectives, when the government has been treating all malaysians equally?

i wish to see the country prosper. datuk najibs 1malaysia is a good approach to unite the people. we have enjoyed many years of good understanding and tolerance, so please dont spoil it!

Anonymous said...

kalau berani, cuba la buat style ltte kat malaysia ni!

chia said...

good one bro.

at least we realise the importance of good sense in this multiracial country.

JOBOT said...

wachaaaa bang!

ramuan china besar tu saya pernah sampai, lawat kawan lama beberapa tahun lalu.

abang kat luar atau kat dalam?

cikgu isnin, bidor said...

saya seronok dengan kisah sdr tgk wayang dengan rakan2 india dan yang lain2 di padang sekolah.

macam tu jugalah saya sewaktu kecil dulu, berkongsi sekolah, balai raya, kedai kopi dan banyak lagi dengan semua bangsa. tak pernah pun bergaduh.

ketika 13 mei, saya dah 13 tahun. sayang masih ingat lagi ada melayu, cina dan india saling melindungi daripada ancaman pihak tidak bertanggungjawab ini.

saya rasa rakan2 india dan cina di malaysia hari ini pun sudah sedar betapa pentingnya semangat setiakawan dalam masyarakat hari ini.

tidak ada gunanya bersengketa. semua masalah boleh diungkai melalui rundingan. jika kita cepat melatah dan bertindak melulu, anak cucu kita jugak yang bakal menjadi mangsanya.

malaysia memang indah!

kawan lampam said...


hebat boto kau! edan pun kona ramu tu, tiap2 haghi jalan kaki ke masjid tanah. poie-balik adolah 10km. dio memang baik.

kita beruntung ado kawan2 india dan cino yang langsung takdo sifat curiga dan syak wasangko ni.

hidup MONCINO!

Anonymous said...

prabhakaran tu memang bukan hero. cuma perjuangannya menggunakan senjata dan bukannya perundingan. kalau dia berunding dari dulu, mungkin kerajaan sri lanka dapat memberi autonomi kepada rakyat tamilnya.

kuchai said...


perjuangan anwar ibrahim ni pun lebih kurang macam komunis jugak.

kau tak baca ke ada satu buku tu>

ex-MTES said...


MTES ke? ingat zol karim? zol ahmad?

bagi la nombor, kami nak call

siva said...

saya tidak sokong hindraf. walaupun saya orang india, saya lihat mereka boleh mencetuskan huru-hara di negara ini jika tidak diawasi.

Anonymous said...


ramesh said...

bujai. if u know ramu, u must know people like 'muthu putar', kandiah, sivam and others.

i am kandiah's son, ramesh

mat todak said...



deva said...

i respect datuk najib's way of trying to unite all malaysians.

keep it up, datuk seri.

the indian community in melaka will support you all the way

Anonymous said...

its time to change malaysian perception towards the indians. hindraf may be too radical but our indian leaders should look more into our problems. they should work closely with the government and find ways to help the poor indians. many of them have been cheated by their own leaders.

bujai said...


mestilah kenal.

e-mail je kat aku.


bujai said...


of course i know u and your father and your whole family.

u and your friends used to steal our cempedak, right?

anyway, good to have u people around.


suresh abraham said...


do write more about unity. i respect and appreciate your wisdom

reena said...

samy vellu is no longer fit to lead the largest indian party.

he and his cronies have taken too much from the indians.

that's why...

jintan, KL said...

kerajaan perlu memantu hindraf dari segala aspek. jika pemimpin mereka sendiri tidak berterima kasih kerana dibebaskan dan tidak tahu menilai semangat ikhlas kerajaan, maka mereka tidak harus dibiarkan merosakkan keamanan negara.


diroang ingat diorang ni siapa nak tuntut hak bumiputera bagi lahir selepas merdeka?

janganlah melampau!

cabang 3 said...





lebai said...

Mr. P. Waytha Moorthy, the Chairman of Hindu Right Action Force, in fact is the Malaysian representative of global ‘Hindutva’ brother hood called Vishva Hindu Parishat. He also work with Hindu charity institutions like Hindu America Foundation and UK based SEWA International , both of them are in control of their parent demon, RSS . Both of these charity organizations were involved in funding anti minority riots in India. Hiring such a hate monger and ardent admirer of Aryan Hindu supremacy to solve issues of Malaysian Tamils will back fire soon. Tamil values are much closer to Dravidian culture and it will never tolerate the Aryan ideas of racial purity and dictatorship of Brahmins.

Anonymous said...

I would like to share some views with u all. I pernah tonton di discovery channel tentang keluarga orang cina yang migrat ke India, sudah beranak cucu dan mempunyai bisnes tidak dapat status kerakyatan. Kalau sudah beranak cucu mesti lah dah bertahun tinggal sana.

Satu lagi mengenai orang2 Islam tak kira lah apa bangsa pun, mereka ini amat di senangi oleh kaum minorty yang tinggal bersama tak kira lah apa bangsa pun.

Lihat lah di Iran yang lantang bersuarakan Isreal, dari 15% rakyat Iran ada lah yahudi dan mempunyai 25 kuil besar di sana. Mereka semua suka duduk di Iran.
Dan mereka mempunyai representative dari kaum mereka ke parlimen.

Saudara saudara fikir fikirkan lah.