Friday, April 24, 2009

Come out, RPK!

Where is RPK, nobody seems to know. Some say he is in London, hiding from being detained by the police.

I dont know him in person but I know what he blogs on Malaysia Today. I remember reading his statutory declaration about the murder case of Altantuya Shaariibuu and how he tried to suck Najib into it.
He failed to appear before the court yesterday for his seditious postings, prompting the authority to issue a warrant of arrest against him. His aides said RPK did not attend the hearing as he was afraid of the possibility of 'not getting a fair trial'. (also read this...)

Many were hoping for RPK and Pakatan Rakyat's de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim to come up with what they claimed as 'tangible evident' to Altantuya's case.

Then, why were they so quiet? You should stand by what you said. Now that Najib is already a Prime Minister, I hope you wont come up with a new theory that he (Najib) controls the law now as to evade conviction.

You must be responsible for all the things you said and posted on your respective weblogs. Come out and tell the truth.

Dont be cowards!


kolombo said...

RPK and anwar are cowards!

where are their proof?

Anonymous said...

i think rpk is already pissing in his pants.

patut pun! cakap tak serupa bikin. pandai tuduh tapi takda bukti

Anonymous said...

berani cakap tapi sebenarnya pengecut. rpk dan anwar ibrahim@aljuburi sama saja. ketika berkuasa 1990-an dulu, anwar sakitkan hati ramai orang dan membiarkan konco-konco dia seperti di balai berita bermaharajalela. sesiapa saja tidak ikuti usrah 'dibuang'. kini dia pembelit dan penipu besar. lihat saja di penanti, sprm dah lepaskan fairus tapi tkm 1 itu dah pun 'dipecat' anwar. nantilah anwar aljuburi, julai di mahkamah kau hadapilah hukuman Allah. - Anak Duyong, Melaka.

Anonymous said...

try to think, dont use pro obsession. kenapa dan apa sebab 2 ekor polis ni pegi bunuh altantuya kalau tidak tanpa arahan org atasan. siapa org atasan yg plg dekat berkait dgn altantuya kalau tidak najib. mcmn c4 boleh digunakan kecuali kebenaran panglima tentera atau menteri pertahanan ketika itu najib. mcmn rekod kemasukan imigresen m'sia altantuya boleh dihapuskan melainkan menggunakan pengaruh org yg betul2 berkuasa, siapa lg kalau bukan najib. kesian 2 ekor polis digantung smpi mati tanpa berkepentingasn sendiri itupun kalau kena gantunglah.

Anonymous said...

PRK thinks that he cannot get a fair trial in Malaysia?
But did he gave Najib and Rosmah a fair trial too?
He openly accused them and make the world believed that he have "reliable sources"
and now the real truth prevails,he ran away chickenshitting all the way!

Anonymous said...

RPK is brave, but in Malaysia nobody can trust the polics, the justice system and the politicians. He has made the right decision. One day he will come back when PR rules the country.

JomoSamaTuaran said...

Orang yang tidak `makan saman'.. baik buang di laut china selatan je.. buat tukun tiruan!!

Anonymous said...

How to give tangible evidence to the police and the govt wehen u cant trust them. Look what happen to cases like Lingam gate, evidence can only be produced when there is a honest judge on the bench not UMNO judge....

Fatimah Zuhri said...

1. RPK has proven to all that he is a yellow bellied coward!

2. He goes and spread HORRIBLE FITNAH about our PM and his wife but when the time comes for him to walk the talk, he ran away like a chicken.

3. So much for his self proclaimed of being 'anak bugis'!

4. Didn't he said he had lots and tons of evidences, proof and insiders who can link between his FITNAH and the PM?

5. Where are all those evidences/proof/insiders?

6. A lot of people were hoping to hear the so called evidences but now they are devastated...just like how they felt when 9-16 did not materialise.

Anonymous said...

RPK should at least release the so-called evidence to a foreign press. Why didn't he?

And that goes to Anwar all these years listening to his crap about boxes,where is it? He has made a lot of famous foreign politicians.Couldn't he release it to them too??

In my opinion they are just cowards and clever liars. RPK knows that KAMUNTING is no ordinary holiday chalet.Hope he will spend his remaining life there.
Najib will make sure that will happen.

Anonymous said...

If both of them have the proof will they make noise,I don't think so. I've seen alot people like them n they are good at it.
They are very good at making FITNAH.

Takut tak dapat justice konon......pengecut.

zaidi ali said...

C for the C4 on the C shore. RPK is a suicide bomber!

Anonymous said...

that bastard is plain coward!!

Zie said...

This guy talks like he knows how everyone & everything works. Belagaknya nombor satu, tapi lari ketakutan. Lepas tu cover line cakap itu satu strategi "cat and mouse" dengan polis M'sia. Dah kecut perut lepas kena paksa berpuasa bulan Ramadan di Kem Kamunting. Those who believe him are all taken for a ride to Limboland.