Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Cabinet: Who should come and go

Will the new Cabinet line-up involving Umno candidates envisage vicissitude for some already in the Cabinet or those aspiring for it?

Newly-elected Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will make the announcement next week, probably after the three by-elections in Bukit Segantang (Perak), Bukit Selambau (Kedah) and Batang Ai (Sarawak).

Like it or not, Cabinet positions are not transient. Even those who have served well, too may have to find exit due to 'terlalu lama duduk kat situ'. Please, no mayhem in this.

For the sake of Umno and the country, I and some bloggers have this to suggest to YAB Najib - who should go, who should come in, etc.

Those who should go are:
1. Datuk Seri Rais Yatim - being a veteran and already a septuagenarian, the Foreign Minister should take a rest from Cabinet but instead be appointed the new Umno secretary-general.

2. Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar - made some policy blunders that put him under a bad limelight, especially to the Press, bloggers and the Oppositions. His decision on ISA, the recent 3-month suspension on Harakah and Suara Keadilan (which Najib avowed to lift last Friday), plus his guidelines for ceramah elements in Bkt Gantang and Bkt Selambau, met mounting criticism not only from BN supporters but also from the Opposition. Consider him another non-Cabinet task.

3. Datuk Wira Abu Seman - this Masjid Tanah MP has been there for about four terms now, always on a deputy-minister chair. Created some spins during the division elections last year for chosing his own team to lead the branch.

4. Datuk Azalina Othman Said - the attractive-single Tourism Minister who once was the force in grooming up Puteri Umno. Facing an investigation for what she 'had done' and lost her bid for Umno Supreme Council seat during the party general assembly last month.

5. Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib - also lost his bid to challenge Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for Umno deputy president post last month. No seat in the Supreme Council.

Those who should come in are:
1. Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil - the new Wanita chief who defeated Tan Sri 'Iron Lady' Rafidah Aziz. Although her appointment by Pak Lah as an adviser-minister at the PM office was met with criticism since she lost her Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat to Ezzah Anwar on March 8, 2008, she will definitely find her way to the Cabinet again.

2. Khairy Jamaluddin - the new Pemuda chief who beat Khir Toyo and Mukhriz Mahathir during the party elections. Although met with many discontentment from Pemuda members itself, Najib will have to find him a Pemuda 'traditional seat' and help him to unite all Pemuda factions. Many believe this extrovert should be given the chance as he is young and got many years ahead.

3. Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir - another Pemuda who should work together with Khairy to rally the Pemuda behind them. Their combination will eventually group the Pemuda members again. If not, Umno will suffer in the next general elections.

This is our line-up. Its up to Najib to consider...


donplaypuks® said...

Mukhriz will be seen as his 'Daddy's Puppet.' And what is he well-versed in that he should be given a Cabinet post after shockingly losing to KJ? And let's not pretend that Mukhriz and Toyo campaigned cleanly.

Mukhriz clearly has no grasp of Economics, Finance, Industry or Business and his public speaking skills falls at 3 out of 10.

As for Sharizat the Rakayat have rejected her. So, there are no ground to re-instate her in Cabinet when her popularity outside UMNO Wanita is very suspect.

And that's one of the things that is terribly wrong with UMNO/BN. All these back-door manoeuvrings in defiance of the Rakyat forebodes disaster!

Anonymous said...

agree BUT big no to YB KJ the rasuah king, no nego, this is final from the blog followers anonymous .

A Voice said...

MKT position shd not be seen as a ticket to Ministership.

The Minister role in the Ministry need to be reexamine.

If possible, selection is based on the leadership and professional ability, not stressed on party position. This is along the spirit of "parti menguasai kerajaan" and "performance now" slogan.

Position holder can be more vocal and give feed back on Government decisions.

The Ministers are not supposed to be Ministry's CEO and ultimate decision maker but as non Executive Chairman.

Their role is to ensure and monitor policy and plans are carried out and objectives met.

Najib should down size the number of Ministries. We do not need more Minister but more professional civil service and they are appropriately empowered.

Enough of changing Ministers giving rise to changing policies and direction.

In addition to your suggestion, names like Muhammad Taib. He shdn't be back in in the first place.

I would love to see an honest god-fearing man like Dato Shafie Salleh back into cabinet.

There are minister's like Khaled Nordin, Shaziman dan few others who have to be quarantined in the JPM.

