Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rashid's 'funeral' and 'bloggers at war'...

I was in Kota Bharu on the weekend for a friend's funeral. I was quiet for 4 days, just reading postings on other blogs, about Najib's liberalisation of the services and financial sectors, about by-election in Penanti and other issues.

However, I was saddened by two things. First was the 'funeral' for Rashid Yusof who was supposed to be DPM's press-sec, and secondly was the 'war of bloggers' among some of my co-blogger friends.

Rashid was perhaps one of the most successful and professional journalists the New Straits Times had ever produced. Since joining NSTP in mid-1980s, he managed to placed himself at par with the seniors within a short period. Not many Malay journalists were able to match his credence at the time. Not me either.

When he left in early 2000, he joined several institutions before he was enticed by Khairy Jamaluddin for his ability but not his politics. That's when many friends who didnt like KJ started to sideline Rashid.

And just because he was the strategist who help KJ to win the Pemuda Umno chief during the party's general assembly on March 24-28, some good friends of his have become his 'enemies'. That's what some friends are!

When the news that DPM offered him the press-sec position, friends who hated his association with KJ had launched a 'campaign' to fail him... and they were very successful, indeed.

Rashid called me on Sunday, saying his children cried when Muhyiddin reversed his decision. As the only breadwinner for his big family, Rashid was of course tormented but there was nothing he could do. "My fate is in the hands of bloggers. I hope they are happy," he said.

I dont understand it. Those bloggers who battered him didnt know him at all. Only one or two were Rashid ex-mates at the NSTP. One Nyonya journalist was sharpest. This same Nyonya was the one 'anti-Mahathir' before becoming one of his supporters of late.

For this Nyonya, nothing about the government is right and good. Nothing about Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib and Umno and BN was right. Comparatively, she's not as good as Rashid.

I felt so sorry for Rashid. However, I didnt agree with Muhyiddin to reverse his decision. Just because Rashid was once associated with KJ, and later on considered his job as 'done and over with', he was shot down. I guess DPM is anti-KJ too and will not endorse KJ. He must have hated everything about KJ and Rashid.

Maybe they hated all about KJ - his driver, his car, his cat, his pants, his shirts, his soap, his hair, his buttock... everything to the extent that whoever is close to him is considered as 'not good!'.

Then about this 'war' among some bloggers, my good friends as well.

Yooo, bro. Stop it laaaa!!! Not good to throw punches on the Net. Let's meet up and settle whatever the scores are...


mCrossings said...

mungkin bukan rezeki Rashid, bukan sekarang.

I think perhaps Rashid needs a transition ( some call it samak ), wait for things to cool off, or public/bloggers perception finally settled into clearer pictures.

Somehow, this is also a signal to KJ, the sentiments towards him. Perhaps some quarters beginning to realize it is not a good time to be his driver, his car, his cat, his pants, his shirts, his soap, his hair, his buttock

Anonymous said...

you still didn't get it, do you? People are judged not only because of his credentials but also whom they are associates with.

mph said...

I feel sorry for RY eventhough I dont know him personally. This is the sickness that is plaguing our society esp the malays where they take pleasure at seeing other people fail. Never mind that they dont know this man personally.
As a muslim I believe there's hikmah in all of this. For the NYONYA so-called journo I hope she's happy as this can also happen to you. Same goes to all those bloggers who thinks they're doing DPM a favour.
To our DPM, well he's another story. Not very good since MB Johor.
To RY not to worry Allah will protect those who have been fitnah.

kluangman said...

Masa KJ jadi King dulu.. bukankah bloggers jadi makanan si Rashid, tak jadi kudis pun masa tu..

Anonymous said...

i think thats the price u pay for being in association with KJ. rashid knows what KJ had done to the country since 2004 and yet he still sign up to make him win the ketua pemuda?

rashid must not have loved this country that much.

let him think abt this mistake. his children cries were partly becoz of him friending the devil KJ.


siakap said...

Rashid Yusof Yang Ku Kenali.

1/ Seorang wartawan professional bukan wartawan upahan.
2/ Seorang pekerja yang setia pada majiannya.
3/ Seorang boleh dipercayai, amanah dan jujur
4/ Seorang stratigis
5/ Seorang penulis yang berkeliber, direct to he point style.

1/ Pendiam dan bagi mereka yang tidak kenalinya sangka dia seorang sombong.
2/ Ketrampilan diri kurang menyerlah.
3/ Rashid lebih suka dilihat sebagai budak di belakang tabir

The Fleece Master said...

