Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shahrir quits. What about Azalina?

Umno MT loser Shahrir Samad has announced his resignation as the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs with effect from April 8, 2009.

Wise move, I suppose.

What about Tourism Minister Azalina who also did not make it to the Supreme Council during the just concluded Umno General Assembly last week? ... and who else?

I am not in the position to judge Shahrir and Azalina although both had done some good jobs to the country. Maybe Shahrir can concentrate as an MP or go back to his laundry business. Azalina, too, can consider joining her legal mates again as to prepare herself for... whatever la!

Malaysians are there to assess them...


Anonymous said...


So who is going to be in Najib's new Cabinet? I truly hope the corrupt ones are left out. Takkanlah Azalina yang dah makan duit beratus juta nak jadi Menteri lagi. She should not only be dropped as Minister but should be charged in court and if found guilty, spend her remaining years behind bars.

I heard a strong rumour that YOUR FRIEND Jamaluddin Jarjis is seeking a come back. If indeed Najib takes him in, that will be his first mistake as Prime Minister. Everybody knows that JJ is extremely corrupt. On top of that he goes around groping women. Takkan orang macam ni nak masuk balik ke Cabinet.
Najib spoke about transparency, getting close to rakyat and so on. If he gets these goons into the Cabinet, he will fail.

Penghuni flat PPRT

Anonymous said...

She doen't have to quit. Her appointment will expire once Najib formed a new cabinet next week and most likely she will not be in.

pendekar bukit said...

saya dengan aza pun nak quit, also rais yatim

bila orang umno bertindak dengan penuh tanggungjawab macma ni mlalah anwar al-jubs berpeluh

tun mahathir nak turun kempen pulak tu.... peehhhh

JomoSamaTuaran said...

All the candidates who loss during the Assembly should `RESIGN WITH PRIDE'.. Dato syed albar, Dato Rais Yatim, Tan Sri Muhammad Taib, Dato Azalina ... make way to others!!

pendekar bukit said...

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