Talent missing the cut due to politics like Husni Hanazlah shd be brought to the forefront.

Not only to stress on their ability, image and perception should be given much consideration.

We need not only clean but seen to be clean Ministers to revive UMNO's image.

Not buts on this.

shahfudin said...

Assalamualaikum Saudara Bujai,

That is not our line-up That is what you thimk should be the line up.

Sharizat and Khairy should not be appointed as Minister in the Cabinet position. Shahrizat should consolidate the Wanita, and appeal her former Parliamentary Area. She was nowhere to be seen during Dato' Najib walk around at Petaling Street, Vista Angkasa Kg Kerinchi and Brickfields. What a loser.

As of Khairy he is a big liability to UMNO to the extent his presence is not welcome at any of the 2 Bukit and 1 Batang By election. You were there at Bukit Gantang with Bro Rocky.

Anonymous said...

salam bro,

have been reading your blog for sometime but this is the first time that i am posting my comments:

1. rais yatim - yes he should go as a cabinet minister but should be made umno sec gen

2. syed hamid/abu seman/azalina/mat taib - time is up

3. shahrizat - oklah

4. khairy - u serious ah bro asking kj to be made a minister

5. Mukhriz - if not minister then at least deputy lah.

6. datuk rosnah - this puteri boss might be unknown but is a role model of a young politician who plays clean. no money politics, remember she outshone shahrizat and kj with loud applause by delegates during umno assembly. also the voice from sabah

- laksa sarawak -

kluangman said...

100% setuju tetapi masih ramai lagi yang patut kena tendang dan dibawa masuk.

Anonymous said...

khairy dah sah PERASUAH la. Lembaga Displin UMNO yang sah kan.
Apa la lu ni!

Anonymous said...

Ambik la sapa pun jadi Menteri Kabinet yg baru tapi selepas dapat kuasa digunakan untuk penuhkan tembolok sendiri, kawan, sedara dan ahli UMNO saja...UMNO tak akan kemana.

Rakyat mahu lihat segala perbelanjaan telus dan boleh dipersoal...dan Menteri sendiri tidak berlagak tak tentu hala dan memandang hina rakyat biasa.

Ni tidak bila jadi YB dan Menteri terus instant kaya dan payah jumpa.

Situasi ini bukan lagi sesuai untuk generasi X dan Y...pada generasi anda mungkin sesuai.

Jangan cakap saja lebih tapi tak buat. Ingat!! bila disebut rakyat bukan saja Ali tapi Ah Seng, Muthu, Jugah dll adalah rakyat juga.


Wong Pencen said...

But why Khairy Jamaluddin? So he will be in better position to unite Pemuda UMNO?

Looking at the discontentment from Pemuda members itself, he would have his hands more than full, just to unite the Pemuda.

But of course that's not my real concern. Uniting the Pemuda is nothing compared to the fact that he was found guilty, by Lembaga Disiplin UMNO, of involvement in corrupt practice.

Now, more than before, is not the time for Malaysia to promote anybody with record of corrupt practice. For the Pemuda to elect him as their chief is already bad enough. Lets not promote and glorify him further.

This is the time for Najib to think as a businessman. When time is bad, consider to cut losses. Have we actually seen any time worse than now? Politically? Economically?

JomoSamaTuaran said...

Agree and disagree....

1. Rais yatim,Syed hamid,Wira Seman,Azalina,Tan sri Muhammad,Rafidah Aziz,Sharizat jalil,SHOULD GO!!

2. YB Khairy Should be in... it's not your voices or ameng, achong and muthu, it's the PEMUDA voices. Whatever the Lembaga Disiplin decisions is not important.. the panel of the Lembaga is Tun.M cronies...can't be trust 100%.

3. YB Mukhriz... pleaselah people, the last among the three candidates,WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKs?? What a loser.....!!!

Whatever it is... it's Dato Seri Mohd Najib choices... TO BE OR NOT TO BE!!

Anonymous said...


In case you are unaware, Mukhriz is not a member of Pemuda. He is overaged. He and Khir ran for Head of Pemuda because the Head need not be a member of Pemuda.

I might be wrong but this is my understanding.

Finally, removing MuhdX2 Taib might be a good move but who is going to lead UMNO in Selangor? Khir is a non starter and should be facing jailtime for his Mickey Mouse escapades.