Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LTTE comes to an end

Vellupillai Prabhakaran, 54, the leader of Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is confirmed dead yesterday in Jaffna, north of Sri Lanka (more here...). His body has been identified by his own followers.

The 3-week military offensive to put a halt to his 25-year campaign for an autonomous Tamil state in the island nation, notched a grand success. Few days earlier, his son met the same fate during a military attack on Batticaloa near Jaffna Peninsular.

Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa who ordered the war against LTTE made an announcement of the government's achievement, saying the nation will be reconcialled soon, an effort to bring about absolute peace to the country.

I remember having a 5-minute chat with Prabhakaran in Madras (now Chennai) in 1988 while I was on a 16-hour transit from Baghdad to Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur. An Indian journalist whom I made friend with in Baghdad managed to sneaked me into his private hideout, located about 30 km east of the city.

At 33 then, he and his 20 bodyguards were in their casual dress but I could see Browing, Colt or Baretta at their waists. He didnt say much but repeatedly avowed his determination to free the 'oppressed Tamil people of Sri Lanka'.

I didnt write any story about it, knowing it was against the government policy. However, I did tell my editor about it, only to get 'Hang Nak Mati Ka?' answer.

Several years ago, there were news about some Malaysians being trained at LTTE camps in northern Sri Lanka. Also, about the presence of a few LTTE members in Malaysia. True or not, I hope to see this country free from such conflicts.


ex-diplomat said...

he was a war criminal, bro. ltte waged an unnecessary way against the govt of sri lanka.

maybe colombo was also under pressure by some parties then but i believe they did their best to give fair and equal treatments to the tamils, just like the sinhalese.

i have been twice to sri lanka. its a beautiful country. if not for the war, i would have travelled to jaffna a few years ago.

now that the war has ended, i would like to see the country prosper in many ways.


aneet said...

prabhakaran was never a hero. thousands of civilians died because of his war.

gebok said...





Anonymous said...

On March 16, this year asianewsnet report that the Sri Lankan government is seriously concerned over a rapid LTTE build-up in Malaysia, now believed to be the major gathering point for top operatives.

Penang Deputy Chief Minister 2, Professor P Ramasamy participated as a member of the LTTE's constitutional affairs committee prior to Geneva Talks in June 2006 and a well-known LTTE think tank member, before this openly threatened the Malaysian government that the Tamils would replace the apostle of peace, Mahatma Gandhi with Prabhakaran as their principal cult figure.

Ramasamy also claim that Tamils in Malaysia consider Prabhakaran as their hero. In his article to Ramasamy claim that LTTE has been a fantastic morale booster to Tamils in Malaysia.

Ramasamy article in

Among other thing, Ramasamy said, the pro-Malay policies of the government have discriminated against Tamils being meaningfully employed in the different sectors of the economy.

Today report:
KUALA LUMPUR, 20 Mei (Bernama) -- Tindakan pantas polis menggagalkan hasrat sekumpulan 100 orang mengadakan perhimpunan haram di hadapan bangunan Kedutaan China di Jalan Ampang di sini hari ini bagi membantah tindakan China yang mereka dakwa membantu kerajaan Sri Lanka dalam menghapuskan kumpulan pemberontak Harimau Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
Tindakan polis mengadakan sekatan jalan di semua laluan yang menghala ke bangunan kedutaan itu sejak awal pagi berjaya menggagalkan perhimpunan oleh kumpulan itu yang mendakwa China membekalkan kelengkapan ketenteraan dan bantuan kewangan kepada kerajaan Sri Lanka.
Mereka yang mula berkumpul di hadapan Menara OSK kira-kira 400 meter dari bangunan kedutaan itu pada pukul 12 tengah hari dengan membawa sepanduk, patung dan keranda terpaksa melupakan hasrat mengadakan protes dan bersurai secara aman apabila dinasihati oleh pihak polis.
Ketua Polis Daerah Dang Wangi ACP Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman berkata perhimpunan itu berjaya disuraikan kira-kira pukul 1.30 tengah hari dan tiada sesiapa ditahan.
"Perhimpunan terbabit tidak mendapat sebarang permit namun kita tidak menahan sesiapa berikutan mereka patuh apabila diarahkan bersurai dengan tidak meneruskan hasrat mereka untuk berarak ke bangunan kedutaan itu. Mereka dipercayai hendak menghantar memorandum kepada kedutaan itu," katanya kepada Bernama ketika dihubungi.
Tinjauan Bernama mendapati kira-kira 100 anggota polis termasuk anggota Unit Simpanan Persekutuan (FRU) bersama enam trak FRU berkawal di sekitar bangunan kedutaan berkenaan sejak pukul 10 pagi.

Anonymous said...

For centuries, there were two kingdoms in Ceylon - the Jaffna Tamil Kingdom in the North and the Singhala Kingdom in the South.
Then came the Portugese followed by the English - they administered the island as one and when they left, they granted independence to the island as one nation - with no regards to the history of Ceylon.
The Singhalese who were in the majority were at an advantage.
They systematically sidelined the Tamilians - jobs, education, land..........
The uprising was only a matter of time.
Well, peace now in Sri Lanka depends largely on how the Sinhalese treat the Tamilians.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you met VP or is this one of your "cerita" to make yourself look impressive? Some people who worked in NSTP told me you do have a reputation of making false claims like this. I mean, do you have proof you met VP. Probably you had one too many and mistook some other guy for VP. Anyway, your secret is safe as VP is dead and as you know, dead men don't tell lies.

Toothless Tiger

balan said...

Tamil newspapers today published statement from Samy Vellu who hailed LTTE leader as a hero for Tamilian, a matyr and that his true spirit should be emulated.

Samy vellu forgot that many civilians were killed by LTTE and that LTTE also assasinated Rajiv Gandhi, Sri Lankan President, scores of ministers and soldiers over the years.

Regards said...

HINDRAF will also face the same fate.

Anonymous said...

bro! itu ekor masih ada kat sini!


hate terrorists said...

He was a terrorist and never a hero. Period. He brought nothing but destruction and chaos in Sri Lanka. Just pray that the Tamils of Malaysia do not adhere to the idealogies of the LTTE. If they do, then the M'sian govt should whack them really hard. First thing to do is to revoke their citizenship.....

bujai said...

toothless tiger,

dead man cant say anything but i have former nst senior writer ben de cunha who was with me during the trip from baghdad-bombay-madras-bangkok-KUL.

another journo was kompass editor petrus suryadi who was also with to meet VP.

ben did not join the meeting with VP as he was not well in a madras hotel.


dulang timah said...

orang tamil di malaysia adalah golongan bertuah kerana kerajaan membela nasib mereka dan mengiktiraf segala hak mereka.

sedarlah wahai rakan2 india di malaysia, kita amat bertuah dan harus berterima kasih kepada negara ini

Anonymous said...

Dulang Timah,
Ya ke? Tapi orang India pun bayar cukai pendapatan sama seperti kaum lain. Jadi macam mana ni? Sebenarnya, orang India di Malaysia kena main oleh orang mereka sendiri seperti MIC dan Samy Vellu. Kerajaan pula lepas tangan. Kerajaan Najib patut salurkan bantuan terus ke masyarakat India. Jangan harapkan "pagar" seperti Samy Vellu kerana pagar bernama Samy Vellu ini telah makan banyak padi yang sepatutnya menjadi milik rakyat jelata India.

Padi makan pagar