I guess that's what you guys were doing all this while on the net. Punching, stabbing, kicking and badmouthing each other. I thought you guys ve accepted the concept of the free world and talk whatever u wish. Just accept it dude.

brady said...

rite bro. no point for bloggers to create an unhealthy forum on the net.

you people are professionals and should settle it before some of u lose readers

manletih said...

Kalau kerana strategi dia KJ berjaya tapi dibenci dan dilabel perosak UMNO, APA MAKNANYA PADA SI PEMBUAT STRATEGI ITU?

TPM is right not to hire him. Tentang periuk nasi dia, u tak payah risau. Orang macam ini, tidak akan miskin. Kalau tidak berjawatan di depan, berjawatan di belakang.

Still don't get it?


Omong said...

perception influences actions

may not be fair but it's guilty by association, I guess

seriously though, a couple of bloggers do not have the clout to influence the decisions at the top

Anonymous said...

Sama la juga dengan Camry kat Perak. Kalau benci kat PR jangan la sampai nak lelong kereta yg lagi baru kemudian nak keluar duit lagi beli yg lain. Ekonomi dah teruk dan kata rakyat berjimat tapi...

Satu lagi kereta aset yg akan merosot dan tak pernah aku jumpak auction kereta yg harga ditawar melebihi harga belian melainkan kereta antik.

So macam tu la jugak Rashid ni agaknya kena badi...tapi bukan salah dia.


Pasquale said...

Hitler was also surrounded by many good men, what was one to do, you moron! If you ask me there are many other capable and "untainted" candidates for Muhyiddin Press Secretary, I was offered but declined because I am and will always serve one man, the PM of my country! Hey I hope we are still friends!

Pasquale said...

Hitler was also surrounded by many good men, what was one to do, you moron! If you ask me there are many other capable and "untainted" candidates for Muhyiddin Press Secretary, I was offered but declined because I am and will always serve one man, the PM of my country! Hey I hope we are still friends!

bro brotherhood, said...

Bro BJ, how well do we really noe a prson's hart & tots?? How often we were frustrated wen our fren suddenly becums a stranger & only to find out he had turned into our enemy,.. how often do we find ourself tinking " I tot I noe him but God noes him best',..well, we will never noe a prson wenever d dollar signs appeared,. who wud hav expect PLah to act d way he acted.,.. r we really wat ppl tink we r..well, as far as I'm concerned we can never trust anyone more den 70%,..heheh.. d balance is d 'Human Factor' in a prson dat cant b trusted.. dun ferget d politics nowadays r full of deceptions n greeds to d extend of ppl being frame & blackmail,..well, des a lot of possibilities dat we can tink of so lets not b too emo on bro Shed not getting d job,.. he shud hang his pride high by saying' Wats d big deal, dis is d facts of life, u win sum u lose sum,..' a writer can never b short of money,.. can dey? if wat is said about bro Rashid's capabilities is true & honest den he's fare better wthout being d PS to TSM,.. mungkin ade hikmah dan rezeki nye bukan di situ dan bukan waktu ini? wat if its sum1 else's rezeki? Wat if bro Shed's rezeki is gonna b far more better den dis offer?? Frankly speaking, bro Voicey & bro BD, have deir point n sad to say I agree wth dem,..heheh..wat else can I say,.. (",)
Still i can't undrstnd wats d point of having dis phrase " We agree to Disagree' or is it 'We disagree to Agree' heheh,..wat ever,.. apo nak dikato,..(,")

Anonymous said...

bro, i feel sorry for rashid.
but again maybe rashid should ahve taken some cool off period say at least three months the shorterst before he joined muhyiddin. when you jump ship immediately of course people start to kutuk. say rashoid taken left kj, be on his own and alter joined muhyiddin, people would have forgotten the past

2. tapi bro, let us be honest here. is rashid going to deny that he wenta round telling the whole malaysia taht his mission was to bring back kj, to ensure muhyiddin would like kj and that he wants to help kj. why did rashid go around proudly making this declaration just a few days after he got muhyiddin job,.. bukan tu kes cakap besar ke bro

3. lagi satu, rashid emmang bagus and baik tapi bro dia ni pun silap gak pilih kawan. dia cuam rapat dengan one or two reporters. tynag lain lain dia tak pandang sebelah mata pun macam reporter berita harian kena marah dengan rashid bile taht reporter called rashid kata nak interview kj on not being appointed to the cabinet. instead of tellling the reporter nicely, it seems rashid showed his frustration to the reporter over the fact taht kj was not in the cabinet

so bro, taking all these into sonsideration, maybe ni kes cari penyakit